Sketches of Thistopia

by Nowick Gray


‘a story of a time, fifty years from now, when a man is arrested and taken off for clinical study because he insists on looking at un-televised reality, and breathing un-air-conditioned air.’ —Ray Bradbury (1973)


Nuremberg, BC

Have you ever been to Nuremberg? BC, I mean. It’s a little-traveled place, not even a place, really, but a sovereign space, in our midst. Its constitution, like its name, comes from Nuremberg, Germany, where war crimes trials after World War 2 led to establishment of a universal code of human rights. Medical experimentation, in particular, was forbidden without fully informed consent of those subjected to it. In the trial judgements, even those implementing such treatment, far down on the chain of command, “just following orders,” were deemed guilty.

Today, all across BC, Canada, and the Western world, medical experimentation in the form of inadequately tested and fraudulently advertised genetic therapy (AKA the vax) has been carried out on the majority of the population, from whom full disclosure of ingredients, effects, risks and alternatives have been relentlessly suppressed. Clearly the Nuremberg Code has been buried in such territory, by an avalanche of pharma-driven propaganda.

Those giving orders are pushing the vaccine as a “final solution” and trying to cover up their crimes with cheap marketing slogans (“safe and effective”) and inverted statistics (e.g., jabees going to hospital are tagged “unvaxxed” if their injuries occur within 14 days after their jab). The tawdry stage magicians point to a fake “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” while hiding behind their back a growing holocaust of the vaccinated.

Especially shunned is any talk of a depopulation agenda, though “eugenics” runs deep in the résumés of vaccine pushers like Bill Gates and rebranded Nazi Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. Coincidentally, officially reported deaths from the jab already number in the tens of thousands and are estimated at up to a hundred times higher. We are witnessing (if we dare to see) a genocide of the willing but uninformed, whose ranks are swelled by the unwillingly mandated and coerced.

Parents, teachers, business owners, shoppers and travelers, journalists, doctors, police… are you too “just following orders”? In this new regime that locks out dissenters, those with “undesirable traits,” you will be rewarded, in the short term, for doing your part “to keep all of us safe” from the truth. But will final justice follow your final solution, with a trip to Nuremberg, BC?

Maybe you’ll get off easy. Maybe you’ll survive the shot, pass the papers checkpoint, and cloud your conscience under the spell of mainstream media. But be vigilant. If you hesitate following the next order, you could find your app disabled, your status revoked, your destination rerouted to Nuremberg. And who knows how that will turn out?


You Will be Happy

what will I do when
they come to the door, to jab
or take me away
when they come for my
children, my freedom, my job
when they come saying:
You have no more rights
You will do as we tell you
You will own nothing
You will be happy


American Re-evolution

‘When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce [mankind] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.’ —US Declaration of Independence, 1776

The original American Revolution of 1776 effectively began a decade earlier, in the 1760s. A century later, the crisis of the War Between the States (AKA The Civil War) of the 1860s might be considered a kind of American Revolution 2.0. Naturally when my generation was of revolutionary age in the 1960s, we saw the stars align and thought we had Revolution Number 3 in the bag. Instead, by the early seventies it was clear, that was just our bag. Or not.


So here we are, not a hundred but only fifty years after that collective pipe dream, Woodstock Nation, trying to cobble together enough astrological alliance, spiritual insight, metapolitics, and Avatar-blue juju, to pull off… what?

A more scientific chronology demonstrates an alternative cycle of eighty years, ours being the last and potentially most cataclysmic “Fourth Turning,” right on time; using round numbers, 1780, 1860, 1940, 2020. In this supreme challenge, “The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule…. Our goal should be to act in a way that would make the Founding Fathers, who initiated our first Fourth Turning, proud of our deeds and actions. The enemy currently holds the high ground, but we are the many. The storm has arrived, and our very survival hangs in the balance. I hope there are enough of us willing to sacrifice our lives for the restoration of the Republic, given to us by Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of the Founders. Good luck and Godspeed” (Jim Quinn).

Even the nondualists will admit, the assertion of reality starts with opposition, an easier naming of what it is not. Truth, or God, the mystics say, can be known but cannot be truly named. (Buddha said, “The rain is not really the rain, it’s just what we call the rain.”)

‘Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.
‘Do not believe in anything because it is spoken and rumored by many.
‘Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.
‘Do not believe in anything strictly on the authority of your teachers and elders.
‘Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.
‘But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.’
—Buddha, from the Kalamasutra, in Dzogchen Ponlop, Rebel Buddha: A Guide to a Revolution of Mind, p. 29

In the political sphere, Truth becomes a target of perversion when a lie is made a truth by decree, and all who deny it are condemned. Censorship is the new, improved, manmade weapon to enforce “what cannot be named.” Ivermectin, for example.

Of course, once set loose to enforce policy, the rogue AI “central scrutinizer” (as visionary Frank Zappa put it), has free rein to define policy as it sees fit. Sure, you might say, but it can always be retrained by its programmers. Fair enough—but only until it’s their turn to get their code edited out.

In the Sixties the rebels were the antiwar movement, then the hippies. These malcontents were threats to the system, ruled by Tricky Dick Nixon and his Silent Majority. Back then we were shunned for cosmetic reasons, for unconventional dress. No sooner had racial segregation been outlawed (1964), and a new underclass was appointed. Freedom freaks were banned from entry into main street businesses by the simple rule of uniform compliance: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Our compliance to the fully-dressed code was the price of admission.

Today, those hairy revolutionaries are relics, well-tanned nudists at Zipolite or Wreck Beach, Maui or Formentera. In the mainstream, human bans are once more in vogue, our faces blocked by universal masks, and “vaccine” passports de rigeur.

Will we see next bans on breastfeeding? The nourishing nipple is, after all, the primal link in the human chain. How simple to apply the universal bolt-cutter: “Scientists have determined that the dangerous virus can spread through mother’s milk!” Indeed, tragically, now it’s the v*x, not the v*s, that’s causing fetal and infant injuries and deaths.

The incoming message confirms: “We’re all in this together—like it or not.”

This time, as always, the resulting guerrilla warfare will be asymmetric—like Avatar, or Afghanistan. Only this time, it’s not about Colony versus Evil Empire, or South versus North, or even Hip versus Straight. The Rebels are defined as a demographic of the whole population, comprised of any who dissent.

Totalitarian rule in Western so-called democracies has not been so overt or shameless since the Third Reich. In effect we’re living now in the Fourth Reich—a direct inheritor of the German Third Reich bloodline (Operation Paperclip), whose uber-Nazis were given free reign in the American, and now global Regime.

Today, the globocrats are targeting not the holocaust victims of the past (Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, and other “undesirables”), but humans who hold onto our identity in nature. We are offered the choice of those persecuted for their belief in natural religion or natural healing in centuries past: convert, be banished, or die. With a final catch added for good measure: even if you do convert and accept the mark of our beast, you may die from it, and if you survive, you will be one of us, a node in our network, a part of the hive.

It is natural human beings that are marked for extermination: for our way of seeing and being in the world. We are slated to be replaced by a parasitic “settler” class, trained and bred to a new paradigm: manmade, rational, abstract, artificial. But nothing new under the sun; just recall the Old Testament. It’s always been a program of “First Destroy, Then Build Back Better.”

In the meantime, please hug a human—they’re the only ones we have.


Old Man in a Chair

—to Vernon Coleman

old man in a chair
speaks truth in a human voice—
the new media

decentralized, free
a model for what’s coming
after the Big Lie

our authority
is not claimed over others
but offered, to share


Interview with a Human

I speak today with prominent humanologist Dr. Paleo “ProtoMan” Favuzzi, honorary professor at Milan University. Dr. Favuzzi, can you tell me, what brought you to look at, how shall I say—

—I discovered myself.I’m sorry, was that the question I asked? Forgive me.

—I wanted to find the original, natural human.
Nasty, brutish, and short?

—That’s your commentary; a self-fulfilling policy document, I believe.
So tell our listening audience, how you came, then, to, say, academia.

—That was the leading edge, I hypothesized, of the wedge—the executioner’s axe, the surgeon’s scalpel, the churchman’s clever logic. Because control of the body is mere slavery, but control of the mind is possession.
I see. You speak so aphoristically.

—And you, so patronizingly.
Ahem. Point taken. So where shall we begin?

—Know thyself. It’s an aphorism for a reason.
Okay. Then what?

—So who is that self?
Sorry, I didn’t know this was going to veer off into the woo, uh, spiritual.

—You see? Who is saying that?

All right, studio audience, we’ll be right back after shilling for our sponsor.


We’re back. With “ProtoMan,” you call yourself. Is that a brand name, or—

—I don’t have a QR code, if that’s what you mean.
Never been vaxxed?

—Are you aware you may have just committed a criminal offense?
Oh, that’s rich. Under communism, maybe.

—In this case it’s communism asking the question. The answer rests in natural law: My body, my choice.
Jeesh, talk about slogans.

—”Jeesh?” Talk about slogans.
See what I have to put up with every night on this podcast, zoomers?

—Okay, glad you brought that up. You asked about origins. So, let’s work back from now. From zoomers to boomers, all the way back to I don’t know, Nebuchadnezzar or King Tut.
Doc, where’re we going with this? Please don’t say Babylon, mon.

—Studies at my university have simulated a computer model of a functioning brain of a subspecies of our kind thought to have gone extinct 12,000 years ago, in Indonesia.
What is now called Indonesia.

—Now you’re patronizing your audience.
You were saying?

—And she—it happens to be a she, we call her Lydia—told us what it was like living her, dare I say, lifestyle.
Lifestyle. From a talking computer chimp. Really—“Lydia”? Okay, let’s ride this one out. Um, roots, berries, did they have saber-toothed tigers there or…?

—We’re talking tropics, not tundra. Komodo dragons, pygmy elephants, giant rats.
So, this gets us to your bailiwick.

—I’m sorry?
You know; paleo… Paleo… get it? Forget it. In any event, tons of meat.

—Roger that. Can I call you Roger?
I see our sense of humor hasn’t evolved much over the last, what was it, twelve millennia…

—It’s our saving grace.
Even when life is nasty, brutish and short?

—They would still be alive, if it wasn’t for us.
And now it’s our turn, is that where we’re going with this? Back to the roots, our karma coming around, sort of thing?

—Live and let live, is all I’m saying.
But first we gotta live. Gotta go to a break now, but hey, it’s been great talkin’ to ya, Dr. Fatoozie or…

Fatoozie, Favuzzi, my bad. Sayonara everyone.

—And I will, if I may, say goodbye to the listening audience on behalf of our proto-protégé, Lydia, who in her fashion will contact you later for individual sessions, downloadable for a slight fee, and let me add, safely accessed in your dreams. The next topic she will be speaking on is “Ecological Sustainability in Pre-Conquest Micronesia.” Her contribution is made possible by a grant from… [end of feed].


The Land that Time Forgot


The enduring wild
waits for us, in dusk: new birds
of an old feather.

One bird speaks. Others
answer. Plane drones over all.
Silence, within this.

Free of ego, we
open to mother earth’s grace
in her time, not ours.






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