Subverses for Canada

by Nowick Gray


New Canada Day

29 January

We waited so long for this awakening.

One rule too many for the truckers was the straw that broke our patience.

Now one young man walks a flag across a ferry deck, and a car horn beeps, and another honks, until the whole flock is singing.

We fill the lawn of the legislature, but this time turn our backs on that empty castle, and wave flags and cheer for the convoy in the street, our liberators, ourselves; brothers and sisters, compatriots in freedom.

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, you have forsaken us. You threw it all away, for lies, fake doctors, forgotten fame. Doesn’t it ring a bell, “Four dead in Ohio?” Would you drink a case for Canada, of poisoned wine? Who will take your music to their graves?

Saskatchewan ditches mandates—Florida North. Welcome to New Canada!

Where do we go from here, tasting freedom?

Is freedom only relative to, equal to, the degree of our oppression?

This equation is emotion. It is the visceral elevation and release of tears, the long pent-up despair over when and if it would ever end.

Two years to flatten the human spirit? Talk to the kids.

Cat on my lap, that contact is unbroken. How about our distant family, our former friends?

Worst of all, those dying… why? And those awaiting the results of their clinical trial?

Reparations, reconstruction? First, seeing this dance through. On the other side and in the making, justice and healing. Grief and goodwill. Most of all, making amends to the children, for their hurt and their whole future.

New Canada, and the new world we are dreaming from this day forward, belongs to them.


2022: Resolutions and Principles

  1. Break denial, acknowledge our abuse.
  2. Be flexible and prepared for chaotic outcomes of world events.
  3. Embody a celebratory lifestyle, markedly human.
  4. Love, peace, happiness, justice: our neighbors have good hearts.
  5. Stay open—receptive to service, power that supports life.
  6. Time to come out of hiding. What does our destiny hold?
  7. Refresh our wisdom from the source.

Children of the Earth

Parents separate:
psycho dad, abused Mother…
it’s time we take sides.

Forgive? Maybe; but
Honor her, for she is you.
His spawn, bastard sons.

I say good riddance.
She’ll recover, with our love,
prayers, gratitude.


What will you do?

What will you do when they come to the door to haul you away?

What will you do when they say, come with me or else?

The government rapists, the jabbers, the troops, to take you to camp?

What will you tell your children, when the door breaks down on them?

Look in the mirror, tell. It wasn’t their fault.

It wasn’t ours. Was it?



MSM Blues                                                       

Even in a society with fairly robust protections, as ours once was, the most dangerous misinformation is always, without exception, official. Whether it’s WMDs or the Gulf of Tonkin fiasco or the missile gap or the red scare or the twenty-year occupation of Afghanistan, the worst real-world disasters always turn out to be driven or enabled by official falsehoods…. The only defense against these most dangerous types of deceptions is an absolutely free press. —Matt Taibbi, The Folly of Pandemic Censorship

Want more market share?
Stop selling fake news.

#MSM, #WeThePeople don’t believe you anymore.
#MSM slowly flutters its eyelids awake, citing “new revelations” 2 years old.



Matrix Communion

take a bite of this
and you’ll come to know Jesus
little bit of that

you won’t regret it
meet face to face: the Mother—
she is not banned here


Awaken Your Creative Potential

To shine our light,
To fully live our adventure
Remove the velvet glove.

What does our destiny hold?
What does freedom mean?
What is a positive outcome?

“The outer being is limited by its conditions.
The inner being lives in sovereignty and expansion.
To awaken the creative potential is to move through this space.” (Rudy Hexter)

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Quarantine Reading List

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image credits:
(feature) parliament: Nowick Gray
duty: facebook
reset: facebook
sleeping: NG
reading: Bob Moran
Anyone Convoy: Telegram
art: Matteo Arfanotti


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