The Biggest Lesson I Have Learned



By Bernhard Guenther



About Success And Business Over The Past 20 Years,


And Especially Over The Past 3 Years



As I mentioned in an article over three years ago, the current alchemical transformation during this Time of Transition will also give birth to new opportunities, quantum leaps in creativity, and true abundance (beyond just materially), but it must be rooted in these concepts of integrity and sincerity.


This is, in general, the big overall evolutionary lesson of the powerful Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn that we saw occurring back in January 2020 that initiated this new cycle right when the plan-demic started.


The “lesson” is ultimately to rebuild the world and our lives upon a spiritual foundation and hold this true aspiration grounded in our bodies as our vessels become spiritualized as conscious transducers of the Divine Force.


But it doesn’t happen by itself. We need to do our part. There are many temptations and distractions along the way.


To thrive with integrity and sincerity during these times of upheaval, you must know yourself and who you’re NOT for, not only in your close relationships but also in your professional life as an entrepreneur or the work you choose to do.


As you individuate in your own process, so must your business individuate.


Your relationship to money and success needs to change to align with the energies of the new world that the Divine intends to create THROUGH you.


It requires a complete shift of vision, attitude, and being to avoid falling into the traps and temptations of the “old world” that is still fiercely in the grip of the hostile forces.


It is not anymore about just “doing whatever you like to do,” nor is it only about manifesting and fulfilling all your “desires,” most of which are not even “yours” to begin with but are conditioned into you. It’s a big lesson I learned over the years as well.


This is not about perfecting the false personality [as most conventional self-help and get-rich-quick schemes target] for maximum “success”, becoming popular, and “fitting in.”


Nor is it about complaining and whining about your life or the state of the world in disempowering victim/blame consciousness.


As Sri Aurobindo noted:



“The only creation for which there is any place here is the supramental, the bringing of the divine Truth down on the earth, not only into the mind and vital but into the body and into Matter.


Our object is not to remove all “limitations” on the expansion of the ego or to give a free field and make unlimited room for the fulfillment of the ideas of the human mind or the desires of ego-centered life-force.


Non of us are here to “do as we like”, or to create world in which we shall at last be able to do as we like.


We are here to do what the Divine wills and to create a world in which the Divine Will can manifest its truth no longer deformed by human ignorance or perverted and mistranslated by vital desire.”



Hence, being able to say NO is most often more important than saying YES to everything and everyone just for the sake of money, success, and power/popularity (what most people equate success with.)


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to reach and please everyone, being “politically correct,” going along with programmed mainstream consensus culture, and not making a stand because you are afraid to be “canceled” or lose clients because you prefer “success” over “Truth.”


It tags into your peopler please program [which is an unconscious trauma response due to childhood wounding or even past life trauma ] at the cost of integrity, higher values, and trying to be “liked” by everyone with all the conflict phobia [based on all kinds of attachment wouds] that comes with it as you diminish yourself and are afraid to shine in your authentic self that is an expression of the Divine [not to be mistaken for the neurotic ego personality that likes to feel “special” and “better” than others.]


The irony is that with this avoidance wishy-washy attitude, you will lose in the long run because your business and your life are not aligned with the bigger evolutionary cycles.


Ultimately, this is a spiritual test to get beyond the outdated old-world idea of “success” (which is usually equated with making as much $$ as possible even if it lacks integrity and authenticity as most people “sell their soul.”)


You’ll miss the most significant lesson at the last degrees of Pluto in Capricorn, which is integrity in business and not trying to be “successful at all cost” via social climbing, imitation, cheating your way through without having paid your dues, or manipulating others “to win friends,” the shadow side of Capricorn, complying with the virtue mob of consensus reality.


It is about quality over quantity.


It is about truth over ignorance.


It is about courage over cowardice.


It is about authenticity over fakeness.


You want to actively “repel” the ones who don’t align with your vision and higher values. It is about “individuating” yourself and your business as we enter Pluto in Aquarius, being unique, anti-fragile, and un-fuckable-with.


I’m not saying it will be easy.


I’m not saying you won’t experience setbacks.


In fact, it will be more challenging in the short term [but way more rewarding in the long term] because there are forces trying to keep you locked in the sleep-walking consciousness of the consensus, tempting you:


    to choose the path of least resistance

    to do what others do (copy, imitate, jump on bandwagons)

    to mechanically follow trends and formulas so you never get out of your comfort zone

    with the lower expressions of Sex, Money, Power

    with quick success and quick $$ that is not aligned with your values or true Self but appeals to your conditioned, wounded narcissistic self



Or they attempt to intimidate you with threats of being censored and canceled.


The weaker you are [meaning, the less soul-embodied you are], the more insecure you are, and the less in integrity you are, the more you will give in, censor yourself, and essentially betray your soul & heart for going against your conscience as you will stuff it all into the unconscious so as not to feel the healthy guilt you “should” feel when you go against truth and conscience but support lies and the consensus mob to “play it safe.”


We need to reconquer the money force from the hostile forces for the Divine, which is ultimately linked to your deeper soul purpose for being here.


For that to happen, you need to evaluate your whole life and attitude towards money and wealth with all the unconscious core beliefs, triggers, self-sabotage, social, cultural, and spiritual/religious programming that either made you reject the money force or become addicted & attached to it.


They are two sides of the SAME coin. Most of the “rich” and the “poor” are programmed by and trapped in the matrix scarcity program, subjected to the influences of the hostile forces.


This is a time of spiritual warfare, and part of our work and lesson during this Time of Transition is also to reconquer the money force (along with the forces of power and sex) so we can become more effective, powerful agents of change instead of rejecting it, getting addicted to it, or falling into the matrix poverty program and blame & victim trap.


My upcoming online webinar training, “How To Create Abundance in Alignment With Divine Will”, taking place over three weekends with over 200 slides and many practical exercises, is designed to go beyond these two popular manifestations regarding money we usually tend to see in the world (rejection or indulgence.)


It will teach you how to open the flow in accordance with universal law so you can thrive more in prosperity by creating abundance from your Essence [your true Self].


This evolutionary cycle of upheaval, breakdowns, and breakthroughs holds immense potential to create real fulfillment and prosperity within yourself and your life based on your inherent higher values and unique soul potential in integrity with your true Self and Divine Will.


Godspeed. Bernhard Guenther


The online workshop starts in less than a week, this coming Saturday.



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