The Brave New World of 1984, Part Three


Our Reality and Our Future




Welcome to the three-part analysis of The Brave New World of 1984. This is Part III of three. You can find Part I here and Part II here.


To recap the research thus far, I am exploring the concept of the non-physical effect on the physical world, which could be considered magic. Beginning this analysis, I discussed the ancient art of mimesis, where stories and visions are used to instill ideas in the population. This art can convey the ideals and morals of the ruling power. We show how this has continued into the 20th century with books like Brave New World and 1984, which may have served as predictive programming for our current dystopian reality. 


In part one, we focused on the authors of these books, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. We pay particular attention to a letter Huxley wrote to George Orwell, where he discusses the power of unorthodox themes like animal magnetism. Huxley acknowledges the effectiveness of this idea, which was (and still is) considered unscientific, and suggests that it will be used by the ruling power to control the population in the future. This letter sheds light on the insights of the authors of these works and their potential influence on our current reality.


In part two, we delve deeper into “Brave New World,” as Huxley claims that his vision of reality is more accurate and will become the reality. We analyze how elements of “Brave New World” and “1984” combine to create the dystopian world we currently inhabit. Part two focuses explicitly on how this reality was established. The first step was creating this vision for society through mimesis, which was carried out by instilling the dystopian notion in the populace through the widespread reading of books and watching movies that shared the same dystopian image. Despite the presence of a hero in these stories, it is important to note that the dystopian society was still instilled – which is the main point.


Staying with part two, we discuss the tools and concepts mentioned in “Brave New World” that was effective in creating this society, such as the promotion of hedonism, such as the ease of swiping for a sexual encounter, and the inundation of the population with so much irrelevant information that they can do nothing with the information they have. Lastly, we highlight the importance of a collectivist oligarchy in uniting the entire population toward the goal of a dystopian future. These books alone were insufficient to bring about this future until the COVID-19 pandemic united everyone for a common cause, just as the oligarchs desired with their collectivist ideas.


In part three, our goal is to demonstrate to the reader that the dystopian future we live in was created by a person’s vision. In this part, we want to encourage and empower readers to participate in shaping the world they want to live in


So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy part three of our analysis of “The Brave New World of 1984”. Thank you.



Hidden Powers


As we wrap up our analysis on predictive programming, what’s important to note is that predictive programming is just one form of what we would consider “magic.” In my Udemy course, I describe magic as “the conscious effect of the non-physical affecting the physical.”


The definition of magic is similar to Jung’s definition of synchronicity, but it’s the conscious application of synchronicity. Ultimately, magic could be known as the deliberate influence of the mental realm for physical manifestations.


From my manuscript, we read the following: “…the term magic comes from the Greek word magos. Magos referred to “a member of a learned and priestly class.” (This is an important aspect that we’ll discuss, but think back about our chapter on billionaires, and you may see the connection between that chapter and this one.) Magos itself is derived from the Old Persian word magush, meaning “be able” or “have power.


If we understand the notion that individuals can use techniques to influence the mental realm, which ultimately leads to real-world effects, we can understand how magic can be used as a tool. And if we take a look through history, we see how this power has been wielded.


In the previous article, “The Man Behind the British Empire,” I focus on the individual known as John Dee. John Dee was the advisor to Queen Elizabeth I back in the 1500s. Dee was her second in command. Dee would sign her letters on her behalf. Dee, having saved the Queen’s life from multiple assignation attempts, is the reason behind the folklore James Bond, better known as “007”, Dee’s signature. Dee was also the very first individual to coin the term the British Empire. Lastly, John D was well known as an alchemist and magician.


When we realize that magic is simply techniques to consciously affect reality, we see that there are many techniques they can use to conduct reality. One of these techniques is the arts, which have been used to shape societies and empires for millennia. In the article, Who Are The Bad Guys, I write about how our government agencies have worked closely with “the arts” as in Hollywood. The Atlantic states so here as well.


So at this point, we’re at a crossroads in our perspective of reality. We have this orthodox view that’s been told that “this is how the world works.” You know we vote, governments make changes, we pay taxes, etc., etc. However, look at this unorthodox view of reality. In that case, we live in an oligarchical society that uses the government as a front to paint the mental illusion of choice. We have the arts, education, and media to reinforce this illusion of reality, and this manifests as the society that we live in.


If you accept this unorthodox view, you understand that magic – deliberate influence of the mental realm for physical manifestations – is a part of reality and, ultimately, a part of nature. And if that is the case, can we tap into this natural aspect of reality?


The Reality of Magic


Fortunately, the answer is yes. Yes, we can tap into this natural aspect of reality. I’ve had the privilege of spending the last six years really understanding and putting into practice the application of magic, and I can tell you how I’ve witnessed synchronicities tremendously. From the professional – where I became a Director – to my personal life, which I touch on here.


I’ve compiled my research and experience thus far into my course, but the takeaway is that if we understand how this world perspective they’ve given us was formed, we have a better grasp on reality; true history. And if we understand the past to the present, we know where we can go in the future. This is the concept of meaning: understanding how the past ties to the present and leads to the future. Only by understanding how the past was formed can we understand how this reality has been hidden from Us.


One of the books I relied heavily on during my research was the book Real Magic by Dean Radin, which was introduced to me by Collective Evolution many years back. On the back of the book, we read the following:


According to Dean Radin, noted scientist and bestselling author of The Conscious Universe, magic is a natural aspect of reality, and each of us can tap into this power with diligent practice.


Based on my work and countless others, we must come to terms with the reality of magic and know how to use this aspect of nature because it’s all around us daily. This is the phenomenon that I dive deeper into within my members-only section. Whether we want to accept the reality that psychologists understand the technique of propaganda and how they can use it for corporate and nationalist goals or how our screen-based devices take our spirit away from our bodies are place them elsewhere, the fact of the matter is that magic – the influence of the mental realm for physical manifestations – is all around us and affects us daily.


So if this is the case, what can we do to positively affect the mental realm for positive manifestations in our realities?


Many processes can be done, which I dive into towards the end of my course. Techniques can range from goal-setting to other aspects such as “projecting” (aka completing projects). One interesting aspect is the phenomenon of intentional dreaming, which Production Chief of Disney Studios David Paul Kirkpatrick credits for his career:


Another example of magic is the concept of luck. Luck is probably the closest thing to what society calls magic nowadays. Yet again, fortunately, studies have shown that you can increase luck in your life. This is the vital aspect behind the 2021 Business Book of the Year Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba.


These individuals, with Ali being a billionaire, write extensively about luck, including this op-piece for Fortune. In their book, they devote an entire chapter to luck and how studies show how to increase your luck. I plan to write more about how to improve your luck, but I did a summary of their book here.


Ultimately, this is where we need to go as a society. If individuals throughout the millennia have used magic to form this reality, how do we start to use magic to form ours?


Below is a review of the 2006 documentary “The Secret” painting a historic depiction of how “The Secret” has been used to rule empires and civilizations.


Where do we go from here?


The year is 2023. We just got out of a worldwide pandemic where we got a glimpse of how flimsy this idea of “choice” and “democracy” is since we witnessed government totalitarianism show and bare its fangs.


Currently, our foods are being infused with GMOs as the future of food is moving towards lab-grown products while our natural food industries are being destroyed. Our health is being reduced as we have vaccine-related injuries and corporate-fueled gender-identify crisis – all as we inhale aluminum and barium in our air as we try to stop climate change. What a time to be alive!


However, this is the time to be alive. The time of chaos and destruction we live in has been described from multiple divined – deriving from the technique of divination, to foresee – literature such as the Book of Revelations, or more specifically, the Kali Yuga. In the book The Chaos Protocols by magician Gordon White, we read the following:


“Sometimes I go to the Hall of Asian Antiquities in the British Museum, sit on a bench, and think about the Kali Yuga. According to the Mahabharata, the great Hindu epic, this is the age in which we currently live. As a two-thousand-year-old description of the modern world, it is unsurpassed in its dismal accuracy… According to the yuga system, to be born during the Kali Yuga is to have the most challenging incarnation possible. Yet here we are! Congratulations on your amazing timing.

…If there is one upside to living in the Kali Yuga, it is this. According to Hindu belief, because the world has fallen so far from its original, elevated state, you need only chant Lord Krishna’s name once to eventually achieve salvation. The gap between a person and that first mantra is greater than the gap between the second and the ten millionth mantra.”


To me, this is very similar to the “faith of a tiny, little mustard seed.” Another example would be the faith of a “tiny little stone” to be used against an enormous giant, identical to the story of David and Goliath. And just like David, we face before ourselves a gigantic course head. However, this should be encouraging because it doesn’t matter how big the enemy is. As long as we have a little bit of faith or utter our first mantra, we will see success and be victorious.


When we define success, we need to have an accurate view of reality. To do this, we need to understand both aspects of nature: the orthodox and those unorthodox themes – lest we encounter the law of reality inertia (wishing for something but not knowing what goes into that wish). Overall, however, the takeaway is that we can use these laws of nature against the challenges set up against us.


A possible example of using techniques against challenges can be regarding the new control grid being developed known as CBDCs. As this threatens to enact new control over us, one could use the powers of visualization, projecting, and forecasting to meet financial goals, such as making 50,000 in alt-currency, so you’re not bound by CBDCs. Essentially, we would be using these magical aspects of reality to opt out of whatever future these oligarchs have for us.


We can use these unorthodox themes to create rewarding careers that provide a way out of future control grids. We can begin to live in a world where there’s no geoengineering in the skies (a SAI-free zone) and where we can breathe fresh air. We can live in a reality where no chemicals can be sprayed on our food. Where we have our own land and grow our own food, free of GMOs.


This is the reality we can build, and ultimately, Nature might be calling for us to create this reality. As we see in nature, for example, with Yin and Yang, there’s always been a balance. While, as of late, we’ve seen this destructive force tearing down nature, it may be that now – possibly the prophecies of 2012, 2020, and many others – Nature is calling out to each and every one of us. To rise as those creative forces to help balance out nature.


That, my friends, is the point of this article. I hope that as you read this article and become more aware of our reality, you’re also encouraged as to how powerful you really are. You reading this article alone is a synchronistic event, and as Richard Grove’s once said, “Synchronicity: nature approves of this endeavor.” Things are tough, but as a good book says, “with the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains.”


This concludes my analysis of The Brave New World of 1984. I want to thank


for providing me this platform, and I want to take everyone who took the time and attention to read, comment, like, and share these articles. Both positive and constructive feedback is welcomed.


If you’re interested in learning more about these unorthodox themes of magic, I invite you to start with my course. There’s a free preview of three PowerPoint presentations with over an hour’s worth of information. Also, feel free to upgrade to my member-only content, where I write specifically on magical techniques I’ve come across and how to apply them in your daily life. (Ex: How to Tame our Ego)


I’ll close with two of my favorite life quotes. Returning back to magician Gordon White, we read the following:


“Fully engaging with the world as it is, on both a material and spiritual level, will quickly show you just how flimsy consensus reality actually is. One little push and materialism falls away like spring snow sliding off a roof. So there is an inherent paradox in using the spiritual to accomplish the material. Incorporating the magical world into your physical world will quickly show you which one is real and which one is delusion. And that realization is more valuable than all the riches of the earth.”


And from the Academy of Ideas and Leopold Kohr, we read the following:


“…the real conflict of this age… is no longer between races, sexes, classes, left and right, youth and age, rich and poor, socialism and capitalism – all hangover confrontations from the past. The real conflict of today is between Man and Mass, the Individual and Society, the Citizen and the State, the Big and the Small Community, between David and Goliath.”


Thank you again for your time and attention, and I wish you nothing but luck and success in life’s journey. Ase!


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Questions to Reflect and Speculate on

  1. When you accept the unorthodox notion that magic has real-world effects, you begin to wonder, “could the British colonization of the world be the manifestation of the magician John Dee and many others (e.g., Cecil Rhodes)?”
  2. To what attempts and extremes has our current reality been fabricated to produce and indoctrinate this nihlistic society?
  3. What future life do you envision for yourself? Is it one that’s your best life? Where you use your individual skills to create a life that’s life-promoting and in tune with nature?


Thank You for reading Part Three of the three-part analysis of The Brave New World of 1984. You can find Part I here and Part II here.


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