The Day After Fascism

by Nowick Gray



13 September 2021. Today BC begins implementing “vaccine passports,” AKA medical apartheid. Already the UK has decided to revoke that tyrannical measure… temporarily. Will Bonnie (BC Health Officer Dr. Henry) buckle too? She means to test us, first. The UK official, likewise, added they would keep it in their winter plans, just in case.

Our only answer, there will be no next time. There is no more case. You’re fired.

Across the Southern US, stadiums full are chanting, “Fuck Joe Biden.” The house of cards is feeling the earth tremor. Hands are tightening on the mic. The teleprompter has stalled, stuck on “Fear! Obey!”

Dr. Tony “Faust” Fauci flails before an honest journalist asking why those with natural immunity to the virus should get vaxxed; says he has no “firm answer.”

Evidence mounts to undermine the psyop, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” mantra of Bonnie Henry, Joe Biden, and the rest of the WHO pecking order. The suppressed truth continues to emerge, that “Vaccine Injuries from COVID-19 Shots Fill Hospitals.

While sleepy Joe whines he is “losing patience,” Former Defense Intelligence Agency head General Michael Flynn weighs in on the pulse of the people: “Americans are tired of all the lies.” Governor Ron DeSantis gives the finger to Biden’s forced jab, stating “In Florida, we will fight back.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at every stop is hounded by enraged citizens hurling abuse and even pitching gravel at the schoolyard bully to drive him away. But he skips along, hoping that the aptly named Rebel News bombshell leak won’t go viral: a list of 1500+ news outlets and reporters bribed with $61 million before the election, to give the PM a favorable slant.

What the Great Resetters really want, with their single-minded propaganda push, is for us subservient humans to “stay afraid and stay apart”—pseudo-connected across the social media divide, with its built-in digital distance, loss of personal contact, reduction of heart to a tiny emoji.

Undeterred, we gather in growing numbers to attest: coercion is not compassion, it’s cruelty. We are taking our lives back. And by the way, fake news? Just keep it coming: it’s just more evidence of your corruption. Justice will be served, one way or another. In the meantime…


Finding Common Ground

This watershed week was marked by a nationwide special issue of the venerable magazine of natural alternatives, Common Ground, with an impressive lineup of articles by top-notch experts and commentators on every principal aspect of the mass Covid delusion. Publisher and founder Joseph Roberts sparks the fireworks with this blistering introduction:



The rest of the lineup can be accessed from the following links:

Media hype: Disinformation masquerading as trusted facts

In my own attempts to come to grips with this global crisis, I find the lynchpin for the whole operation is the complicit mass media. Even before the misnamed pandemic, key media players were recruited to advance the top-down agenda. David Martin’s patent research has uncovered revealing admissions about the need for media “hype” to counter public hesitancy:

‘In 2014 the veterinarian, Peter Daszak, who ran EcoHealth Alliance, the company that has been criticized for its role in laundering NIAID funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology… said at a public meeting:

‘“We need the public to accept a medical countermeasure for a pan-corona virus vaccine.”…“We need the media to create the hype and we need to use the hype to our advantage. Investors will follow if they see profit at the end of a process.”

‘And if we in fact have the perpetrators of this crime telling us that they are going to do the crime, why are we left sitting agape in 2020 or 2021, going “Oh man, that just sounds like a conspiracy”.

‘Well, it sounds like a conspiracy because it is a criminal conspiracy. It is a racketeering conspiracy meant to harm and destroy human life.’

Elizabeth Woodworth follows Martin’s lead with the media exposé, COVID-19 and the shadowy “Trusted News Initiative”: How TNI methodically censors top world public health experts. The article sheds light on the central control mechanism put in place to dupe the masses.


‘This network has outrageously conceived and conveyed a “monopoly of legitimate information.”… Since early in the COVID-19 pandemic, which according to the World Health Organization kills only 0.23% of those infected, enormous fear and panic have been fuelled by the hourly drumbeat of a “one-voice” media.

‘An international process of editorial standardization has delivered unprecedented news coverage of the monopolized message:

    • The pandemic threatens the survival of all humanity
    • There is no therapy to cure the sick
    • It is necessary to confine the whole population, and
    • The delivery will come only from a vaccine.

‘The initial Trusted News partners in attendance were the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google, The Hindu, and The Wall Street Journal…. The media partners [then] expanded to include Twitter, Microsoft, Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Reuters… the BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Microsoft and The New York Times – with a mandate to identify non-authorized news stories for suppression.

‘In “untangling the true from the false”, untrained media personnel have censored the following prominent professors and researchers with outstanding publication histories and conflict-of-interest-free credentials.

    • Jay Bhattacharya, epidemiologist, Stanford University
    • Sunetra Gupta, infectious disease epidemiologist, Oxford Univ.
    • Martin Kulldorff, epidemiologist, Harvard
    • Robert W. Malone, inventor of mRNA technology platform
    • Peter A. McCullough, former Vice-Chair Int. Med., Baylor Univ.
    • Didier Raoult, microbiologist and director, IHU Méditerranée Infection; Professor at Aix Marseille Université
    • Harvey A. Risch, Prof. Epid., Yale School of Public Health
    • Knut M. Wittkowski, biometrician, 20-year head, biostatistics/epid., Rockefeller University
    • Michael Yeadon, former VP of respiratory research, Pfizer.’

The entire campaign hinges on a false risk–benefit analysis (or squelching any such analysis) comparing the windfall genetic experiment (“vaccine”) with natural alternative treatments. The early suppression of safe, effective and cheap treatments such as ivermectin continue to this day, despite compelling evidence (cited in this Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan):

‘The negative spin being put on Ivermectin by mainstream media, that it is only used in horses, is not true. These statements being made about Ivermectin are malicious and false, as it has been safely and effectively used for years in humans. In 2015 William C. Campbell, emeritus research fellow at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and Satoshi Omura, professor emeritus at Kitasato University in Japan, jointly received one half of the Nobel Prize for their work with Ivermectin that was discovered in 1975 and approved for safe use in humans in 1987. In delivering his Nobel Prize lecture on December 7, 2015, Dr. Campbell confirmed the safety and effectiveness of using Ivermectin in humans, and noted that part of the ground breaking research was done in partnership with the WHO, the World Bank, and others. It was noted that because of its excellent safety profile and broad spectrum of activity, Ivermectin was catalogued by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine and is regarded by many as a “magic bullet” for global health.’

Yet despite the systematic censorship, there is hope the tide may be turning, as the authors go on to note: “On February 9, 2021, the chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Haruo Ozaki, announced that Ivermectin seemed to be effective at stopping Covid 19 and publicly recommended that all doctors in Japan immediately begin using Ivermectin to treat Covid 19.”



Meanwhile, the marketing slogan for the fauxine, “Safe and effective,” continues to run afoul of the medical facts, as widely reported only in the independent media.

‘With over 13,000 reports to the CDC about death from the COVID-19 vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines now have the highest death rate of any vaccines in history. Indeed, the average total vaccine deaths reported each year to the CDC, before COVID-19, was a grand total of a little more than 100 a year. In other words, the COVID-19 vaccines have approximately 100 times more reports of death per year than the average reports for all other vaccines combined. In the past, individual vaccines have been taken off the market for as little as 12 to 50 reported deaths. COVID-19 vaccine deaths are catastrophic and, worst yet, reported deaths reflect only a small fraction of actual vaccine deaths in the community.’ —Dr. Peter Breggin with Dr. Peter McCullough

‘As of July, the combined adverse vaccine reaction databases of the US, EU, and UK reported more than 5 million adverse reactions and 40,000 deaths. This information until recently was available on Google, but Google now hides it, and a search only pulls up Big Pharma propaganda that adverse reactions are “rare.” In other words, the accomplices to murder at Google disavow the official adverse reaction reporting systems and suppress them for “spreading misinformation.”’ —Paul Craig Roberts, “Why is Biden Mandating a Vaccine That Does Not Protect Against Covid?”

Woodworth concludes her study of media manipulation with the following appeal to our democratic principles and justice to come: “The efforts now underway to completely suppress positive data associated with early-onset treatment prospects such as ivermectin or the squelching of any discussion of vaccine safety issues is completely unacceptable in a civilized, democratic market-based society. Those perpetuating such offenses are in fact on the wrong side of history.”

The whole point of mass media persuasion has been to create an unstoppable force of Groupthink, by which a brainwashed majority would support the hijack of democratic principles, national sovereignty, and individual rights and liberties. And not only consent, but then willingly enlist to coerce the rest of the population to comply. This was a brilliant, if insidious plan, and it has worked almost to perfection.

‘Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Cohesiveness, or the desire for cohesiveness, in a group may produce a tendency among its members to agree at all costs. This causes the group to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation.

‘Groupthink requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “ingroup” significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making and significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the “outgroup”). Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup”.’



Fortunately, fooling almost all of the people, and coercing almost all of the rest, is not good enough to succeed. Totalitarianism by definition must have total control; but of course that is an impossible dream to achieve, as the human spirit will not lie down for long.


Just Say No. It’s Time to Grow Up.

In this time of revolutionary ferment verging on civil war, there are two imperatives:

  1. Just say no to forced vaccination, fascist coercion, totalitarian rule.
  2. Just say no to the totalitarian’s favorite tease, the temptation of violence.

Violence is the very essence of government, which seeks a monopoly on its weapons and exclusive right to its use, without liability or accountability. Witness the raw police brutality against the peaceful Fairy Creek land defenders; or worse, the disappearance of dissenters as the policy of choice in, for example, Columbia, Guatemala, Bolivia, East Timor… right or left, it makes no difference… it could be Hitler or Stalin, fascist Argentina or communist Cambodia. George Bush or Justin Trudeau. Countless violent revolutions only seeded new repressive and violent regimes.

Not everyone opposed to violence is an absolute pacifist. The middle ground holds the principle of nonaggression: reserving the righteous use of violence to “true self-defense.” Note: beware of the Catholic Church’s St. Augustine and his imperial justifications known as “the just war” doctrine.

True self-defense is self-evident on a human scale, as any schoolyard brawl will demonstrate simply. Forget the abstruse appeals to almighty geopolitics, a la Madeleine Albright, on 500,000 Iraq deaths: “It was worth it.” Forget the virtual paradise of transhumanism, just the latest greatest “ideological fiction” (Hannah Arendt). Forget the blunt chestbumping of a Bush (“Mission Accomplished”) or the cheeky confession of a homicidal Hillary, between laughs: “We came, we saw, he died.” Nonaggressive self-defense rests on the underlying value of voluntarism, as Thrive producer Foster Gamble explains:

Luckily, since we inhabit a creative adventure, we’re not locked into predetermined responses to state violence, like so many videogame soldiers of hive-mind automatons. We don’t have to choose violent rebellion or passive acquiescence. There is an appropriate act of liberation for each one of us to discover and undertake, on the strength of our history and our infinite, localized, personal creativity, inspired and conspired.

Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institution has compiled extensive research on strategies and tactics of nonviolent action, notably in his official “Color Revolution” handbook (2002/2010), From Dictatorship to Democracy (free PDF for online viewing or download). The book distills in less than 100 pages the essentials from his earlier master work, the three-volume Politics of Nonviolent Action (1973/2020). Drawing from the long and broad history of nonviolent struggles, Sharp provides theory and strategy, planning and action steps, and most notably, an outline of 198 methods of nonviolent action, in the following categories:

  • Nonviolent protest and persuasion (formal statements, symbolic public acts,…)
  • Social and economic noncooperation (various boycotts and strikes,…)
  • Political noncooperation (civil disobedience, refusing to enforce govt. edicts,…)
  • Nonviolent intervention (sit-in, hunger strike, guerilla theatre, selective patronage,…)

And yes, you can forget that Sharp’s work was co-opted by the US regime itself to foment the Arab Spring and Eastern European “color revolutions” and train its leaders. Even Nonviolence got weaponized, go figure.

That disingenuous co-optation only confirms the value of nonviolent action as a practical strategy. Even the powers-that-be recognize its effectiveness in the arena where it matters most: public opinion. They just use it covertly, another limb of the octopus of control. So regime-change battles are staged, to achieve the result or convey the right narrative, and the media handles the rest.

In the plandemic war on an invisible enemy forever, the script has been inverted. The rulers are all, “Be kind and be safe,” while the rabble are hurling abuse and (for now) small stones. The problem, as always, lies with the media. When their blather wears thin, the rage from below with grow. Will it be a volcano, or a steady glow of truth and justice for the fate of the perpetrators, and a chalice of compassion and healing for our co-sufferers?


‘There are a thousand ways to beat a bully by not giving him what he wants, control. This isn’t about the vaccine. It never was. The only public health crisis now is a public mental health crisis.

‘The people who’ve been broken by the COVID-9/11 terror campaign have their own issues to work out. They can be forgiven their terror but it’s time for the grown-ups to talk. The children can be excused from the table.

‘So, the opposite of their hysteria is needed. They don’t need a punch in the mouth, they need therapy. No more negotiating with facts. They are immune to facts.

‘What they are not immune to is a quiet, dismissive, if not exasperated, “No.” The kind of quiet disappointment my father used to shame me into maturation.

‘Just exude, “No.” Because their only recourse then is more violence. And every act of violence delegitimizes them further.’

—Tom Luongo, Quietly Say “No” to Joe Biden’s Call for Civil War


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