The Evolution into Physical Limitlessness

By Vera Ingeborg




Individually, we are all dreaming of being limitless in the physical world. And we have developed certain ideas what it means to be limitless. Many attach limitlessness to money. Yet, if you look more closely into the characteristics of money: It is countable and can therefore never be limitless, no matter how much you have. Others attach limitless to the magic of ”I create as I speak” or physical superpowers. But to be honest – how fast would that get boring, and how empty would those creations be?

All these belief systems share one common belief: The belief of being a separated individual that needs to do it on their own. Now you might say: ”But there is a lot of intentional communities out there, that are doing it differently and together!” Yes, true – but also these communities share a strong belief system of separation with the rest of the individuals: Survival. Although they might have formed a community, they still feel separated from the rest of humanity.

As long as we are in physical form with a perception of being an individual (or group of), separated being(s), we will perceive physical limitations.”

As long as we are in physical form with a perception of being an individual (or group of), separated being(s), we will perceive physical limitations. Limitations of what we are able to do in a certain time frame, limitations of what we can do with the forces of our individual body, limitations of what we can do with our ideas and inspirations, limitations of what we can do with our possessions and earnings etc.

As long as we perceive physical separation, we are limited. It all actually starts with our individual separation between soul and physical body. The belief of separation is so deeply anchored in our being, it takes long cycles of releasing, processing and reorganizing. And in many ways, we get distracted from this process by stories and narratives ” out there” that confirm these beliefs of separation.

There are plenty of bypassing strategies/narratives to escape the journey of physical transformation into oneness, because it just seems impossible or too hard (because we believe in separation). It is easier to get distracted with the eons old stories of separation, the darkness and the light, the evil and the good. Or to completely snap out of the physical experience and spend the time in the energetic realms where everything is unicorns and butterflies. Or to escape into the mode of being a transcended master that no longer needs the physical existence. Or to take meds, (spiritual) drugs or alcohol to numb ourselves out of this miserable physical sh*thole,-. Or to get addicted to performance, to workout,… etc.

Unfortunately, non of it will make us feel truly whole or joyful. Because it all separates us from our essence. All of these bypasses are our way to somehow deal with our belief system of being separated. Physical limitlessness only comes with the transcendence of individual separation – and with it a complete detachment of the own individual existence and life span.

We truly become unconditional, when we see the big picture of human physicality interacting and being interdependent with the whole universe. When we truly understand our nature of being a superorganism. And yes, this will be the formation of a new belief system 🙂

As human, it is not possible to not have a belief system. Even if we claim to believe in nothing, we believe that to be the ultimate truth. The question is are we attached to a belief system, and it becomes our new dogma, or are we open to shift into new belief systems, letting go of what we once believed to be true?

Belief systems actually are the architects of our reality.”

Belief systems actually are the architects of our reality. The structure of our thoughts defines the projection of reality we perceive and experience. When a whole group of individuals shares a certain thought geometry, a collective perception and experience of reality is formed.

We experience the beginning of a collective paradigm shift, when a collective belief system breaks down, because it can no longer be confirmed to be true by the experience of the collective. Looking back in human history, we can clearly see those shifts.

Evolution needs those breakdowns of thought structures and needs the chaos that follows after such big turning points. It is in our nature to reform our thought patterns in a new way and therefore make way for a breakthrough into a new era, where we do things differently that have never been done like this before. The new collective thought forms/geometry create the new collective experience. Up until now in human evolution, we have fallen so much in love with our creations and have made them our safe, reliable comfort zone, that we developed great attachment to them. And, we are stubbornly holding on to these belief systems, although something in us knows that this is not the way.

There are some more obvious collective belief systems, like religions, nations, borders, democracy/communism, the economic and financial system/money, trade, linear hierarchies, health, relationships, and maybe the not so obvious ones of feeling inferior or superior, of not being seen and valued in our essence, etc.  But there are so many more belief systems, we have developed and have a hard time to let go of – especially those that have been passed on through our cellular memory on the subconscious level. Therefore, although we might have a clean energetic emotional field, the physical memory can still distort our thought geometry and with it our physical experience very much and can give us an awfully hard time. The releasing of cellular memory takes a long time and is known to be very intense and painful. It takes a lot of self-love, self-care and patience.

As long as we are projecting a collective field of perceived individual separation, we cannot co-create physical limitlessness.”

This brings us back to the beginning. As long as we are projecting a collective field of perceived individual separation, we cannot co-create physical limitlessness. And we cannot teach or unteach collective belief systems. All we can do is inspire with new ways and assist when someone asks. The collective breakdown takes the time it takes. The breakthrough happens, when individuals of a collective large enough start to project a new collective experience because they have collapsed and released these belief systems. Evolution takes place in a container of space and time and therefore requires a lot of patience. This is the physical learning playground we find ourselves in. While the collective goes through this breakdown, and until the collective for the formation of new, shared collective thought forms has grown enough, we need to find our own bridge between those two realities/geometries. To serve both, the individual and the collective in the best way possible.



The texts I share are always based in my own experience and observations. By no means I am claiming this to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to find their own truth and to be open to it changing as new information integrates. As this is universal wisdom of us ALL, I do not claim any copyright. Feel free to utilize and share, as long as you keep the text complete as it is so it keeps its energetic signature. Thanks Vera


*Absolicious Photoart by Angela Compagnone