Jesus means Hail Zeus/Satan

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By Elva Thompson

The Great Deception & Revelation – The Switch & Bait



The demon of Notre Dame overlooking his domain.

Insatiable curiosity

In my article All Matter is Evil, I talk about the Gnostic understanding of matter. Various groups of spiritual philosophers believed that our physical bodies, and that of all life, animal vegetable and mineral were deliberately assembled by a ‘psychotic god’ to trap Divine Source Energy. And, it was this electromagnetic fusion of spirit and matter that caused our species to fall into density and duality – into a hell world especially created for us.

Our reality is a construct built on the golden mean, phi and the fibonacci spiral. If you watch the short video Nature By Numbers with the article, you will see that everything that exists is a fractal geometric construct. An illusion brought alive by self awareness.

I have long known that our species has an enemy, a soulless being that wishes to enslave and control us. This wannabe god goes by many names. The Demiurge, Adversary, Zeus, Enki, Satan, Lucifer and Jesus.

Ephesians 6 v12-13 speaks to our time.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6 v10-13

 Loving Jesus

As a child, I spent a lot of time at church and I loved Jesus. While I was in the Hunt Sabs, I joined The Order of the Cross who believed that any version of Christianity which did not include compassion to all God’s creatures was a distortion of what the Master really taught. I would occasionally stay  at Ramala – Chalice Hill House in Glastonbury.  There was an upstairs room laid out for the last supper and we use to sing, “And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England’s mountains green.” My mentor Sir George Trevelyan was a mystical Christian and often said that the Master would return…not in physical form but in the Heart. I felt close to Jesus.

So you can imagine how I felt when I saw a shocking and mind bending comment on my article All Matter is Evil.

When I realised Jesus means Hail Zeus

I was shocked that billions of people, myself included had been duped into invoking a demon every time we prayed to Jesus.

But I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, communion is nothing more than symbolic cannibalism of the body and vampirism of the blood of our Master Yahshua.

I am so thankful to Em-Chi for this vital information. I will print part of it for you to read.


January 8, 2020 at 10:14 am (Edit)

The name-switch and how Christians are invoking Satan Zeus whilst praying to Jesus.
“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”
Etymology,-Jesus: “Jesus” actually means – “Hail Zeus!” For Iësous in Greek is “Hail Zeus.” “Ie” translates as “Hail” and “sous”or “sus” translates as Zeus. The English name “Jesus”, therefore, stems etymologically from “Jupiter-Zeus” the chief god of the ancient Greek Olympus.” -Biblical Research Institute; 1996 by Les Aron Gosling.
“It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus.” -Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend, Professor J. C. J. Metford.
“In the 1611 KJV New Testament the name Yahshua (Yehoshua) appeared originally wherever the Messiah was spoken of.  Yehoshua means Yehovah’s (Jehovah’s) Salvation.  Later the Messiah’s name was replaced with Iesus (Greek) which later in the 1600’s it became Jesus starting with the new English letter “J” which was introduced at that time. Further, the Greek “Iesus” comes from the name Zeus, the ruling God in the Greek pantheon.” -Gospel of The Kingdom, True Names and Title, Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, 1931 – Ohio USA
Just as Tarsus means: Sweat of Zeus; Dionysus means: Son of Zeus;
The letter “J” as in “Jesus” is relatively new in our alphabet— perhaps only 400–500 years old. That’s circa 1,500 years after the birth of the Holy man from Nazareth, so “Jesus” clearly isn’t the Nazarene’s real name.
The name, (NOT the man or personage) “Jesus”, is an Archontic finesse, praising the very opposite of who/what “Jesus” (who is known as Isa in the Quran: “Prophet Isa bin Maryam”, variant: Issa) the Holy man from Nazareth is thought to represent. The complete (code) name “Jesus Christ” is a grand Archontic inversion. Christ is from chrism (Chi), the life force embedded within us (not outside us!).
On the one hand, the name “Jesus Christ” serves as a misdirection for Christians to search outside of themselves for the “Zeus Consciousness”, (the life force within Zeus, Satan, the demiurge). The pure Christ/Chrism/Chi life force, in fact, can only be found embedded within our-Self. On the other hand, this misdirection serves also as a cunning ploy to hail Zeus, another subliminal mask of the demiurge, the Grand Deceiver, The Master of Deception.
Etymology,-Amen: Similarly, “Amen”, which appears 78 times in the King James Version Bible, derives from Amon Ra (variants: Amun, Amon, Amen). Amon Ra, in general terms, is the equivalent in the Egyptian pantheon of gods to Zeus in the Greek pantheon of gods. Thus by saying “Amen” you are further invoking Zeus’ Egyptian equivalent Satan archetype.

Malignant force

It is obvious for those that have eyes to see that humanity is in the grip of a very malignant force devoid of morals, ethics and a heart connection to Source. An energy that seeks to destroy our spiritual nature.

Destroying what spiritual connection we have left

We are moving into a New Age: a 26,000 year period called a Grand Year. Twenty six thousand years is the time it takes to make one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic. At the end of each Grand Year there is the evolution of the life waves also known as the Shift of Ages when our earth and everything in it vibrates faster and goes through a frequency change. It is my premise that the evil overlords of Earth will do everything in their power to stop humanity from ascending the evolutionary ladder.

Sabotaging the Shift

Somehow the controllers of this reality had to get their ‘new age’ software into our bodies. Thus cutting us off from Source Creator as Rudolph Steiner predicted a hundred years ago. Covid 19 the super cold that only kills 1% of those it affects was their chance. They have terrified, terrorised, brutalised and imprisoned the worlds population. Brought economies to their knees, and spelled billions of people into taking an experimental inoculation with no long term trials. A jab that contains magnetic, self replicating, hexagonal software…

Many of us are aware of the demonic agenda that is playing out before our eyes.

Let us revisit the First Apocalypse of James.

You have come with knowledge, that you might rebuke their forgetfulness. You have come with recollection, so you might rebuke their ignorance. For you descended into a great ignorance, but you have not been defiled by anything in it. For you descended into a great mindlessness, and your recollection remained. You walked in mud, and your garments were not soiled, and you have not been buried in their filth, and you have not been caught.

I believe that those who can resonate with this article are the remnant talked about in Romans 11:5.  “So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.”

We have walked in mud(darkness) and our garments(spirits) were not soiled, and you have not been buried in their filth( the eating of corpses) and you have not been caught(jab)

Evil will try to make us bend our knee…. but we will stand strong in the power and protection of Source Creator.

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Written by ethompson

Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia, and Book Three: Walking In Three Worlds. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @ amazon.com/author/heartstar



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