The Heavy Winds Carry the Seeds of Change



by MofWooFoo



The windy season has blown in with the dance of the trees.



How substantial are the things in your life? Will your house blow away? Will your roses fall over? Will your relationships last? One needs to be well rooted, surrounded by a wall of love. Here, all the elements have their moment of power; the earth can slide or quake, water can flood, fires can ravage and consume, and now the air we breathe and normally take for granted, displays its hidden power, it can blow you away. It is a time to value stability and to be humbled by the forces of nature. The monumental mountains looming above us, reminds us daily how small and vulnerable we actually are, how much we really depend on one another, our interdependance.


We seek stability in our whirling world, our rollercoaster emotions, our mountains and valleys, our ups and downs. Before coming to Vilcabamba in March, 2010 I lived on the border of Holland and Germany for 5 years in an intentional community. Everything was flat there, all of Holland. They called a hill a mountain, since they were so rare, there were the usual 4 seasons. It had a different feeling, it seemed less dramatic and one felt less vulnerable and it has a different kind of beauty. The rivers were more placid and calm, though they could have their moments and flood.


The physical world with all of its beauty, power, and scope can remind us how small we really are in relation to it and how insubstantial are all the concepts that bind us and keep us separated, like boundaries, nations, and laws. And how foolish and sad it is that we allow ourselves or feel forced to submit to what is in essence is so arbitrary and what really has no substance whatsoever. It really seems insane and insanity unchecked leads to destruction and annihilation.


In nature, one encounters spiderwebs everywhere, where life forms are trapped and their essence is sucked out by the cunning spider. Is not the webs of conceit and false concepts not similar in our lives? Trapped in a life where one must go to work every day doing something that one doesn´t really wish to do, until one’s life is sucked dry and we die, an empty shell. How many even know we are caught in these webs of deceit until it is too late? What a strange and sad fate for such majestic creatures as ourselves, our human family, it is an abomination, like keeping a condor in a small cage for all of its life. It makes no sense.


This is what humanity is waking up to: that the current paradigm is inherently false and tragically cruel and sucks like a vampire. Once an insect is caught in a spider´s web, it can´t escape, what about us, is there a way out? How many spider webs can withstand the wind? It might take a hurricane to blow one away, they are constructed so cleverly. We may have to be as strong as a hurricane and as clever as a climatologist to ever be free.


The winds carry the seeds of change and fresh ideas that are needed to clean away the webs of deceit.







Main Image Art by Emma






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