The King is Naked, The King is Naked,


Dammit, the King is Naked!


by Mofwoofoo


Almost since the beginning of the pandemic scare I have felt like the little boy who kept shouting “The king is naked” from the Hans Christian Anderson story. It is like the adults are not seeing the obvious. For example, the silly lie of the neo-liberals about the “insurrection” about the Jan 6 protest. Any fool knows that for an “insurrection” one needs weapons and to have an “insurrection” without weapons doesn’t make any sense. And that most likely some “clever” neo-liberal like Nancy Pelosi or someone thought that they could lever this protest into an attack on Trump by simply allowing the protesters in, which apparently, was how they got in, and calling it an “insurrection”. And then once in, they simply wandered about like gawking yokels, not like insurrectionists with a mission to overthrow the government. What is so shocking is that this silly fabrication was taken seriously by the public and the democrats, as it was repeated so many times as though it were true, just like the tactics of Hitler.


In 1969, ex-Planned Parenthood Medical Director Richard Day (a leading virologist from Pittsburgh) prophesied how the Globalist agendas would unfold which is exactly what has been happening and continues to happen was predicted in a meticulously detailed manner (, This is proof that all of this has been planned for many decades. After all, to entrap all of humanity and eliminate most of the population is not a small thing and needs planning and patience. The technology has to be there, and it is, along with the ownership of the media, the control of the military, the vassal states of Europe, Big Pharm, the Institutions, etc. All you need is infinite money and a psychopathic mentality. With money you can corrupt anyone or anything, and if you can’t, you can hire someone to remove any and all incorruptible entities.


We have the coup of 2014 that was perpetrated by the US in Ukraine with photos of McCain with the Nazis there ( We have the provocations by NATO which is also connected to Nazism through its leaders ( When Khruschev placed missiles in Cuba we had the “Cuban Missile Crisis” which had us on the brink of nuclear war with Russia. Fortunately, Kennedy was able to diffuse the situation and Russia backed off. Yet, we expect Russia to accept having a NATO country on their border. All of this is available for the public to see and to know, yet…


We have Preston Bush the father of two American presidents being charged with aiding the Nazi enemy before and during WWII (, ( Then we had the first head of the CIA, Allen Dulles ( another Nazi sympathizer.


Those who control the Biden administration are Nazi/Eugenicist idealogues. Why are they spending and sending billions to Ukraine? Why aren’t we supporting the Kurds and other ethnic groups who have been and continue to risk their lives fighting for real freedom on the Northern border of Syria? And of course the controlled media doesn’t report this war which is over 10 years old and involves 4.5 million people. Instead, they are willing to risk nuclear war with Russia to support the Nazis that they helped put into power with their coup of 2014. And all of our “representatives”, who don’t represent their constituents, support the obscene military budget. This is where the Left and Right come together. All of this is so easy to see, thanks to the internet. But simply by owning the mainstream media, the public is easily gulled into accepting atrocities and crimes against humanity over and over again.


It is time to stop identifying with Left or Right, as neither deserves our allegiance. We must all come together in our struggle for freedom against the Nazi/Eugenicist idealogues who wish to inescapably entrap humanity with their many strategies that have been planned for decades like right now with the WHO angling for the power to declare pandemics and to mandate orders to all countries willing to give up their sovereignty to this corrupt institution. Once they have the signatures of most every country, they can declare vaccine mandates whenever they choose and into perpetuity and in this way inescapably capture humanity. To understand this, one must be able to understand that 2 plus 2 equals 4.


It seems quite likely that they might release another more deadly virus (as Bill Gates and Fauci have promised) to make the masses want to give the WHO this power. Yet the Left who have left their principles far behind, want to censor for “misinformation”, as though anyone could be the arbiter of Truth. As though the government and the msm merit trust.


Yes, I can identify with the little boy in the Hans Christian Anderson story and feel like I am living in a world where everyone has gone crazy, stupid, and blind. But if I would ever say such a thing that would be all they need to “prove” that I am the crazy one.


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