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The Law Of Attraction Distortion


The “Law of Attraction,” as it is commonly known in New Age/pop-spiritual concepts of “You Create Your Own Reality,” is a distortion of its deeper esoteric meaning.

The saying “Ask and You Shall Be Given” has also been corrupted from its original esoteric meaning and watered down into “I can have anything I want from the “universe” if I just “ask” for it and align my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions with my desires.”

The “law of attraction” in esoteric science is based on “like attracts like.” It means that the sincere seeker engaged in esoteric self-work will “attract” anything that will help him in his soul evolution based on his CURRENT level of BEING [key concept!] with the aim of union with the Divine – soul self-realization.

The phrase “Ask and You Shall Be Given” relates to esoteric knowledge, Truth, assistance, and “occult secrets” that will help the seeker on the path if he is committed [and if he is SINCERE in his asking [prayer/aspiration] without demands or expectation for a particular outcome] – not a “thing” (job, money, relationship) based on the [wounded] ego’s craving & socially-conditioned desires.

However, what he will be “given” or “attract” is not up to “him” [the ego personality he identifies with] but relates to his soul lessons & karmic lessons. It includes positive spiritual experiences & positive guidance, such as the right teacher/teaching and assistance/help appearing at the right time [which is not up to his impatient ego either].

However, it also entails challenging situations, trials, disillusionment, resistance, & difficult initiations (including attacks by occult forces) that may seem “negative” to the uninitiated eye but are necessary lessons and tests for the seeker to pass through as part of the awakening process.

These “negative” experiences have nothing to do with “attracting them because of his negative attitude/thoughts.” They are important lessons and tests for the initiated soul to pass in order to cross the threshold towards self-realization – to die and be reborn in the true Self.

After many cycles [and lifetimes], and finally having exhausted all desire [realizing the futility of finding happiness through external means], the initiated soul will realize the illusion of “personal will” (ego identification) so as to give way to Divine Will – becoming an embodied sovereign Individuated soul [the only state where true freedom can be achieved and experienced regardless of outer circumstances] – a unique conscious instrument for Divine Will, “creating reality” through “you.”

This is your ultimate soul purpose over many lifetimes.

It’s not a thing you do, a career you have, or your art or music. It may express itself through it, but it is not it, and it can change at any time according to Divine Will.

On a side note, “The Law of Attraction” was very popularized by Esther Hicks and her channeled material “Abraham” over the past 20+ years. She also has a book called “Ask and it is Given.”

Most of the New Age, pop-spiritual, and mainstream pop-coaching self-help industry that is teaching and promoting this distorted watered-down version of the LoA are based on her material, even if only indirectly as a spin-off. The popular film and book “The Secret” were also highly influenced by her channeled material.

Interestingly, about a year ago, Esther Hicks had a live “channeling” session promoting the vaxx. New Age deception at its best and a good example of negative occult forces posting as positive ones. See the video of her on my Twitter post HERE.

It ties into our recent podcast episode: Why Did So Many Spiritual Leaders Fall For The Psy-Op?


A couple of quotes for context:

“Behind this petty instrumental action of the human will there is something vast and powerful and eternal that oversees the trend of the inclination and presses on the turn of the will. There is a total Truth in Nature greater than our individual choice. This apparently self-acting mechanism of Nature conceals an immanent divine Will that compels and guides it and shapes its purposes.
But you cannot feel or know that Will while you are shut up in your narrow cell of personality, blinded and chained to your viewpoint of the ego and its desires.
For you can wholly respond to it only when you are impersonalized [embodied] by knowledge and widened to see all things in the self and in God and the self and God in all things. The state of ignorance in which you believe that you are the doer of your acts persists so long as it is necessary for your development; but as soon as you are capable of passing into a higher condition, you begin to see that you are an instrument of the one consciousness; you take a step upward and you rise to a higher conscious level.”
– Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga
“To those people who simply pry into the occult from mere curiosity, we have nothing to say. They will obtain just as much as they deserve, and nothing more. “Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” is equally as true today, in relation to esoteric knowledge, as it was 2000 years ago. It invariably presupposes that the supplicator and the knocker are in real earnest and that they seek only to satisfy the deep yearnings of the immortal soul.
The doorkeeper or guardian of the temple of truth is as mute as a granite rock to all others. They may supplicate, they may shout and bawl until they are hoarse, they may knock and buffet the door until they rouse a nation with their clamor, and if they approach in any other spirit than [earnest desire to satisfy the deep yearnings of the immortal soul], it is all to no purpose. We can never take the Kingdom of Heaven by storm.”
– Joscelyn Godwin, The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor





Main Image by Simon Haiduk