By The Acorn
March, 2022




It is hard to fully grasp the sheer monstrosity of the system under which we live.

Most people simply cannot imagine that anyone could deliberately inflict untold misery and death on others, purely in pursuit of their own selfish goals.

Instead, even when they are not happy about what has happened, they cling to the semi-reassuring notion that it must have been some kind of mistake, or accident, the unforeseen outcome of a collision of social circumstances or geopolitical forces for which nobody in particular could be held responsible.

They consider it outlandish to suggest, despite the abundant evidence, that our own ruling clique has created, funded and trained terrorist groups to attack its own populations so as to frighten them into cowed obedience.

They do not think it likely for a fake “pandemic” to be sold to a global public in a pre-planned and co-ordinated fashion in order to advance a certain nefarious agenda, with the vast and irreparable suffering caused by this scam regarded as acceptable collateral damage.

They struggle to see how it could really be true that the social and environmental goals and solutions offered to us by virtue-signalling “do-gooders” are nothing but lies, Trojan horses for yet more exploitation and destruction.

It is impossible for many folk to imagine that nightmarish military conflicts costing thousands, if not millions, of innocent lives, could be schemed up behind the scenes and sold to the public on false pretences.

They cannot believe any of this because they, like most of us, fall into the “mostly good” category of human being, tripping and stumbling our way through life trying not to cause too much harm to others and still feeling uneasy, years later, about the times when we did not meet our own moral standards.

But the powerful individuals who pull the strings in this world are not like us and therefore behave in ways which we cannot begin to fathom.

They are psychopaths, utterly lacking in empathy for their fellow humans and addicted to the taste of blood and power.

In their vile arrogance, they imagine themselves better than all the little people, all the peasants, all the nobodies and failures over whom they merrily trample in their quest for yet more wealth and glory.

Their sneering sense of superiority fuels their behaviour. They see themselves as the glorious end product of neo-Darwinian “dog eats dog” evolution, the “fittest” who are destined to survive and prosper at the expense of the despised masses.

In truth, of course, the opposite is true. These liars and manipulators, these mass-murdering mafiosi, represent the very worst of humanity.

Only in their own inverted and amoral view of the world do the ruthless and greedy occupy any kind of high ground. They are the lowest of the low.

But as long as we continue to see the world from their perspective, which they present to us as the one and only truth, we will not be able to grasp this.

We need to step right out of the picture they have painted for us, in which we will only ever be the background to the triumph of their own twisted will.

The first thing we obviously have to do is to stop listening to and believing their lies, refuse to base our understanding of reality on what they tell us, decline to take “sides” in the gruesome games they devise to further divide and control us.

We also have to shake ourselves free from the language they use and all the assumptions this brings with it. Enough of their “economy” and “growth” and “security” and “progress”! These are all just mislabelled facets of their ongoing domination.

As we strip away the fake reality they have painted, we will ditch all kinds of previously unchallengeable “truths”.

No, we do not really have a “moral” duty to spend our lives working for the profit of the ruling class, just in order to live and eat and breathe!

No, our children do not belong to them and we did not have to hand them over for obligatory slave-think indoctrination or for experimental drug injection!

No, we do not “need” their infrastructures in order to live our lives and we certainly do not need “protection” from those who themselves represent by far the greatest threat to our well-being!

Eventually, after layer after layer of artifice has been peeled away, we will see the horrible truth about the psychopathic mafia and the physical and psychological slavery they have imposed on us for so long.

Once we have understood this, we will all know what to do next.


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