The Odyssey of Truth


By Lorenzo


‘The Journey Back to Yourself’ begins when you say it does.

Perhaps, like us, you have come to the conclusion that something, even many things, are way off in this life that most of us live in? A society, a culture of vultures who are trying to push all the rules, healthy or not, wanted or not, desired or not, above and especially all, with integrity or not, down our collective throats.

But, (and it may be the biggest but you’ve ever seen, and I see plenty of big butts these days) how many are willing to point at themselves and assume responsibility? By that I mean this is, first and foremost, the place to begin if real change in honestly desired and one is willing to ‘do the work’.

Few would argue that many aspects of life these days appears to be unfair, lacking in empathy, and are at times even downright evil. The mainstream world offers only poor options for the challenges that face us in life, this is seemingly done exactly to plan.

Either accept genetic modification, suffer silly mandates consequences or ‘sell your soul’ for a buck, while sinking faster and faster into a cage of illusionary freedoms.

We all have the power to transform ourselves and to create what we can imagine. Heaven is possible for each of us, I do feel.  Individually and collectively, we need to know what to undo to figure out what we’ve done, these are some of the first steps on the journey.

Add some daring, then we can begin to take fuller responsibility for ALL the circumstances currently affecting our lives. From the macro to the micro, big world circumstances, to those existing only in our own heads. The outer to the inner, the inner to the outer. No exceptions, no excuses, no blame, finger pointing, complaining.

Alas, that’s the trick for most of the biggest challenge there can be: To see that it is all up to you, and always was.

Local, national, worldly and cosmic. All can be accessed and even enjoyed and fully employed into creating a wonderful journey out of life. However, it is entirely up to us to make that our reality.

See our part in the creative process. Our responsibility for the ‘shadows of the day’. Some points to consider, perhaps….

          ‘’How we play and were ‘played’ unfairly both with ourselves and others?’’

           “The ways in which we allowed ourselves to be tricked. That is, in order to regain that which has been perceived to be lost, we must first see how we gave it away.”

          “Our complicit acceptance through our actions or inactions of how we have made the ‘bed in which we now lay’.’’

For me there is ‘no normal’ to be going back to. That’s a trick of the mind. Kind of like living in nostalgia.  There is only you creating, what you can and do imagine for as long or short a time as you are able. It can’t be stopped, in that, all of life is a creation. If you feel you don’t have power, well, that is you creating that reality of being powerless for yourself. And by seeing that you can do the opposite. Power given away can be reclaimed but only after being fully cognizant of that which was allowed to slip away.

When I realized I had been responsible for ALL the ‘shite’ in my life,  well then, I could also become available to all the powers required that are, in one way or another, right there ready for any to claim if they but dare to see their chance of a chance to reclaim their totality.

There are too many protesting, in my opinion, for the privilege of simply returning to their comfortable cages, their previous living circumstances without fully understanding all of the limitations they allowed upon themselves, barring themselves from a better life.  And by better, I mean free.

We all live different lives, but also have much in common. In sharing what we can of our own personal journeys through what we’ve titled the Oddyssey of Truth, together we’ll explore our experiences, in search of the treasures they’ve left behind in our consciousnesses, mapping out where others might find their own, whether through pure inspiration or commonalities if any are to be found, sharing potential alternatives to this perceived narrative. From there, perhaps, we can begin to see the so-called facts we’ve been ‘given’ about society, culture, history, science, and who knows what else, through a different light of our own making, our own illumination.  With that our potential to reach a NEW NOW is that much more improved.

In taking full responsibility for our own lives and thereby becoming authors of our own experience, we can make a full recovery, back to our glory. I feel this is true. Maybe, so do you.

Let’s reclaim ourselves and reclaim the Birth-Right we all share of liberty, life, love, joy and freedom.

One where ‘Our Happy Destiny is truly Unavoidable’.


Journey with us on this Oddyssey of Truth.

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Join us as we explore, culture, education and the rules imposed on us. We then discuss how to free your mind from cultures cage and become a self-thinking, self-directed individual. An Autodidact

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‘’We all have the power to create a life of abundance, beauty and love. And by taking full responsibility for ALL the circumstances we currently live in, we can gain the power and perspective to alter that which no longer suits us and remake our time here into a wonderful experience.’’

Please join us as we go on our personal Journey Back to Ourselves. With much Love, Cambell from Autodidactic and Lorenzo from The New NOW

Thank You ALL for all the help and support Thank You All for being so Awesome



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