The Social Engineering of the Meaning of Life


By Patrick Herbert


We have been fed lies by a system designed to enslave us since birth. It uses deception as its primary means to accomplish this, and it involves institutions that we have been told to trust unconditionally. It is multi-faceted, multi-layered, and its primary means of perpetuating itself is through purposefully designed indoctrination through education. Logic and critical thinking are, by design, removed from the equation. This guarantees that we will only learn what they want us to learn, and think how they want us to think.

In detail, this system can be best described by the adage “garbage in, garbage out”. When the foundation from which a society derives itself is built upon lies, it is an absolute guarantee that the lies will permeate every aspect of that society. Over time, those lies begin to appear as unquestionable truths, and are committed as such in the knowledge base that subsequent generations are taught from.

The institution of Science is an excellent example of this. What we are told is a scientific fact had actually begun its life as a scientific theory, but over time and repetition those theories had come to be considered indisputable truths. For example, Darwin’s theory of evolution, though impossible to prove in the absence of any observable evidence by way of transitional fossil records, and impossible to validate by human observation, is nonetheless accepted as truth in academia and taught as such at the expense of other possibilities. This tends to narrow our perspective, and prevents any meaningful debate on the subject.

Let us consider certain elements from the concept of “survival of the fittest”.

Collectively, a society that works against its own best interests would eventually annihilate itself. Survival of any kind need not apply in that regard. Yet we are not taught to conduct ourselves for the benefit of the greater good. Instead our narratives as a society favor service-to-self rather than service-to-other. In such a society, feeding the homeless becomes illegal while allowing them to die of starvation becomes common acceptable policy.

This approach to life does not resonate with the concept of survival, or evolution, in any way. Let us imagine humanity being dwindled down to only two persons of the opposite gender. From the perspective of service-to-self, procreation would be guaranteed; however, if food were a limited resource and humans were devoid of compassion, the offspring would die as acts of love and compassion are required to feed and nurture a baby. If limited resources were not shared for the greater good among the two remaining adults, one would perish and the other, no matter how much abundance they may have, would ultimately die along with the entire species.

Other forms of social engineering are based around the exploitation of basic human psychology. Humans tend to believe that others share an identical moral compass that they themselves possess. For example, those who are inclined to trust others expect this trust to be reciprocated and are typically at odds when it is not. It has been said that it is far easier to lie to people than it is to convince them that they have been lied to, and this is most evident in the social dynamics of politics.

Another tool of psychological manipulation is when a series of contradictory concepts or beliefs are introduced into the human mind simultaneously. This results in a condition known as cognitive dissonance, characterized as psychological stress. When tactically combined, these manipulations, often times coupled with an element of fear, collectively become the currency of mind control.

It is also worthwhile to consider the psychological aspects of authority. Since childhood we are conditioned to accept the authority of our parents, teachers, professors, priests, police officers, politicians, doctors, reporters, television news anchors, and so on. Because of this, we typically lend our trust to other professionals without question. Without discernment, we open the door to allowing persons of authority to make decisions for us. For good or for ill, we willfully submit and assume that, because of their position, they automatically know what is in our best interest. Many fail to consider that professionals may be motivated by other factors, the least of which could very well be our wellbeing.

So, why are we here? What is the purpose?

The meaning of life is subjective (see: Life is the Perception of Life), and certainly we have the freewill to decide that for ourselves; however, there is a considerable amount of manipulation with regards to certain aspects of society that tend to dictate that purpose to us for which we are engineered and conditioned to unwittingly select. Certain figures across many disciplines from mainstream entertainment industries (actors, musicians, and politicians) are given a platform to preach and promote specific common themes to us. One of these themes is the accumulation and promotion of wealth as an indication of some form of status or, to some extremes, the suggestion of accumulating wealth as being the entire meaning of life.

By philosophical standards this is a facade. For each of us, the human experience eventually draws to an end. When that happens all of our efforts to accumulate wealth at the expense of living life to the fullest are for naught. We cannot take a single penny of that wealth with us when we leave this plane of existence. So certainly that can’t be all that life is worth.

Yet in western societies we are bombarded from every direction with the suggestion that this is the meaning of life. This, coupled with social engineering dictated by the “powers that be”, give you no choice but to earn a living in which those earnings will be siphoned off unfairly through taxes and by interest payments made on loans.

This is not an argument against sound money or a fair monetary system. Not at all. The system of finance created and controlled by the international bankers is not sound money and is not a fair monetary system. It was not designed that way and it was never intended to be used as such.

Consider the illegal Federal Reserve system scam (see: The Federal Reserve) which prints paper money, or fiat, with zero intrinsic value. It costs the banks approximately 4 cents to print a bill with any face value ($1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, etc). The bank receives the full value of that bill plus interest as additional profit when loaning that amount out, yet it only cost them pennies to create that value.

Those in control of the international banking cartel can print all the money that they want. You, however, have to work to achieve the earning of that value that is printed, and then a percentage of what you earn is regularly taken from you illegally.

Considering this, it is appalling that there are people living in poverty at all, at anytime, anywhere. This is not the hallmark of a successfully engineered collectively beneficial system for the promotion of the greater good. And it has nothing to do with philosophical, social, political, and/or economic ideologies. It has everything to do with using finance as a means of control and enslavement.

Notice how this and other related financial truths, such as the history of money, are never taught in any of our schools.

It goes without saying that in order for you to willingly participate in a scam where natural resources are controlled by those who use finance to dangle a carrot on a stick in front of you purportedly for your own survival (only food and water are needed to survive), you would need to be indoctrinated into supporting such manipulations designed to keep you as a hamster on a wheel until you draw your last breath. Other tactics are engineered specifically for that reason such as usury (see: Fractional Reserve Banking) as debt is truly a form of institutionalized financial enslavement.

This is but one example of how social engineering through indoctrination can guarantee the perpetuation of a system that was never designed for the benefit of humanity but for the benefit of a select few at the expense of many. Clearly, we would have to be manipulated and indoctrinated to support such a system that is designed to work against our own best interests and against the best interests of the collective.

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