The Truth of Our Youth





“Maturity destroys our truth and our youth.”


Youth Revival


Recently, I had a revelationary experience of reunion.  My brother and I were asked to sing a song at our late friend’s memorial in our home county. (Refer article: “A Son of Leelanau.”)  When I returned from this reacquaintance with my youth, I realized how damaging it is to cast aside our childhood and adolescence in our eagerness to age into adulthood.  When we sacrifice our youth in a desperate plea to conform to social reality, we are incomplete as human beings.  Every moment is an opportunity to experience our younger selves, that is when we choose to be present to this era of our lives.  Most may see this as living in the past, while some understand it as an opportunity for fulfillment.


An Act of Severance


When I was in my mid-20’s, I severed relations with my youth.  I was not a terrible person, and I did not commit offenses against others.  It was at this age I began my personal awakening.  During this time, I adopted an inaccurate and unhealthy perception of myself, others and the world.  As I embraced temperance, I stepped into the egocentricity of spirituality, with all its foibles of arrogance, ignorance, superiority and self-righteousness.  I broke ties with my family and friends and began the unique path that has led me here.  A friend recently reminded me this was something I had to do to become who I am.  As I recently discovered, this severance was bittersweet.




A Vision of Reflection


After being reunited with my youth, I was inspired to reflect on who I had been, and why I would have felt impelled to dissociate from my younger self.  I recalled being adventurous, creative, imaginative, musical, poetic and revolutionary.  And though I reveled in imbibing with my fair share of substances, I certainly was not evil.  In hindsight, I observed that I had been impassioned by awareness, being, community, creativity, devotion, equality, justice, music and purpose.  In my haste to sever ties with my “wild child”, I had become seduced by what I would later understand to be “spiritual elitism,” which is simply a practice of intellectualizing the soul.  It would take me years to shed this self-stigmatism.


The Proof of the Truth


There is no “one” truth.  There are over seven billion, even if they remain unmanifest.  Each of us has the universal birthright to envision and embrace what resonates with our being.  Establishing the foundation of our truth and becoming its expression is our human destiny.  It is a solitary path, rife with relentless, social contempt, debate, fear, insecurity, ridicule and resistance.  Our choice is either to stand for our truth or enlist in the ranks of all who institutionalize themselves into the mimicry of social reality.  We are most present to our truth during our adolescence; before education, heredity, media, politics, religion, science and society manipulated our experience, perception, personality and understanding.  Our truth is found in our transcendence.


“Personal truth is our path least travelled.”




The Birth of Truth


Before we are born, we are an omnidimensional expression of the universe.  How we empower this into our life experience is the manifestation of our being.  In utero, we are profoundly intimated with our mother; physically, mentally, emotionally, intuitively and spiritually.  As much as we are influenced and impressed upon by our mother’s experience, we too express the universe in a convergence of energetic mutuality.  Both the mother and child share their experiences in a synergistic resonance of being.  This is the most powerful human bond.  The unique truth the mother bestows upon her child synthesizes with the one the child carries into her womb.  In infancy and childhood, we are the incarnation of this universality.


Side Effects of Social Reality


Living in social reality is a traumatic encounter, on multiple levels.  Many to which we remain unconscious.  Its influences and impacts are accelerating, intensifying, manipulating and toxifying us with our every reaction to its hostility.  As we progress from infancy to childhood, we are besieged by a barrage of social institutionalization in the guise of amusement, education, heredity, media, politics, religion and science.  Before we are aware enough to nurture our consciousness, discernment, expression, individuation, lifestyle, relativity and understanding, we are programmed into an emulation of inauthenticity.  Social reality provokes our reactivity to transmute our experience from universality to virtuality.




The “Rebellion” of Adolescence


By the time we become teenagers, our personality emerges from the passing of childhood into the advent of adulthood.  We begin to distinguish between our social conditioning and personal evolution.  We become present to all that resonates with and ultimately empowers us.  It is the seminal era of our lives when our truth is born.  As our youth begins to fade, our perceptions define our experience.  We begin to establish the foundation of our being via our relativity to our environment, though most vitally with our soul.  Our progression of individuation during adolescence is perceived by society as “rebellion,” yet it is the origin of our personal power. The strategy of society is to discredit, distort and destroy our truth with reality.


The Bane of Maturity


As we “mature” into adulthood, we abandon ourselves, and our truth.  For most, it is inevitable.  Our attention, energy and focus drift into our external activities, environment and reality.  In essence, we become a contemporary version of our parents, inherently emulating elements of our hereditary lineage.  We have existed in an evolutionary shift from infancy to childhood and into adolescence.  It is in early adulthood when we begin to build our individual bubble of reality, formed by our anxiety, defenses, desire, entitlement, expectation, insecurity, interpretation and uncertainty.  Eventually, we condition ourselves to discredit, distort and destroy our own truth, engaging deeper into the simulation of society.  We feed our existence with our fear.




Echoes of Awakening


When we are young, we are intuitively proactive (positive).  As we mature, we are instinctually reactive (negative).  We establish our personal delusion, defined by our social reactivity.  Over time, we adopt beliefs, filters, interpretations, narratives and prejudice with all outside of the proverbial box of our linear existence.  Occasionally, we encounter visions of our soul as an expression of being.  Yet, within the paradigm of social reality, our universality cannot exist.  With little to no focus on the source of our being, spirituality is simply a superficial endeavor; existing as a projection of intelligence and confined to the parameters of our mind.  The expression of the universe is being.  Therefore, our universality is our truth.


The Truth of Our Youth


We are offered infinite opportunities to cross the threshold of our humanity to experience universality.  Social reality terrifies and traumatizes us into a constant state of fear.  Maturity is an evolutionary regression, conditioning us into an unbearable relativity with our body, heart, intuition and soul.  We are existentially adrift, enslaved into the singularity of our mind.  The source of our universal energy is severed when we succumb to institutionalized intelligence.  Recently, I completed my experience of retrieving my youth. In the spirit of fulfillment, I reclaimed the part of myself I severed.  The truth of our youth inspires us to transcend our virtuality, empowering our relativity with universality.



“Our truth is the expression of our universal being.”