The “Unity” of Community





“Community is present when we are in relation with our soul.”


Conditioned to Artificiality


Society is not a community.  It is an engineered system designed to produce human reactivity, employing multiple control mechanisms to extract our personal power. Our personal power is universality. It is sourced from the relativity between our soul and the universe.  This is why institutional entities and organizations do not encourage or empower guidance or practices in universality.  Under the guises of civilization, industry and technology, our social environment is being converted into a virtual reality.  As are we.  In this new era, the greatest threat to the evolution of our collective consciousness is artificiality.


Sacrificial Existence


Social reality is a complex matrix of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical traumatization.  It happens to us every day in many ways, more than we can comprehend. When we conform to society, we sacrifice our relativity with our soul and the universe, repress our emotionality and fully integrate ourselves into the mind and body.  The extent of our conformity yields the degree of our “success.”  As we endeavor to climb the social ladder of prominence, we sever our connection with our heart, intuition and soul.  Every day, we casually commit acts of treason upon our being. With each personal transgression against our soul, we drift closer to enslavement and further from freedom.



Socialization of Egocentricity


We all have an ego.  Therefore, we are all egotistical.  This is inevitable.  Our initial interests and priorities are for ourselves and our immediate family.  Beyond these domains, we show little to no regard.  We do not express the universal awareness to the social impacts of our egocentric lifestyles.  We justify it with a necessity for survival, and “patriotize” it is an essential strategy to provide a better life for our children.  But are we?  Or is it that we simply sacrifice our universal purpose, as we concede to social conformity?  Socialization is a badge of honor we wield to defend our egocentricity at the cost of our universality.


Instinctual Imprisonment


Once we have allowed social conditioning to segregate us from our heart, soul and the universe, our mind highjacks our universal energy to govern our body.  Our encounters with sense-based reality activate our mental endorphins to habituate us with dependency upon simulated, external gratification.  We are initiated into reactivity, tethered to an engineered illusion.  Over time, our egocentric observations and perspectives transmute this fantasy into delusion.  Millions of social stimuli program our senses to receive synthetic intelligence, imprisoning us into instinctual existence.  We establish our enslavement in artificiality with our selective encounters in social reality.



 “Communication in unity is the heart of community.”


The Commune Paradox


Whether a community is local, global, religious, or spiritual, there is always codependency, control, conflict, dysfunction, manipulation, politics and powerplays.  When a group of people assemble who exhibit egocentricity, it is only a matter of time until there is a breakdown in relatedness.  Some even attempt to recycle the “commune” paradigm to foster community; offering a patchwork of activities, events, rituals and traditions to attract the greatest number of followers.  Community is not about the quantity of people, rather the quality of its relations.  All who stand to profit financially are the furthest from the spirit of communion.


Soul Reunion


Society separates us from our soul. Reuniting with our essence is experienced in the resonance of conscious emotionality.  The heart is the center of our being. It aligns us with our intuition and soul.  Community originates from our soul’s relativity with the universe.  Being related with universality is essential in communal experiences. The fullest we experience ourselves, the best we experience others. When we embody this omnidimensionality, we accept, appreciate and understand the unique expression each person brings with their contribution.




The Art of Transcendance


Our soul is empowered by the universe.  Its energy resonates with a unique vibrational frequency; transmitting universality through our intuition, into the centers of our being and empowering our heart.  Our heart center is an omnidimensional sphere of energy expressing our universality.  This energetic torus evolves and expands six feet and beyond our being.  Its expression is defined by the nature of our focus and intention.  Our mind is merely an instrument, translating universality into human expression for the purposes of embodiment, relativity and understanding.  Its momentum empowers our physicality.


Embodying Unity


Unity is to become one.  There is a vital distinction between the ideology and reality of “unity.” Social interaction is primarily a peripheral encounter, reliant upon what transpires around us instead of who we are within.  Community is empowered by the relation between our soul and the universe. Our universal nature is to synergize with our soul. The purpose of community is to embody the unity between our soul and the universe as an expression of being.  In our being, we convey the resonance of universal relativity.  When we center ourselves in the flow of universality, we express the energy of unity empowering community.




The “Unity” of Community


Equilibrium is essential when empowering community.  There is a unique, energetic flow expressed with every contribution from each member.  Society’s hierarchical paradigm is contrary to the universal empowerment of community.  In a circle, there are no leaders.  Simply, unique beings who share their universality to the best of their ability.  Our purpose is to transcend the social reality designed to enslave us into physicality.  The energetic shift is giving us the opportunity to experience relativity in its universal expression.  The shift is each person embodying their unique energetic flow, collectively.


“Communion with the universe is the soul of community.”



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