The Year in Words



“Recollection is the pathway to revelation.”




I had the idea to revisit the articles I published in 2023.  Perhaps for the purpose of completing on the year of compositional expression.  As I was putting this together, I observed unique and noteworthy progressions and trends of illumination. I highlighted excerpts I felt were most expressive of this extraordinary new era.


To all who made the time to read the articles over the course of this last year, thank you!


I appreciate and am grateful for the comments, dialogue and insights!


All the best for the coming year!        -Iam      


The Experiential Awareness of Being (Published: 2/10/2023)


“We are as conscious as we are present.”


We instinctually and intellectually adopt and enact perceptual filters to insulate our solitary lifestyles.  Our desire to be right supersedes our need to express our truth.  Through our exposure and interaction with social reality, we eventually devolve into a vortex of egotism.  All who succumb to the selfishness of their desire are the vacuum of a black hole.  Social reality constantly distorts our focus of awareness from establishing an equilibrium between our instincts, thoughts and feelings.


Our bodies and minds are cluttered with artificial sensation and thought, enslaving us with virtual reactivity to social reality’s engineered exploitation.  The contemporary standard of living is to be born, deceived, enslaved, manipulated, programmed and inevitably die.  No matter how we may elect to perceive these human conditions, they are the result of the social reality we cling to for credence, meaning, reference and relevance.


Experiencing relativity in our environment and society begins with understanding ourselves.  Self-awareness is transcending our environment, transforming our relations and empowering our being with our intuition and soul.  Once we establish and sustain our awareness of self, we can apply and express consciousness in our social engagement.  The most important practice in all our relations is to listen.  The greatest gift we can give to another is the experience of being heard; appreciated, recognized and validated.


Shifting our paradigm of perception from surviving to thriving may be the best way to embody existentialism.  Our intuition conveys our soul’s empowerment through our heart center, into our mind, body and environment.  Living life in the simulation of social reality may seem like a gratifying encounter for some.  Experiencing being in the eternity of universality creates awareness for all.


“Being present in the present is experiential awareness.”


A History of Mystery Continued…. (Published: 2/23/2023)


“The darkness empowers our light.”


I found myself in a vast domain, standing before a massive wall of energy resembling the illumination and movement of fire.  In my understanding, when we cross this threshold, everything we encounter of this world remains in a vortex of what we perceive as “reality.”  I found myself in a domain of utter darkness.  I was in a deep pit, and I sensed the disturbing presence of entities all around me.  I pulled myself out of this wicked realm, gasping with terror, as the residual dark energy surged through my body.


A dark spirit held me down on the ground and proceeded to lash me with its fists.  Three entities circled me (the same ones from the pit).  I found my willpower, and for the first time, released a powerful, vocal roar, stunning the entities into fear and annihilating them for good.  What I experience is frightening to my core.  The duality of social reality programs us to believe in the black and white of dark and light.  Yet, there is so much more…


I looked up to see the dark spirit that had been attacking me in my previous encounter, standing over my bed with a wicked grin of malicious intent.  I could feel its darkness pulsing through my being, viciously and violently seizing my energy.  My personal experiences with consciousness have been extraordinary, insightful and powerful, as well as arduous, horrific and perilous.  There is a darkness we all must face, our own.  It is the cost of our consciousness.  I feel to the roots of my soul we all have these experiences.


“When we release the illusion of reality, we experience the truth of being.”


Ghosting the Soul: The Virtuality of Life (Published 3/17/2023)


“Many of us know how we exist, few of us understand who we are.”


We assume the role of a qualified, respectable and responsible member of society.  All the while, our soul, intuition and heart were dissected, oppressed and abandoned, sacrificed for namesake, status and wealth.  Our arrogance and ignorance defensively flex in a feigned attempt to appease our pursuits for an artificial sense of security.  With all social reality’s narratives, manipulation, prejudice, propaganda and rhetoric, it is nearly impossible to distinguish one’s unique, personal truth from society’s chaotic symphony of lunacy.


Whether or not we choose to observe that entities, governments and organizations impose a virtual matrix to enslave humanity is irrelevant.  If we do not see it now, then we simply are not paying attention.  The exploitation of amusement, education, media, politics and religion corners us into delusion, diversion, indifference and uncertainty, as we spiral out of consciousness into the vortex of existence.  Social programming desensitizes us to the influence and impacts of our oblivious proliferation of greed.


We are an idiom of reactivity, yielding our power to everyone and everything, beneath the veiled, social threat of being held accountable, authentic and benevolent.  It does not matter how educated we are, our ideology, politics, religion or status.  We cannot transcend our enslavement without being free from the simulation.  Every moment is an opportunity to transform our being. Choosing to shift our experience is the key to our freedom.


“Virtuality is how we exist.  Universality is who we are.”


The Event Horizon (Published 4/29/2023)


“Our soul expresses the energetic flow of empowerment.”


Whether or not we are conscious in this exciting new era, we have crossed the threshold of a universal, energetic shift humanity has yet to experience.  Identifying as “woke” in relation to being “awakened” is the distinction between those armed with ego and all expressing their soul.  Social existence is the greatest distraction to human experience.  In society, we do not have genuine belonging, only superficial relativity.


Every organization in society is a cult, seizing our personal power, as they enslave us with social reality.  We are spectators of its virtuality and consumers of our own enslavement.  All who choose to pursue their destined path are labeled fanatics, ever confronted by the simulated orthodoxy of an engineered society.


The universe is an energetic field of infinite opportunity and possibility.  It is our soul’s relativity with our intuition and heart which empowers us to express it into our experience.  The energy of universality is a multidimensional force of being, consciousness, creativity, empowerment, expression, fulfillment, illumination, inspiration and transformation. Becoming one with and expressing the universe’s empowerment is our greatest opportunity for all lifetimes.  Flowing with the energetic shift is the event horizon of our universality.


“Discovery is releasing all we know to experience all we are.”


Streaming Universality (Published 5/20/2023)


“Being is streaming the universe.”


The universe is in a constant state of transformation.  Its energetic movements on our day of birth source the unique roots of our being.  Eventually, we yield our universality, initiating a schism


with our soul, while condemning ourselves to ordinary existence.  Maturity conditions us to devolve from creation to emulation, shifting our experience from awareness to obedience.  Within the toxicity of social reality, our bodies decay, our minds encode and our hearts contract, resulting in the distortion, decline and destruction of our intuition.


When we differentiate the external influences from our inner being, transforming our conditioning into consciousness is exponential.  Our choice is to either draw the instinctual gasp of oblivion, or the conscious breath of the universe.  Conscious breath empowers our energetic flow with universality.  Silence is the language of the universe.  Silence is a transcendental experience which empowers our relativity with our soul.


Our universality streams creation through our intuition, empowers our heart, enlightens our mind and inspires our body to express our unique vision. When we are aligned with universality to create our experience, the equilibrium of our being resonates with the energetic frequency of our soul.  This is our flow with the universe.  It is this omni-dimensional energy which empowers our flow and expression with the infinite stream of the universe.


“Our destiny in the New Era is being universality.”


Being in Flow (Published 8/26/2023)


“The only truth is the one we create.”


In March 2020, we were given a remarkable opportunity to shift the paradigm of human being, expression and existence.  A manmade virus infected us with widespread fear, driving us deeper into social and political anxiety, division, enslavement, judgement and isolation.  When the chaotic fervor of the pandemic settled, we regressed and acquiesced to the virtuality of social reality.  The webs of a new matrix were woven, enabling the dependency of its subscribers.  We wielded our fear and insecurity like a weapon against the opportunity of a lifetime.


We all convince ourselves we are kind, loving and peaceful, though our thoughts and actions often exhibit our personal malevolence.  We believe we are a part of community, yet how can we exist as such when we cannot even be with ourselves?  Our oblivion to the projection of our anxieties, fears, hatred, insecurities and judgement is what deceives us away from our soul and into the self-centric snare of our ego.  We are programmed to interpret it as an expression of intelligence.


Community is a gathering of people empowering and inspiring each other with support and sustenance.  The origin of authentic relatedness is our relativity with our soul.  Our universal being enlightens and enhances our earthly experience.  Transcending the neuroses of the mind and the habituation of the body empowers us to center our being into our heart and experience universality.  Our soul sources consciousness to express the flow of the universe.


“Empowering our truth is our soul’s expression.”


Under the Sun: Ceremonial Awareness (Published 9/12/2023)


“For some, it is a way to pray.  For others, it is a way to prey.”


Contemporary prayer has become something often motivated by our external wants rather than empowered by our internal needs.  When we are honest, our prayers are often self-centered.  We spend much of our lives constructing artificial securities, defense mechanisms, financial wealth, professional positions, selective realities and social vanities with little to no regard for those beyond our individual peripheral of existence.  We either intentionally or obliviously bring the vanity and violence of society into ceremony.


In many communities, there are some who observe others receiving admiration, distinction and leadership.  Their egos are attracted to this, which causes their exodus from prayer.   All who truly need to read these words will likely succumb to their cognitive dissonance, ego, pride and vanity.  They will claim it is not “them,” as they accuse, discredit and vilify the authenticity of others.  We exist in an egocentric society.  Our personal survival, success, health and wealth supersedes that of community.  Many carry this social conditioning into ceremony and prayer.  In this tradition, many of the ceremonies are a community prayer experienced in a circle.


Spiritual leadership is not a dictatorial endeavor.  It is holding the space for others to make and experience their prayer in ceremony. When our ego influences and impacts our prayer, we experience only a fraction of the ceremony.  Every prayer is an intention to experience the natural progression of the ceremony.  Our commitment to pray must transcend our desire for personal convenience.  This empowers us with the ceremonial awareness to transform our experience and hold a space for others to do the same.


“Prayer is a way of life.”


The “Unity” of Community (Published 10/7/2023)


“Communication in unity is the heart of community.”


Society is not a community.  It is an engineered system designed to produce human reactivity, employing multiple control mechanisms to extract our personal power.  Social reality is a complex matrix of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical traumatization.  When we conform to society, we sacrifice our relativity with our soul and the universe, repress our emotionality and fully integrate ourselves into the mind and body.


We do not express universal awareness to the social impacts of our egocentric lifestyles.  We justify it with a necessity for survival, and “patriotize” it is an essential strategy to provide a better life for our children.  Our encounters with sense-based reality activate our mental endorphins to habituate us with dependency upon simulated, external gratification.


Community is not about the quantity of people, but rather the quality of its relations.  All who stand to profit financially are the furthest from the spirit of communion.  Community originates from our soul’s relativity with the universe.  The more we experience ourselves, the best we experience others.  Our soul is empowered by the universe.  Its energy resonates with a unique vibrational frequency, transmitting universality through our intuition, into the centers of our being and empowering our heart.


There is a vital distinction between the ideology and reality of “unity.”  Social interaction is primarily a peripheral encounter.  Community is empowered by the relation between our soul and the universe.  In a circle, there are no leaders.  Simply, unique beings who share their universality to the best of their ability.  The shift is each person embodying their unique energetic flow, collectively.


“Communion with the universe is the soul of community.”


Universal Relativity (Published 10/28/2023)


“Interpretation is perception without observation.”


Beyond our institutional and social conditioning, we have our own personal programming.  Whether it is our defense mechanisms, individuation, societal integration or self-righteousness, our selective conditions inhibit our interpretation and perception.  When we decide not to practice awareness of our thoughts, they wander into obscure oblivion, composing assumption, criticism, judgement and interpretation.  When relationships become personalized and uncomfortable, we tend to talk with everyone but the person with whom we are in dispute.  Not all diversities of interpretation are “conflict.” Most are merely differences in perception.


One of the greatest crimes against humanity occurs when we give our listening (power) to erroneous narratives about others; approving with our engagement, even though we disagree.  Many go the extra mile, and later feign empathy with the targeted individuals in a plea for clemency and conscience.  We do not observe social reality for what it is, we see it for what we desire.  Our perceptions are distorted; influenced and manipulated by all to whom we acquiesce our personal power.  Living in a three-dimensional paradigm is a paradox of being.  It confines us within the duality of thought and instinct.  In essence, society is the antithesis of universal being.


Authentic relatedness does not exist in social reality.  Before it exists in society, it must thrive within us all.  This is the human schism between what we perceive and who we choose to be.  In this age of social media and artificiality, we opt for a multitude of virtual communication.  The personal conditioning we enact with our self-righteousness and vanity simulates our artificial contentment and security.  In social reality, our conscious behavior empowers us, and ultimately others, to fulfill our universal purpose.  Being an expression of our soul in every moment empowers us to embody universality; so that others may empower their own.


“Relativity is the essence of universality.”


A Simple Choice (Published 11/18/2023)


“Truth is a foreign language, spoken by few and dismissed by many.”


Ample evidence exists in the alternative, mainstream and social mediums to reflect the cruelty, deception, manipulation, prejudice, supremacy and violence within contemporary society.  Oblivion has become our pastime.  We embody obscurity to desensitize ourselves from our traumatic encounters in society.  Every morning we awaken to the possibility of a new experience.  Yet, we tend to hop on the human treadmill headed for oblivion.  The information we consume is like a virus, infecting our instincts, thoughts, perspectives and emotions.  It is our weapon to defend our fear, insecurity, obsession and vanity.


We invest only in what supplements our selective agendas, comforts, narratives and realities.  Amidst the numerous horrors and tragedies occurring in society, we engage in the “busy-ness” of our lives, as if nothing is happening.  Reality, as we experience it, is a holographic projection.  Its primary purpose is to discourage, disempower and distract us from the truth.  We engage in a societal simulation.  Everything in our daily encounters is an illusion, engineered to enslave us into a matrix of social psychoses.


We may stoke the fires of our feelings and thoughts on social media to project our fleeting disdain with a variety of global inequities.  The stand we feign is diminished and distorted by our personal agenda, ego and vanity.  With the influences of our social conditioning and selective perceptions, our unconscious engagement in the paradigm of reality establishes the vicious cycles of our individualized matrix.  We are an expression of universal energy.  Yet, our relativity with our soul is wagered for social conformity.  The watermark of our madness is the exhibition of our entitlement.  The choice is to remain enslaved by our artificiality or create freedom by empowering our universality.  The former ends in finality, while the latter begins in eternity.


“Choosing not to choose is a choice to live in oblivion.”


The Path of the Soul (Published 12/5/2023)


“We succumb to our fear because we fail to relate with our soul.”


Comments, likes and shares dictate what is heard, read and seen.  Popular culture destroys creativity, consciousness, transcendence and transformation.  Truth is a foreign language we dismiss due to its incompatibility with social reality.  We deny it out of existence with our selective beliefs, information, narratives and perceptions.  The superficial security blanket of social reality imprisons us into virtuality.  Our anxieties, fears and insecurities are embellished and internalized until they become our psychosis.


We seek God in the direst of times.  For most of us, it takes an accident, deficit, harm, loss, scarcity or death to become present to experiences that transcend the triviality of social reality.   We are instinctually and intellectually tethered in duality to a three-dimensional paradigm.  Creating freedom from societal devices requires us to sever our engagement with the vicious cycles of virtuality.  In the simulation of society, we exist in a waking slumber, stumbling in the darkness of our selective oblivion; ever deluded, devalued, fearful, insecure and traumatized.


Our body and mind are simply applications our soul sources through our intuition and heart to navigate our way through the chaos, madness, narratives and psychoses of social reality.  The less we engage in social reality, the more we experience the universe and become an expression of our soul.  In this new era, we are either an emulation in the simulation or in relativity with universality.  Our universal path does not unfurl before us, it resonates within.  The path of the soul is empowering our human being with universality.


“Our true path is one we create.”






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