There Is No such Thing as Legitimate or Moral


Government, Rule, or Authority,


and There Has Never Been




“The way people speak of those in power, calling their commands “laws,” referring to disobedience to them as a “crime,” and so on, implies the right of “government” to rule, and a corresponding obligation on the part of its subjects to obey. Without the right to “rule,” (“authority”) there is no need to call the entity “government,” and all the politicians and their mercenaries become utterly indistinguishable from a giant organized crime syndicate, their “laws” no more valid than the threats of muggers and carjackers.”

~ Larken Rose, “The Most Dangerous Superstition”


All rule and any assumed ‘authority’ of one man or any group of men over another is completely evil, immoral and illegitimate. It matters not whether there is some pretense of “representation” by any group claiming to be the arbiters of the people, for each and every individual is sovereign for and unto himself alone. No one has any right to act or demand compliance on behalf of another, and no one has any right to delegate any power to afford one the right to rule another, period. Unless a voluntarily signed, personal, and individual contract is accepted by distinct and willing participants, where that contract can be found null and void immediately upon any failure to act in the manner prescribed, there is no right of one to act on the behalf of another concerning rule. This does not mean that any worthless piece of political garbage, such as any “constitution,” or any arbitrary “laws” or mandates, can ever be held as “legal;” a term immorally used by the State for the sole purpose of tyranny, in order that rule and control over other individuals can falsely be seen as justifiable. The essence of natural law, real justice, and freedom are never compatible with rule and authority.


Therefore, all government is not only criminal, it is pure evil. The entire basis of government is to lord over others by the use of violent force. Any assumption of a right to do so is ludicrous on its face, but sold to the seemingly ignorant and pathetic masses as supported by the State’s version of the insane and bastardized ‘definition’ of “law.” This bogus modern definition, one hammered into the populace from birth, as supplied by Websters, is this ridiculous rendition:


“Law is a rule of civil conduct prescribed by the supreme power of the State, commanding what its subjects are to do, and prohibiting what they are to forebear.”


This so-called definition is the exact opposite of natural law, and is totally devoid of any aspect or mention of justice. In addition, no state is ‘supreme,’ nor does it possess any justifiable ‘supreme’ power to “command its subjects” (slaves) as to what they may do or not do outside of natural law. The very idea that some group of common criminal humans called government, are ‘supreme’ rulers with power over all others, is the antithesis of freedom of the individual, and therefore it should never be allowed to exist in any form.


“Law” in this country is absolutely nothing more than arbitrary restrictions, regulations, and enforcement of abhorrent State decrees through the act of extreme violence and force. It is the single most heinous crime against mankind possible. There should never be any talk or action in support of any State, there should be no “going back to the constitution,”  there should be no saving of the ‘republic,’ as there should be no such thing as ‘nationalism.’ There should never be any notion of “getting the country back,” or “getting back to the constitution,” there should only be calls to abolish this nonsense called rule and ‘authority’ by negating even the idea of any evil government.


As I continue to declare as I did some time ago, and will do so again: “No one, no statisticians, and not even this government itself, has any clue as to how many federal laws exist. No one knows how many rules, restrictions, and regulations there are, and it is impossible to find an answer to this question. The Federal Register alone, the daily repository of all proposed and final federal rules and regulations, has well over 85,000 pages. The Code of Federal Regulations through 2019, has 186,000 pages, and the Federal Register Pages for the past decade eclipsed 800,000 pages. This alone is unimaginable. But of course, there are more. There is a law for every aspect of our lives in this country, and there are a completely separate set of international laws, State laws, county laws, city laws, and licensing laws for every activity or thought. This is total insanity, and why every single ‘citizen’ can be deemed a criminal at any given moment. Even as far back as in the times of Roman historian Tacitus, he stated that, “The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws.” The U.S. has more laws by far than any other nation on earth in history, and therefore is the most corrupt and criminal of all time.”


Government in this country is nothing but a religion based on politics. ‘God’ cannot be seen, touched, questioned, or be physically experienced, but the ‘god’ of government can be seen and exists in reality, and so is accepted more readily. The Government is the church of the people, the horrendous constitution is the bible, and the president is the pastor of his obedient flock of fools. Many moronic herd members are convinced that this government was set up by ‘God,’ and that the detestable constitution came about due to ‘divine intervention.’ This kind of idiotic attitude is the epitome of insanity, as a vehement ruling class that takes total control over its subjects by force is simply a criminal enterprise surviving by aggression, lies, theft, terror, and violence. Since most all accept the notion that rule and authority are moral, they are in fact the enemy of freedom and justice, and complicit in all the injustice, theft, control, and slaughter of innocents that is the mainstay of government and all authority.


Humanity will not be saved by any manner of rule, authority, or government, but it will be destroyed if government, any government, prevails. This does not mean that any violent takeover, or total abolishment is necessary, because the State is nothing but a fraud, and can be eliminated simply by ignoring its fake claim to authority, and total negation of any of its arbitrary ‘laws,’  mandates, and decrees.


The next time you think of government as special and divine, and worthy of wielding all power over you, just look around at all the people you see every day, and then look in the mirror. Those you worship are the very same as all you see; they have just fooled you into believing that they are special, and deserve the right to be your lord and master. Always remember that in this circumstance, you will always be the slave. You are your own worst enemy, and by condoning any and all aggression and oppression, and supporting the entity called ‘country’ and State, you are guilty of all the crimes of the government that you accept without question.


“These so-called governments are in reality only great bands of robbers and murderers, organized, disciplined, and constantly on the alert.”

~ Lysander Spooner