There Is Nothing to Worry About



A plimsoll line runs all around the lower part of the hull of the ship, very clear to see. And it has a very practical purpose, which is simply so that captain and crew do not overload the ship.


You already know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Useless, dangerous cargoes. Your life was meant to carry only that which is necessary for a safe voyage and one that arrives where it’s supposed to arrive.


Sometimes we’re so worried about the esteem in which we are held by other people, that we’ll settle for just sort of a neutral tie contest. We don’t win a lot, but at least we didn’t lose much, right? You figure it’s a pretty rough world with everybody looking at you so harshly. You figure maybe the best I can do, and maybe all I can hope for is just kind of just hope they like me a little bit, and don’t risk that.


Now, you can’t get rid of anything. Set yourself aside, as best you understand what that means, and then you listen. Now what do you listen to?
What you see is that you’re in a battle that you’ve never won, and you suspect you can’t win. Let that suspicion grow.


You have got to stop the stupid enjoyment of thinking that you’re inferior. You’re not inferior, you’re not superior, you are absolutely nothing at all. Who you really are cannot be thought about, explained, cannot be supported, cannot be defended. Who you really are does not need that.


_The only necessary object in the universe is God and everything that goes with God_. I’m not necessary, you’re not necessary, nobody is necessary. God knows this. He wants you to know it so that you can live in God’s kingdom instead of in the junky boat that you’ve chosen that isn’t going anywhere.


Become Conscious of This See the weight of self-concern. Think about that now. Since and because you don’t have an individual independent personal self, there is nothing to worry about ever again.


Become Conscious of This


You have to become conscious that this is your state that you say to everyone, “Please don’t get mad at me. Please don’t hurt me!”




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