Through Imagination’s Door

A Short Exploration on Imagination.

By Lorenzo



Imagination, our great gift, our great treasure, our great challenge. I have found that what we imagine and act upon we make real. We can imagine love or we can imagine it’s opposite.  We can imagine anything we choose to imagine, and I would say that we are beings of imagination.

How did we get here to this life? Why are circumstances, whatever they may be for you, the way there are. Perhaps it is all ‘imagination’s fault’, your fault, my fault, we are all at fault, in other words fully responsible for our lives as this is how we imagined them to be, one way or another.

Now, if you take this ride with me a little further, and, as I did,  ‘journey’ back to the very first days I could recall being in this body, to See what we have been shaped, chopped, coerced, forced, and, if we are lucky, at times encouraged, into becoming. It seems to me that more than anything else,  I would say it is our imagination of ourselves, for better or for worse, that has been the tool of our creation.

Family, tv, friends, books, movies and especially what ‘they call school’, has pushed and coerced our imagination into certain directions. I strongly feel that we can create anything we can imagine, but first we must be able to envision, choose and then desire, not necessarily in that order, a certain way of life or reality to live in, before we can make it real for ourselves.

I wonder how many of us have spent some time delving into the meaning of real. The past is but information passed along to us, for the most part our own past is something we may have lived through, but most edit up or down, good or bad, for one reason or another. Usually this is so we can go on living in ways we feel good, or at least, not too bad about ourselves and the lives we find ourselves in, or I would say the lives we ‘made ourselves in’.

Money, Imagination and Life’s Self-Imposed Prison.

From a very young age I can recall my imagination, beyond what was acceptable for the days, daze, was beaten out of me. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say my imagination was pushed into a ‘box’. It may not have been with a stick or fists, I was never hit physically, beyond the bum-spanks of childhood, but through shaming from the peer-pressure of friends and then intellectual and cultural prejudices of family, as well as the limitations that this monocular monetary systems place on us from the get go. Many of my first memories of childhood revolve around money and the begging or pleading or greedily lusting after, the ‘allowance’ many of us had, and the ‘joys’ of getting, being taught that that is where the abundance of your imagination lies/lays, or needs be directed towards the getting. In other words, if you want something of some situation, the only way it is possible is with ‘money’. And then, we are thrown into a schooling system that drags us towards the predetermined options for making such money. Or as they are softly called jobs and careers. Yuck!

 “You possess the great power to say NO to people and events.” “Declare your personal independence. Say NO to human nonsense.”    ~Vernon Howard

And yet, imagination, if you take a pause here with me and consider, may be anything. Imagine yourself younger, or older, or stronger, or having the ability to fly or move to other worlds, or see energy, talk to birds, discuss different odours with flowers, laugh with the crows, sing with the trees, meet a toucan in the woods who tells you life is more colourful that you have imagined before. All of these have, and many still do, exist for me in my life right now, in my imagination, in my heart. Why?, Because I decided at a very young age that the imagined ‘cage’ they had for my awareness was just that: a cage they imagined: fill in your own ‘they’ here, parents, school, the mind control institutions we call government, and above all the biggest shackles to imagination those ‘shekles’, that money. If you try you can see for yourself how all of these limited what we considered potentially possible for us. The good news is that it’s a self imposed limitation for the most part, and so with that in mind you can find self-liberation.



For me, I now see, life is anything I can imagine and so I imagine myself free. I let my heart lead, and my intelligence, though now I realize my thoughts are not always that smart, that it’s my heart that has the true intelligence. And, no matter the stress of, seemingly, not currently seeing a way to get where my imagination wishes to go: I know, I can and will, and will never give up. My heart will never stop. When my last fear falls, I will be on top.

Holding imagination’s sword, sharpened with my will, until nothing else exists for me, except this life in which I am aware that I am fully in control of my Happy Destiny, which I am here to say is ‘Unavoidable’!

With Much Love, Lorenzo



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