Truth In Action

with Cambell from Auto Didactic & Lorenzo from The New Now





Live Your Truth.   Sounds so nice doesn’t it?  Sounds almost simple. ‘A baby can do that’, I hear myself thinking.

I guess to be bold about it one could say ‘Live in Truth’, what with all the self-important shenanigans going on these days where the deluded masses seem to believe that merely wishing a thing to be so will make it happen regardless of reality itself.

And yet embodying Truth, owning it let’s say, earned knowledge, wisdom in action, that path is the powerful way to go, the walk of integrity, strength and commitment, or so it’s proven itself to be in my opinion and experience.

Also, the older we get the more our ‘truth’ seems to get polluted with all those niggling other truths of another order that burrow down into our awareness as we try to grow up and through the days of our lives.

Who, when they were little, thought having to work at something they didn’t like, would be their truth? Or that you have to ‘pay your way’ for being healthy, eating, living, seeking the small things that all, but humans, are offered for free and in relative abundance.

In the natural world, food grows, shelters exist, love carries the day and birds are free to fly where they will. For humans, though, somewhere along the line, our ‘truths’ have been hijacked by a race for and of consumption. In other words, we are filled to the brim with fears, pretty much, from the moment we are born.  Even before that some would say.

So, my truth, well, to find that I first had to clear all those limiting beliefs out of my system. The ones that began with ‘mommy and daddy’, continued through the so-called educational years, and then deposited daily into my consciousness from all kinds of media. I won’t get into the details here, but safe to say, we all know what garbage smells like.

Flush it all I would say. Find your truth, your honest truth, for yourself. Not the ‘I have to do’s’, but the ones that give more than they take. The heart-felt, gut wrenching, higher passions, we can all attain.  To Live Your Truth, you must first find Your Truth. Who are you?  Why are you here? What is your inspiration?  Asking questions of yourself stimulates one to find and create answers.

After that, well, some bravery could help. Truth in Action. But really, looking at the nonsense presently called reality by many, I would say, it’s easy to see what’s good and what ain’t. Easy to know what tastes like sweet fruit, and what tastes like stale crap. The poetic analogies are literally endless. It’s walking the talk that’s the challenge.

Off your knees, no need to say please. Put the worries away, and pick up your dreams from childhood today. And if you had none, well, no time like now to figure out how you would like to live the rest of the time you have here.

Now I love mine.  It took forever to figure that out. Still challenged daily. The stresses can get to all of us. But for me, my heart knows which way to go, so I’ll follow that and see where it takes me.

With much Love, Lorenzo




Today Cambell and I discussed how to Live our Truths. Put our Truths in Action. What works, for us, and what doesn’t. Auto Didactic, is his channel. Teach Yourself by Yourself. For me that has been the path of golden enlightenment. Sure, plenty have helped me along the way. But I chose the curriculum. And I decided when I graduated and when I failed. And now, taking full responsibility for my life, well, even though some days are much tougher than others, I can feel the steady beat of a heart happy to be alive.

Again, Much Love, Lorenzo!


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