Waking up from spiritual sleep is what makes life worth living. It is a

life long process that is continually fascinating and enjoyable. The

richness felt when realizing I don’t know something about life that I

thought I did, and seeing that clearly as a fact, is freeing. In a recent

Secrets of Life Quote, Vernon Howard said, “It is a heroic business to see

a reality as a reality.” And I’m finding out personally that self-honesty

provides release from the pressure and discomfort of self-deception.


Recently, I saw (again) how I was unaware of the real origin of psychosis

and all trouble in people. It is a sinister force that is definitely

demonic. All issues are caused by the allowance of the entrance of these

saboteurs into our psychic system. To not be aware is to allow them in.


Almost everyone is spiritually asleep to this fact. It is quite amazing

when you see it clearly though. It “gives the show away”, as Vernon has put it.

I had someone in life remind me that some people just want to live 10 feet

down under and if we try to help them get out, we will be pulled into the



We can’t help them. Vernon Howard emphatically tells us that we

should not help other people who have no interest in helping themselves. To

receive real help, someone must at least have a small wish to want to know

more about living in the light. But most prefer to be ruled by dark forces

that fill them with anger and hostility, which they take as a sign of an

exciting life. The awareness of this reality is life saving.


We as individuals can make it out. So, it is our job to see where the

saboteurs are operating in us. If we consistently ask for help from Truth,

more and more will be revealed to us. To see where we are suffering about

something in life is a key. And to be mindful that there is is always more

to see and to understand is another key. But if we identify personally in a

wrong way with the knowledge we are gaining, we will “think” we “know” and

unawareness will remain.


The freshness of awareness can only enter when invited in a new moment.

Vernon Howard reminds us to be aware of where our body is, how our voice

sounds when we speak and in other ways to catch how we behave and position

ourselves in the world. To always be watching what comes into our minds and

hearts. If we are unaware, suffering is there because identification with

the false nature has taken us over.


Every new moment can be filled with an appreciation of the life given to us

by the Higher Power. Everything is there for us to see and to use to guide

us out of a life of pain. There is a higher purpose for our lives and

awareness will reveal that too. Truth shows the way and what we must do is

to yield and to follow.







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