Universal Progression



“The universe empowers all.”


Artificial Selection


We exist within a holographic projection, primarily exhibiting a two-dimensional perception.  This enables the cause and effect of social reality.  We make decisions in a paradigm of duality.  Our minds are relentlessly stimulated by our selective preoccupations to deceive, delude and distort us, while our primitive instincts imprison us into a dense, vibrational, energetic frequency.  We are lost.  Artificiality is transmuting our existence into virtuality.  Our air, food, water, drugs, devices, behaviors, desires, thoughts and social environments segregate us from our heart, intuition, soul and the universe.  Day after day, we acquiesce our souls to a digital labyrinth of artificial simulation.


An Inconvenient Truth


When articles like this are published, the cognitive dissonance, denial and resistance in society triggers reactions of “conspiracy theory!” “fake news!” “lunacy!” and my personal favorite, “truther!”  I get it, we do not want to acknowledge any of this.  Beyond our collusion, doubt and uproar, we tremble with fear and insecurity because we feel it to be true.  Not believing in alternative viewpoints does not make them false.  It simply expresses our unwillingness to accept, relate, understand and transform the social reality in which we are enslaved.  We receive a pittance of payback from our investment in amusement, money, possession, status and vanity.  We are human vortices; devoid of charity, empathy, kindness, love, relativity and understanding.




The Greatest Lie


Social reality is a simulation projected into a three-dimensional construct.  Given we often opt for a dualistic perception, we cannot observe the boundaries of our confinement.  When the credibility of our reality is challenged, we vehemently defend our enslavement with the institutionalized data of our intelligence.  “Facts” originating from the very source that wardens our captivity.  We are all incarcerated in an elaborate, perceptual mirage we indolently relate with as reality.  Yet, it is not realistic in any sense of the term.  In fact, it is not “real.”  Reality does not exist.  It is an illusion.  For us to engage in social reality, we must adopt our personal delusion to interact in the artificiality we enable and interpret as society.


An Era of Epiphany


As I write this, we are in the four-day progression of the Winter Solstice.  We are also in the Universal Energetic Shift that has been occurring since 2012.  This New Era is an opportunity for us to calm our body, silence our mind, embrace our heart and be empowered by our soul through our intuition.  It is a time to flow with the universe in a way we have never experienced, aligning, balancing, centering, grounding and transforming our being.  No matter what triviality in society rears its fearsome head to compromise the fulfillment of our experience, the universe is empowering us to manifest our soul purpose.  The expression of our universality streams beyond our belief, comprehension, identity, knowledge, perception, profession and reality.


“We alone prohibit our universal progression.”



The Dynamics of Being


All of us are souls.  We are universal energy expressing creativity, empowerment, illumination, manifestation, relativity, transcendence and understanding.  Our soul empowers our intuition to conduct our universality into the energy centers of our being.  Our heart center is a torus revolving omnidimensional energy from the universe, which inspires our mind, body and environment.  When we are resonating with universality, we are expressing the fulfillment of our being.  Our relatedness with others reflects the communion we have with our soul.  When we are out of synch, we are chaotic, dysfunctional, trivial and simply surviving.  When we are in synergy with our soul, we are conscious, expressive, present, progressive and truly thriving.


The Lure of Polarity


It does not require a great effort to observe the impact and influence of contemporary duality.  Society is rife with pitfalls of polarity in the guise of gender, ideology, race, religion, politics, sports and war.  We are pitted against each other in a vicious matrix of competition and survival.  Yet, most importantly, we are programmed to turn against ourselves, mired in our instincts and intellect at the cost of our emotionality, intuition and universality.  Observing, accepting and understanding the totalitarian engineering of our enslavement is vital in releasing ourselves from the social attachments to which we subscribe.  Living is our decision to integrate into artificiality.  Being is our choice to become an expression of universality.




The Gravity of Reality


Given our conditioning and the complexities within social reality, our transcendence necessitates an extraordinary shift from mere existence to fulfilled experience.  Even the people, things and traditions we hold most dear are ultimately catastrophic to our universal evolution.  Social dependence is the soul killer, seizing universality from all who exist in its oblivion.  As our desperation, envy, fear, insecurity and misery crave violence, our consciousness evaporates when exposed to the brutality of an egocentric society.  The artificial belonging of socialization annihilates our authentic relativity with the universe, our soul, our being and all our relations.  There is no other way to say it.  We need to pull our heads out of our asses, and that of society!


All That Is True


Nothing is ever as it seems.  Every time we enable our dependence on social reality, we are discarding our personal truth.  Anyone who professes the arrogance to know another’s truth, either through congregational education, ideology, religion, politics, science or spirituality, is the personification of social tyranny.  Aligning, relating and becoming our unique truth is a path we alone must pioneer, empowered by the universe though our soul, intuition and heart.  When we shift into our unique energetic flow, we become an expression of its transcendent resonance.  We must sever our tether with society and cross the threshold of what we believe or think we know, to become and experience all we are as an expression of universal truth.




The Ties That Blind


Social reality is about achievement, advancement, competition, domination, success and wealth.  The universe, spirit, intuition and heart have little to no value in society.  They are all interpreted as weaknesses to be exploited for egocentricity.  Social reality casts its spell to anchor us into the dense, vibrational frequencies of conflict, cruelty, fear, insecurity, limitation and oppression.  Our hopelessness, neglect, oblivion and reluctance build the security bubble of our individualized existence.  When we dismiss the empowerment of the universe and our soul, our energy wanes and is transmuted into involuntary projections of our personal malevolence.  These are the ties that bind us to social reality, preventing our universal progression.


Universal Progression


Being is a universal movement, the evolution of our energetic resonance.  The natural sequence of existence commonly involves the programming of the mind and the toxification of the body.  Our universal progression is an experience distinct from mere existence.  The relativity of our soul with the universe (universality) emanates an omnidimensional energy, expressed through our intuition, into our energy centers and empowered by our heart.  We either subscribe to the social procession of living to survive, or we choose to become a universal progression of being and thrive.  The Winter Solstice and the Universal Energetic Shift are opportunities for us to flow with universality.  This New Era is the quickening of our universal progression.


“Being is our expression of universality.”





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