Water Prism

by Peony (Guest Writer)



What separates the lands (continents) from themselves?

What separates the light?

The two answers are one: water.

There is more water than land and we are mostly composed of water.

So when we observe: water is responsible for a lot of separations. Water is present majority on earth as well as in every living being (or almost*).

The water by separating the light makes the colours appear and what we perceive as a rainbow. A rainbow is therefore the result of a separation just as the people and continents are the result of a separation made by the expanse of waters.

The rainbow is therefore not the symbol of a unity but of a separation between light (fire) and water. Everything is the result of a separation.

We are made of water H20 and Carbon C but we need Oxygen O2.

H is a ladder, pillars. O is a closed ring symbol of a unity. C is the half of O, it is a separation. Carbonic matter was born from separation. The C representing the world below or the earth.

The O the world from above, the air and its counterpart (there are two O) as above so below.

Then between the two we have water H which makes the link between the two.

The O partnered with H so that C would not disappear. Because C does not exist alone. He feels that he misses his half but does not always know it.

Carbonic matter, man for example needs O2 and H20 it is therefore associated with them by defects to be able to live.

The shape of the rainbow evokes by itself the shape of the C which is therefore again a symbol of separation. In the Bible it evokes the separation of water and earth.

Then there is the fire. But what is fire apart from something alive and hot requiring C and O2. Another alliance between heaven and earth. Fire, the body’s free energy, exists as friction.

Is it possible that fire is the representation of the energy in motion visible in this form alone, it has no alliance to C hence its absence of “body” but still needs it. Fire is the energy that “moves” our carbonic body, allied to heaven and earth in the passage of oxygen and the release of carbon. The alliance of the carbonic body works thanks to the maintenance of the difficult balance of water that makes the H scale between heaven and earth but also maintains a certain separation.

H20 seems more important because it is in large quantities compared to C. Water gives the impression of being everywhere on earth as in heaven but it does not have all the power.

What is light?

It comes to us from the sun (fire).

Fire being the active element of light. We know that the heat we feel comes from sunlight or for what we perceive as such because there is an invisible movement of energy that makes us feel the heat. The more the movement accelerates, the more heat we feel, and vice versa.

In nature we observe the snow melting in the sun.

Fire and water work together by governing the seasons for example and maintaining a kind of balance. This is what fire has agreed to do for nature. He has no alliance but he finally works for the balance with the water which seems opposed to him at a certain level but which in the end is not. On earth the C uses its energy the fire thanks to the scale H to rise in O the neutral.

The Earth has long inspired ideas.

We have been invented forms for her that have evolved over time…

For our knowledge it was thought to be flat then round, but in fact number of theories have redesigned earth using different knowledge and calculations. So she has different shapes.

« The earth, viewed from above, resembles a ball sewn from twelve pieces of skin. » Plato

Water covers approximately 70 % of earth, so we talk about living on Earth but it is more like living on the exposed mountain plateaus of a water-planet.

Plato’s sacred geometry show us earth as a cube and water as an isocahedron. An isocahedron is a cube with facets like a prism.

The prism who separate the light.

The geometric of earth-water is an energetic pattern that we can observe if we pay attention.

As everything is but energetic my idea is that earth is an energetic vibration and that the sound of everything, the sound of the universe, of ourselves create the design of it.

The more it vibrates the more the shape will change, from earth to water…

Is earth an energetic prison ?

Quantum physics shows us that there is no solid matter. So the space between everything gives the possibility of changing shapes.

We can see how sound creates shapes in the sand with vibrations, it is called cymatics.

Emotions are energetically linked to water. Earth as a water-planet is designed by emotions.

Earth’s vibration is a cube which vibrates from cube to isocahedron.


In the article below Bruce Cathie a retired military pilot says :
« … the Earth [is] really a living crystal being with a geometric skeleton that could be mapped in its patterns of energy flows… »

The vibration of the earth creates what we call the magnetic field. Her magnetic field is the energetic prison or geometric prison.

Earth is but a vibrating energy. Our own vibration creates a field which will vibrate too and create our perception. It is that perception that makes us see (or not) different possibilities that exists at the same time.


As above so below.

If earth has an energetic grid then this grid has a counterpart above. Then the water grid exists as above so below.

Genesis 1:7 « And God made the extent, and he separated the waters that are below the expanse from the waters that are above the expanse. And so it was. »

Long time ago the sun had a big discharge of energy a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) which by meeting the water-sky-grid caused a huge amount of water to fall on earth. This was the historical and biblical flood.

Genesis 7 : 11 «… the windows of heaven were opened. »

God the punisher or the sun-god as the ancient civilizations saw him was ‘angry’ and destroyed the water grid which was protecting us and the water fell and covered the earth.


Luke 10:18 And He said to them, “I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. »

We were submerged by water-emotions from the physical ‘accident’ the fall and from the apparent trauma of the situation. It was the time for earth and all its inhabitants to be dominated by an other force Zeus god of lightning, the Satan of the bible the force of control and deception.

By then our emotions were increased and we were taken by the Nommos, the Nagas (associated with the rainbow) etc..We find this symbol of characters arriving by or living in the water often having the shape of a snake in every culture.

Submerged by water, earth’s and its inhabitant’s vibration changed and by so everything around was perceived with new eyes. Closed in the low water vibration of earth, the prison water planet.

Then by changing our vibration we can free ourselves and find our own personal power.

Much love. Peony





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