We Are All Controlled by the most Virulent Lost Souls


in A World of Lost Souls



By MofWooFoo



This is opinion

We live in a world of lost souls, the worst are controlling humanity for centuries. There are also many beautiful people and it is all a matter of degree.



They keep us divided and lost by propagandizing us with lies and false information. Who am I, who are you? A fundamental question. My simple answer: We are all a part of the magical but real tree of life. Everything that has the animating spirit of life, that is, all living creatures share this. Every branch is a different species. The human species is our branch and we all have the human form and human kind of consciousness.


On this tree, every flower is different (our individuality) and many people believe that who they are is that flower, we are more than just a flower on a tree.


We are all a part of the human branch and we are connected to all life through the trunk. Until humanity can see ourselves connected in this way, we will continue to fight amongst ourselves, which can be seen as a form of insanity.


Until humanity can see how we are truly one human family and share the same spirit of life with all forms of life, it is hard to imagine how we can ever create a paradise for everyone.


The people at the top are the cruelest, coldest, and least humane of all and continually perpetrate crimes and atrocities on the rest of humanity for centuries with impunity. We can love their divine animating spirit, and hate their actions. That is, we can have unconditional love for all.


We need to drop all the programs, beliefs, and manipulation, and evolve (takes time, is not always easy). Life is a monumental gift that should be enjoyed rather than endured. But the controllers since Thomas Malthus (1700’s), think that the growth of humanity must be stopped by any means (eugenicist/nazi ideology). But if it is necessary, we could find a humane way to go about this.



Common sense tells us that there can never be an “Arbiter of Truth”, especially the government.

A sensible and mature way to deal with covid 19, would have been mature and civil conversations from all sides. Instead, we were manipulated to believe that those who preferred to not be injected were “bad”. And all conversation was blocked. Those who got vaxxed, thought that it was the noble and responsible thing to do and did it to prevent the spread. In that sense it was noble of them.


Those who preferred to maintain their physical sovereignty believed that was equally or more noble. The latter could not bring themselves to trust the government, mainstream media, Fauci, Gates, the institutions, Big Pharm, the Science!, etc. Big money can buy, intimidate, or hire assassins, which they do and did.


Now these controllers have all the resources and technology they need to inescapably capture humanity a la “1984” modernized and are very close to achieving this. Left and Right have little value now. It’s all about freedom vs. totalitarianism. Voting just perpetuates the illusion of freedom and democracy, as well as the criminal system.



These are opinions that you can either refute, add to, or agree. But please don’t simply ignore. And if you do agree, please use your influence to spread to influencers and everyone to make this our focus.


Love and respect to all.







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