What is Freedom?



Perhaps in its simplest form freedom is being free to be who you are, without anything or anyone interfering in your life.

Who I am and wish to be, was a hinge around which I changed my life. The hardest part of my own journey was figuring out that really was; who I really was.

Without that knowledge of my own inner world, I was lost adrift in the life others tried to make for me.

Know Thyself, as it says first at the Oracle of Delphi. Without that seems obvious to me there can be no hope in moving purposely forward in life, as we are the vehicle that we live through.

Howdie and I had an interestingly purposeful chat this day on what it can mean to find those ‘inner treasures of truth’. Getting to know who and how you are beyond the habits of this daily world was worth far more than any shiny bauble to me.

Perhaps you will find the same is true for you.





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