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Relocation factors and living free in a brewing globalist dystopia.




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As Good Citizens look around objectively at the state of the world post-plandemic and begin to assess the next stages of globalist social engineering, one of many inevitable questions emerges, but perhaps none more important than: Where is the best place to live to counter or avoid the harsher aspects of their continued reset agenda?

The Limitations of Non-Compliance

The first impulse to this question is usually of a stubborn nature. A refusal to accept anything in the world will change or that individuals can only win by refusing to adapt to whatever might be coming down their tyranny pipelines. The assumption is that by reacting to their agenda, we are playing their game and modifying our behavior or actions in anticipation of what might simply be unfounded fears. Noncompliance or “do not comply” is often the mantra of those who believe this to be the best course of action.

While that may have served well against a phony pandemic, with unscientific measures, and deadly shots dressed up as “vaccines”, how well does that work against food shortages, digital passports, or digital currencies that are controlled and programmed by the government and physically enforced with the full power of the state? The greater the tyrannies, the less likely non-compliance will be effective without an absolute majority of the population participating. Since there are no absolute majorities in the population that can come together to affect meaningful change on any subject of tremendous importance, becoming ungovernable is simply a fine slogan for meme-ing false hope and misguided expectations to followers thirsting for optimism during these dark times.

Are people powerless? No. But where things like voting and collective action were useful in the past, today individuals will be left to exercise non-compliance in one of two ways:

    1. Have the financial resources to live outside the “rules” that rarely apply to the wealthy.
    2. Individually choose to physically (and digitally) live outside the systems created for control and domination. This includes the option of living outside the laws and borders of their nation of birth.

The first way is limited to a select wealthy few, for whom historically rules never applied, and in many cases were the ones fabricating the laws and rules in their favor.

The second way takes courage to understand the risks involved and comes with penalties and consequences, social and financial. The majority of people reading this do not have the resources to choose any other way of opting out.

Those who do take this approach while knowing the stakes deserve recognition for their courage to resist. Though they usually include those who are already preparing for unforeseen events, including the small farmer, homesteader, and prepper communities. Having spent years planning, they are already well situated for noncompliance.

While the impulse to carry on with life is noble, it will not insulate people from these malicious planners, and doing so in an urban or suburban area that has already experienced some level of civil unrest, riots, harsh lockdowns, and outright government tyranny simply makes people short-sighted gluttons for punishment.

The demented President of the “let’s all pretend we’re still free” world just issued his manager’s (Barry O. Version 3.1) emergency decree on stirring more climate hysteria and engineering more economic pain for the plebs who refuse to eat crickets and buy a $60,000 EV that will inevitably be powered by coal plants in most parts of the country. These people will be in charge for another three years, and with rigged elections possibly another decade so they can complete their transition to their desired sustainable Liberal World Order. If these are their results after just 18 months, imagine how things will look by 2024 or 2028. At this point, all Americans should plan on them prosecuting Trump to keep him from running again, and/or rigging the 2024 election against whomever the opposition candidate is.

Tyranny doesn’t decelerate on its own. If there are no consequences for traitors, seditionists, war criminals, and their federal government servants, there is absolutely no possibility for anything to change in the future. They will further weaponize federal agencies to make life hell for any people who even plan on resisting. This includes grandmothers touring the Capitol building, and former Trump administration officials, lawyers, followers, and supporters. Expect the political persecutions to only increase in the years ahead.

The first step in answering this important question (Where?) requires honesty.

One must be honest about what is happening in the world and why. Often the best planning involves working backward from the end goal to the present.

The end goal of our present global dystopic path is summed up with the simple Malthusian phrase, “We must control the population under the pretense of saving the planet and gain total ownership of whatever remains for our own benefit.”

Direct translation: A depopulation agenda aimed at altering the world toward a posthuman technocracy and one-world government.

To get up to speed on this agenda read the following pieces or just watch any Alex Jones shows of the past twenty-five years:

  1. The Silent WarIt is by nature a deceptive war, cloaked by belligerents who fly under the radar of populations and deploy their armaments into the bloodstream of innocents ill-equipped to recognize their bodies as targets, having been sufficiently softened up by a lifetime of psychological disinformation shelling to their minds.
  2. World Economic Controlled DemolitionIf they say you will own nothing, it’s because they know there will be nothing to own.
  3. The MotherlodeGlobal engineering human transitions and servitude from eugenics to “sustainability” to post-human technocracy.

If you don’t commit to taking action while you’re being assaulted, then you deserve what happens to you. They’re trying to see what they can get away with, and right now they’re just rubbing your face in it.— Alex Jones

A quick review of the agenda of the Liberal World Order (Agenda 2030):

  • Designed economic collapse (reset for Central Bank Digital Currencies)
  • Hyperinflation ($ printing to avoid Govt. debt default + loot the last of fiat)
  • Energy crisis (behavioral control under scam of “saving the planet”)
  • Famine and food shortages (engineered)
  • Criminalizing individual food growth and farming (Australia+EU+UK)
  • Paying farmers not to grow food, sell their farms, or cull their stock (See the current Netherlands farmer revolt for the first resistance to this)
  • War (NATO’s goals for central banker resets)
  • False Flags (weekly in Ukraine, bi-monthly in the U.S. to obliterate 2A)
  • New Racism and Social Divisions (CRT, privileged whites, and “oppressed” minorities)
  • Riots and Anarcho-Tyranny (NYC, LA, SFO, PDX, Chicago, Seattle, etc.)
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Releasing Bioweapons Into populations
  • Forcing vaccination for bioweapons released
  • Faking pandemics for mass vaccination (the no virus position)
  • Gas lighting about side effects from mass vaccination (global warming, climate change, SADS, SIDS, watching TV, sleeping, snow shoveling etc.)
  • Martial Law
  • Gun Confiscation (Unconstitutional gun “safety” bill recently signed into law)
  • WHO/UN Control (pandemic treaty coming soon for 196 countries)
  • Government Quarantine camps for dissidents (FEMA)

None of this includes the tyranny already underway for decades including unlawful collusion with tech companies for total digital surveillance, mass censorship, and control of information to psychologically manipulate and control populations, which is really the foundational groundwork that makes all the rest of it possible.


Watch Tucker Carlon’s recent monologue on how the Liberal World Order has activated the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ as their secret police to criminalize political opposition and Trump supporters.

Since Good Citizens refuse to be sheep and go along with their dystopian plans, this makes us their enemies. The urgency to dispose of the disobedient increases in direct proportion to their urgency in carrying out their Agenda 2030.

Freethinkers are their enemies. Anyone who values bodily autonomy or individual liberty, privacy, and a right to self-determination will become targeted individuals. This is why they are still mandating the vaccines in many sectors including the military, healthcare, and federal government. They want no points of resistance within any of the agencies that will be tasked with carrying out the dirty work soon to come — enforcement and physical coercion when the psychological operations reach their endpoint. Surrendering to the mandates was a loyalty test. If individuals survived and weren’t maimed, they will have proven their loyalty to global managers who will activate them in the future against dissenters.


Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030.

How does one evade their plans and not be a hostage to the future they want to engineer?

The first step might be admitting we are all already hostages to the future they want to engineer. If you have seen the price of anything lately, you’ll know in the most personal and infuriating manner just how much we are hostages to the future of collective suffering they want to manufacture, to our detriment and their benefit. The suffering must endure we are told for the “Liberal World Order”, and “as long as it takes.” The LWO is apparently an inbred neo-Marxist cousin of the previous slogan of global psychopaths the New World Order.

The very fact I’m writing these words and you’re reading them implies we know there are people out there, let’s call them what they are, enemies of humanity, bioterrorists, social engineers, and we are hostages to them whether we like it or not.

However, there are some places that have fared better than others over the past two years. Not all cultures and populations reacted the same and not all governments were harsh with their citizens.

You can hunt for Carmen Sandiego on Google Earth right now | PC Gamer
With no “vaccine” passport, Carmen Sandiego has nowhere to run.

Where In The World?

We can quickly identify some of the worst offenders that we might as well call tier-one failed states. These are nations that are in various stages of collapse. All have some combination of rigged elections, police state surveillance, online content policing, and data collection for digital tyranny and are generally going through the final stages of intentional cultural subversion, ethnic or political strife, energy destruction, food supply demolition, and controlled economic collapse. Many of them are still mandating “vaccines” and forcing Covidian theatre on their populations. A few have made the “unvaccinated” prisoners in their own nations.

The U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain are all tier one. Due to the genius of federalism, not all states in the U.S. are in this category but with a demented placeholder in executive power for another three years and the potential for more rigged elections this autumn, it must be considered a failed state at this point. We will know with absolute certainty after the November results. Though half of the “opposition” party are no opposition at all, so the people should expect no great changes even if Democrats are resoundingly defeated at the polls. That will only lead to legislative paralysis and the greater likelihood that tyranny is imposed by unconstitutional executive fiat.

Across the Atlantic, Baltic states and other EU countries (tier 2 failed states) are not worth mentioning, as they all surrendered to the lockstep tyrannical formation. They are all governed by equally unserious buffoons who serve the Liberal World Order. Switzerland and Norway, although not in the EU went along with most of the charade as well. Sweden was perhaps the best in terms of plandemic policies, but they are a globalist servant with open borders, destructive immigration policies, the worst crime on the continent, ties to all the nefarious international organizations, and soon will join NATO which makes them not only suicidal idiots who cannot rid themselves of blinding Russohysteria but a place to completely avoid. They also have the largest segment of a population of people voluntarily implanting chips into their hands — a further dystopian aim of our post-human overlords.

This leaves a handful of nations in eastern and central Europe, the Balkans, and Mexico, which I wrote about two weeks ago. Before moving on to these locations and what makes them appealing, let’s address the red-state homesteaders in the room.


Long Lost Relatives.net: Seeing the Homestead Act Up Close ...

The Limitations of “Leave Me Alone”

There are those who are convinced that a dozen states in the U.S. will provide the best opportunity to weather the globalist storm. The idea of owning land in a remote part of Montana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, or Texas for example, where the governor is not owned or controlled by global management and will uphold and enforce laws and respect private property is an appealing option. This is not every red state, however. Many Republican governors are happy servants of the Liberal World Order. For example, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu just vetoed a bill that passed the State legislature that would have legalized the purchase of Ivermectin without a prescription. Sununu has ties to big Pharma cartels, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum. He does not work for the people of New Hampshire and never did.

There are plenty of other corrupt Governors, Representatives, and Senators who are working for global technocrats who are gunning for the last point of meaningful U.S. resistance — the nation’s constitution. A dozen (R) Senators just helped the Liberal World Order pass gun confiscation legislation called the “Gun Safety Act”. And now the ATF is going door-to-door harassing legal gun buyers about their recent purchases. This is deliberate managerial-state anarcho-tyranny. The law-abiding tax-paying citizen is stripped of any constitutional rights while violent criminals are set free and police departments are defunded. This is the ATF doing surveillance for future gun confiscation with the help of the local Sherrif in a Delaware county.

Twitter avatar for @stockes76Frankie Stockes – Reporter @stockes76

ATF agents and a #Delaware state cop show up warrantless at a man’s home demanding to see his firearms. #2A

Assuming one can still live undisturbed in a handful of these states where some insulation is offered by politicians and local officials like Sheriffs and county commissioners, is it even economically feasible anymore for the average working or middle-class family?

Owning a piece of land with sufficient acreage to grow food and have everything in one place to survive without reliance on supply chains, supermarkets, or their centrally controlled systems is definitely an attractive setup. It’s in part what forced millions of people to leave urban areas in the immediate months following the tyrannical lockdowns and drove up the price of properties in states like Idaho, Montana, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, and Florida.

Four years ago the cost of a log home on ten acres in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana, the idyllic unspoiled setting of the popular TV show Yellowstone, was less than half of what it is today. The same can be said of all counties in states where the local Sheriff and population will be a good tribe with like-minded values and community support for weathering the coming catastrophes. In some places, the cost of property has tripled or quadrupled making any dreams of this type of arrangement out of reach for most people without substantial assets or savings. And there simply isn’t enough time to play catch up. Even if prices fall, the earning power of individuals adjusted for inflation will never keep pace, not without a significant collapse of the national housing market where Blackrock doesn’t swoop in to buy all the discounted properties.

There’s also the issue of the power of federal bureaucracy and federal courts over states and local authorities. This has been a point of contention and is the basis for the entire legal history of the U.S. and continues to evolve, however judging by the Supreme Court and district court rulings during the plandemic, many were not favorable to the individual rights and liberties of law-abiding property owners and certainly not to business owners. The state essentially determined who and what was essential and who was non-essential and the courts backed up the state’s decrees which were entirely based on fabricated and corrupted “science”. If individual rights can be suspended or ignored for a fabricated pandemic, they can be suspended for anything the state says, and those aren’t rights, they are simply what George Carlin astutely called, temporary privileges.

The reason I’ve been able to travel to a dozen countries during the pandemic is that I have seven passports. When one country shuts down I just went to another that was open. Slavery is absolutely coming and if you’re stuck under the control of one government, you’re fu**ed. The governments have no problem locking in your house now, and they’ll find any reason to do it.                    — Andrew Tate

One must also factor in the total corruptibility of important American institutions from healthcare and medicine to banking and finance. One is essentially on their own when it comes to looking after themselves and their family in the U.S. Who can be trusted with important decisions, medical or otherwise? The same vultures who corrupted those institutions are also quickly corrupting the food supply, agricultural industries, power grids, and water resources. The argument could be made they started this process long ago and we are just reaching the start of an apex of greater tyrannies.

Then there’s the issue of taxes. The federal government is going to take its share no matter what, in addition to all local and state taxes. Paying taxes to a completely drunken federal bureaucracy is not a palatable trade-off for many people when they simply look around and ask, “What do I get for that?” Crime is rampant and rising. Police state overreach is constantly expanding. Public schooling is neo-racism, overt Marxism, and LGBTQWERTY+-=^% indoctrination, as is subsidizing the student loan industrial complex of higher-miseducation daycare centers. The FBI conducted 3.5 million warrantless surveillance searches on law-abiding Americans last year alone.

Taxes go to fund an out-of-control federal bureaucratic monstrosity that treats its most patriotic and law-abiding citizens as “suspects” if not outright enemies. It does not protect the nation’s borders or care for its people. Those who choose to work for the FBI, ATF, IRS, or any federal agency tasked with harassing and abusing American citizens are by the very definition of the word a traitor. The same goes for those who draw a salary from the corporate state media or big tech monopolies colluding with alphabet agencies to violate civil liberties and keep the people ignorant and constantly divided over trifling issues.

If one can swallow the tax burdens, and find a little piece of heaven in a locality that checks all the right boxes then there are a dozen states or more that might weather the tyrannical storms. As mentioned before the most important figures will be local – sheriffs, mayors, and county officials.


Good Citizen Finalists (for expatriates)

After 6 months of personal research for my own relocation.

Previously when considering relocation factors, the top of the list was often filled with issues like crime, safety, cost of living, quality of schools, maybe even weather, outdoor recreation, and state or local taxes. In times of globally coordinated tyranny, flexibility is required and priorities have to change.

Questions shift from schools and weather to more fundamental questions for basic survival like:

  1. Is the political party in power servants of global psychopaths who want me and my family dead?
  2. Does the leader of the nation care about his/her people? Do his/her actions (not rhetoric) show that they care deeply about the people they govern? If yes, how long until the next elections, and do they appear to be free and fair elections?
  3. What was the situation like during the past two years?
  4. What was the nation’s attitude to the Empire of Lies’ war against Russia?
  5. What was the clot-shot uptake percentage of the population? This is a good indicator of how tuned in people are to what’s actually happening.
  6. How vulnerable is the nation to supply chains, food shortages, energy-grid schenannigans?
  7. How solid is social cohesion? Will people come together in times of crisis?


Poland was once the best-kept secret of Europe. I could write a book about Poland back in the aughts when even Poles wondered why an American would come to live in Poland. The cost of living was low, crime was the lowest on the continent, and the people are still among the most welcoming and friendly to foreigners, especially Americans. As with everything over a long enough timeline, things change.

The deeply engrained and persistent levels of Russophobia are now too much of a detriment. In the past six months alone, everything has changed. Inflation is among the highest in Europe, millions of Ukrainians are being paid not to return home and probably won’t, housing costs have doubled and the general attitude of the government to the neighboring conflict and NATO’s meddling makes living in Poland now an unacceptable liability. The southwest of the nation has the most polluted cities outside of a couple of industrial backwaters in Bulgaria because of wood and coal burning which will only be made worse by suicidal energy policies that reject cheap and clean Russian natural gas next door. If Poland knew its real enemies were in Brussels and Washington D.C. and not in Moscow, (like Viktor Orbán of Hungary does), then it would probably top this list. Instead, this Good Citizen, who has spent eight, fantastic (non-concurrent) years living in Poland plans to leave for non-belligerant and non-nuclear-targeted pastures at the earliest opportunity.

If one isn’t bothered by the growing U.S. military presence and the Polish government’s belligerence toward Russia, then Poland is still far better than any country not also on this list.


Serbia’s greatest asset is not being a member of the European Union. Their greatest liability is being an ascension candidate for future membership in the European Union which means whichever government is in power, still has to grovel to the psychopaths in Brussels to stay on the path to full membership. Serbia makes this list for a low cost of living, and very, very low clot shot uptake. The people of Serbia, including Novax Djokovid know what’s happening and what’s inside those “vaccines”. Serbs are “tuned in” to all the right channels. Belgrade is a beautiful city that reminds me of cities in Poland twenty years ago that had a certain rustic charm before all the German and French Euros came through to polish and shine the veneer of EU membership into public life.


Slovenia is the dark horse of this group. It makes the list for its low “vaccine” uptake, relatively affordable cost of living despite having the Euro, and former Prime Minister (until May 2022) who was the only world leader to congratulate President Trump on his reelection in 2020. It’s also a small nation, with excellent domestic food production, beautiful outdoor recreation from the Alpes to the Adriatic Sea, and is very clean. It doesn’t get the highest marks for plandemic theater participation or its current government of left-wing green dingbats that assumed power last month, which completely disqualifies the nation from any further consideration.


Croatia currently has a center-right party in power under the guidance of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković who will be there for at least another two years. The people of Croatia rejected the clot shots in solid numbers that were less than Poland (62%) or Hungary (64%) but still constituted a majority of the population – 55%. The nation makes the list for its proximity away from the NATO-funded perpetual conflict in Ukraine and its beautiful coastline which runs hundreds of kilometers along the Adriatic sea. The months of May through September would provide plenty of resort-like distractions. Crime is low, the cost of living is affordable, and Croatians are people of immense national pride making for solid social cohesion if things fall apart. Domestic food production isn’t as great as in other nations on this list but there are several ports that are the first points of arrival for essential goods in the region.



Romania had the lowest clot-shot uptake of any nation on this list and the second lowest of the 27-nation EU bloc. Corruption is still rampant in Romania, which is not a liability. The future is brighter in semi-corrupt dysfunctional nations where the government has no time for Covid passports or harassing everyday citizens. A foreigner with money will be well positioned in places like Romania (and Mexico) to avoid the medical theatre and digital tyranny. People of Romania are proud and kind, and plenty welcoming of foreigners. The downsides are its proximity to NATO war games in Ukraine and the Black Sea and its invitation to American troops to establish permenent bases on Romanian territory like in Poland. A few cities also have terrible air pollution and the most dangerous drivers on the continent. Don’t expect cars to even recognize a “crosswalk” or do a full stop at a stop sign.


Hungary wins this finalist list for one simple reason: Viktor Orbán was just re-elected for another 5-year term and cares about the Hungarian people more than any other leader in the world cares about the people they are entrusted to govern. The people of Hungary know globalist tyranny, as one of their own (George Soros) is one of the biggest international terrorists presently destroying western nations. They re-elected Orbán because he keeps psychopaths like Soros out.

Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Liberal World Order for the past decade. The corporate propagandists in the media criticize Hungary and Orbán for not embracing all their civilizational destroying policies like open borders. The nation has strong border security, including a southern fence that is patrolled by over 4500 full-time soldiers. In a recent poll, Hungarians were the most satisfied of any EU nation with their government.

The currency, the Forint, is presently very weak against the Euro and Dollar which makes the cost of living in Hungary for foreigners incredibly affordable. The rental price of a one-bedroom apartment in a dystopic hell hole like New York could cover the cost of a penthouse overlooking the Danube river in Budapest, one of the safest large cities in the world. To avoid bathing in urban 5G there are a number of other cities that have limited 5G coverage with plenty of natural forests and mountains adjacent to the cities and where the cost of living is 30% less than Budapest.

Orbán recently nationalized all domestic wheat and grain production for the next two years to make sure Hungarians don’t starve from the coming food shortages, and was smart enough to negotiate Russian gas imports that don’t come through the cocaine comic’s territory in Ukraine, but up from the south through Turkey and Greece. That’s a smart leader who can see the writing on the wall, as Ukraine’s foreign minister thereafter threatened to cut off gas to Hungary for not joining their suicide pact with sufficient weapons, but Hungary is no longer dependent on Ukraine’s pipelines.

Orbán refuses to sacrifice his country to the suicidal energy diktats of Germany or the psychos of the European Commission. Just two weeks prior to the conflict in Ukraine he was in Moscow for a five-hour meeting with Putin to keep relations between Hungary and Russia stable amid the Liberal World Order anti-Russia hysteria and to secure those energy assurances for the future.

The EU is penalizing Hungary for not voting how the Liberal World Order wanted them to and is withholding five-billion Euros recompense for economic sacrifices made during the plandemic. Since Hungarians don’t take shit from Brussels, parliament just voted to explore the possibility of Huxit(?), Hexit(?). This tactical move opens the door to leaving and would seriously undermine the future of the undemocratic union. It would allow Hungary to negotiate its own trade pacts around the world and oil and gas supplies with Russia without having to bow down to silly sanctions imposed by the district of corruption.

Nationalism and social cohesion are very strong, and the country got only a fraction of Ukrainian refugees as Poland, with many more returning since the shared border is in the west where no conflict with Russia is ever likely.

Nowhere on the continent does the future have even a sliver of optimism and hope compared to Hungary which is standing up to the global tyrants as best as one could desire for a smaller European nation.


The BEST Budapest Entry Tickets 2022 - FREE Cancellation | GetYourGuide
The future of Europe is Hungary.

Nowhere Man

The green cult of useful idiots working on behalf of global depopulationists claim to want to power the world with solar and wind, which is impossible. There’s just not enough of either to meet the global energy needs of populations relying on much more affordable and consistent sources of energy. The one place where one could live according to the wishes of the deluded green cult is on a sailboat. For half the cost of an average house in the U.S. one could purchase a 50-foot (15m) sailboat with solar panels, lithium batteries, and a reverse osmosis water maker which can make up to 40 gallons of water in under an hour from anywhere in the world.

There are families that live full time on sailboats and simply travel the world. Though it would clearly be much easier to do as an individual or a couple without kids. Most western passports give port or marina access to 100+ nations without laborious visa paperwork. If things ever turn bleak and 160 governments decide to imprison their citizens in lock-step again for a sniffles virus or to reduce carbon emissions (it’s coming!), living on a sailboat would be as free as anyone could possibly hope to be that cannot afford a large acreage remote property.

Seventy-one percent of the earth is covered by water. There’s almost no place that can’t be traveled via the high seas. An “off-grid” sailboat with the aforementioned necessities would allow for island hopping in the Caribbean or living in isolated anchorages of deserted pacific islands for months at a time, free to explore and spearfish and drink sundowners while listening to The Who Who’s Next all the way up to 11 while the rest of the world lives in their pajamas in front of some dreadful Wokeflix production waiting for their overpriced grub hub delivery while bathing in urban 5G radiation soup and hoping their government will let them go outside for some sunshine again soon if they promise to wear a face nappy and stay away from other people and for the love of God that’s just no way for humans to live at all!!

I would rather be ashes than dust!
I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot.
I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.
The function of man is to live, not to exist

— Jack London

Sailing Into Sunset | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian Magazine
Waterworld. Beyond the reach of Klaus Schlub’s agenda.



So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Hold me like you’ll never let me go
’Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh babe I hate to go


This one goes to eleven.

Sally, take my hand
We’ll travel south ‘cross land
Put out the fire and don’t look past my shoulder
The exodus is here
The happy ones are near
Let’s get together before we get much older




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