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Every single one of us was born into a chaotic world. We collectively inherited a complicated web of problems that have been plaguing humanity for millennia. Violence and subjugation have been accepted as facts of life for so long that they appear impossible to change. Understandably, this culture of acceptance can leave any sane person seeking to change the world feeling hopeless. Often, we feel defeated before we have even begun to actively work to heal the planet.

Coming to terms with the harsh realities of our existence can be a deeply confusing or even traumatic process because the truth is so different from what we were taught to believe by the “mainstream” culture. Most people react with horrified aversion when they are approached with information that contradicts the ideas that they have built their lives around. When it comes to the violence of the state and the corrupt nature of the social institutions that surround us, it is rare to see anyone absorb, reflect, and accept the information without having to rethink their worldview, so most people refuse to look.

For those who do have the courage to venture outside of the mainstream worldview, the path dedicated to creating a more peaceful and free existence is incredibly difficult and frightening. It may even seem like a futile suicide mission. This is an obstacle that prevents most people from attempting to change or criticize the society that “raised” them. If creating a free society and a world without war was easy, then you can guarantee that overnight millions of people would instantly be condemning the State and the immorality of the violence carried out by politicians and their corporate partners.

Since creating freedom where there is now slavery is a fragile and painstaking process without an instruction manual, it is a very daunting task. However, humanity is capable of incredible feats – ideas that were once seen as impossible and unthinkable are now benign and commonplace. We live in a world with tools and capabilities that would appear to be magic to our ancestors, yet we still have been unable to escape the animalistic, primitive traditions that have held humanity back for generations. We can instantly speak to people all over the world, travel to space, and store entire libraries of information on tiny thumb drives, but sadly many people still live their day to day lives in confusion and fear just as so many generations before us.

The current era is an extremely pivotal time in the human story. We have reached that long awaited moment where humanity has become advanced enough to destroy this planet and everything on it. This massive responsibility, a responsibility that can only be met with a radical elevation in consciousness, is one which will allow our species to finally become civilized beings. No self-respecting individual wants to look at themselves or the society that they identify with as being barbaric or uncivilized.

However, when a species is killing each other by the millions, enslaving one another, and taking part in the culturally justified violence that we see today, it becomes apparent that there is much work to be done before we can honestly say that humanity is “civilized”. As radical Native activist John Trudell stated, “The Great Lie is that it is ‘civilization’. It’s not civilized, it has been literally the most bloodthirsty brutalizing system ever imposed upon this planet. That is not civilization, that’s “the great lie.” The great lie is that it represents ‘CIVILIZATION.’ Or if it does represent civilization and it’s truly what civilization is; then the great lie is that civilization is good for us.”

To do what we can during our lives to leave the world and the human consciousness in better condition than when we arrived is a gravely important task but one we should not shy away from. No matter the obstacles, the goal is worth the effort. One could even argue that this is the meaning of life! It is not an easy path to take and there is no guarantee that you will see the fruits of your labor in your own lifetime, but the potential of any new frontier is always shrouded in uncertainty, danger, and controversy.

The creation of the world’s first free society in recorded history is simply the most recent field of

exploration in the realm of human consciousness, just as space is the most recent field of exploration in the physical realm. Only 100 years ago if you told someone you were going to build a rocket to fly people into outer space you may have run the risk of being committed to a mental hospital. Yet, despite popular opinion, the human imagination has once again defied our previous conception of reality by exploring new frontiers and pushing beyond the boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible.

If you are reading these words, then you are without a doubt in the midst of the expanding frontier that is human consciousness and thought. You have found yourself in a fight for freedom and a search for peace. You are a pioneer who has the courage to journey into uncharted territory and be your own mapmaker. Along with millions of others worldwide who are beginning to find their purpose, you have the ability to change the world for the better in your lifetime, no matter what background you come from or where you call home. You have found yourself on a rewarding but arduous and sometimes lonely path. We know this because we have been walking this path for the better part of our lives and some years ago we passed the point of no return and we now call this path “home”. Once you decide to educate yourself about the lies we are taught there is no turning back.


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“While The Conscious Resistance Trilogy was written for the reader interested in meditation, consciousness, indigenous teachings, and spirituality, its deeper message lies in the Philosophy of Freedom, Self-Governance, and Anarchism — from the Greek “anarchos,” “having no ruler.” The Conscious Resistance Trilogy is an exploration into the practical as well as the spiritual realms of the true meaning of Freedom.

In Part I, Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality, authors Derrick Broze and John Vibes lay out the case for a synthesis of spiritual teachings and Anarchist Philosophy as an empowered path towards a freer, and more conscious world. This part features discussions on the intersection of Anarchy and Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism.

In Part II, Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, we focus on the heart and soul of activists, truth seekers, and freethinkers. A series of essays explores the human struggle in the search for freedom, discussing overcoming depression, confusion and fear that can come along with understanding the circumstances of our present situation.

In Part III, Manifesto of the Free Humans, we explore deeper concepts outlined in Parts I and II, including Anarchism, Agorism, community building, spiritual healing, property, decentralization, permaculture, and methods for resisting the State. The authors also explore the history of America’s individual Anarchist movement and the concept of Sovereignty of the Individual. The final section outlines a vision for an intentional community based on these concepts and outlines how this community will attempt to live the message of The Conscious Resistance or Holistic Anarchism.”





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