Your Best Self



by Mark Carter  (Ascension Intention blog)


Can you feel the highest version of yourself and sense supercharged, expansive perceptions?


I posit that’s our natural state of being. Yet we somehow, sometimes find ourselves within a denser, darker energy field, that’s akin to traveling through polluted air.


We may often feel immersed in a discordant atmosphere with disharmonious situations and personalities, and tell ourselves that we didn’t choose this reality – at least not consciously. To compensate, we may periodically seek to burst through that unwanted interference by using any number of unhealthy fixes, to temporarily forget our problems and feel some relief. Perfectly understandable; yet ultimately self-limiting.


By instead training ourselves to feel our feelings, without labeling or judging them, but rather befriending them and activating sacred fire purification, we can gradually free ourselves from patterns of attachment to suffering. If an uncomfortable program shows up again, so what? Bless it. We don’t need to feed it by fighting it: we can rather observe it with curiosity, acknowledge that it’s appearing for a reason, and seek the message or opportunity it’s giving us.


By going deeper into feeling frequencies, we can dissolve and consume whatever impurities may be lingering, and encourage greater intensity of Light to radiate in all directions. We may visualize an inner Sun Presence at our Heart center and enjoy its expanding dominion!


Practice being conscious of fire (living solar Love), air (the purifying power of breath), water (the changing emotional flow), and earth (density in this dimension). Become increasingly aware of how they interrelate, and of how you can maximize your available Life Energy by cultivating informed choices that you activate repeatedly, until the raising process becomes easier and more streamlined.


I wish you liberation from all traces of trauma, as you bask in the fresh freedom of the new now!



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