Zoom Out

by Nowick Gray


In the psychedelic sixties, Timothy Leary famously advised the baby boom generation to “Turn on, tune in, and drop out.” Today in the grip of a worldwide pandemic of fear and control, our personal devices are always on; and we’re paradoxically being forced to drop out of previously normal social, cultural and economic life, while being practically forbidden to opt out of a medical mafia squeeze play. Interpersonal encounters are masked or virtualized, as we Zoom in to learn more about what is really going on. The results of that nano-scale research gives us pause, and our balancing response is to zoom back out, to gain a wider perspective on the big picture.

What is the problem, at the larger levels of scale? And what are the overarching solutions that bring accountability to the global players and their microscopic miscreations?

Truth and Reconciliation for the Last Nations

All humans are treated now like the First Nations have been: under subjugation, assimilation or eradication, forcibly removed from our former, traditional ways of life. In the current era of global takeover, we live in the Last Nations—conquered and colonized this time by bureaucratic fiat and technocratic sleight of hand, into the New World Order (rebranded as the Great Reset).

The last five days of September were designated as Truth and Reconciliation Week, to remember the historical crimes of physical and cultural genocide against the original peoples of North America. When will we recognize and take action against the new crimes perpetrated upon all the peoples of the world by a synthetic totalitarianism?

It doesn’t matter if you live in Lithuania or Australia, Canada or Indonesia. The WHO and the CDC rule over all, beholden to Gates and the WEF, bent on a transhuman agenda of depopulation with survivors locked into a digital control grid.

With Nationalism decried as a relic, Freedom denigrated as selfish, Truth and Science announced by decree, Health wholly captured by bioweaponry, how can there be Reconciliation with our precious humanity?

Where are the memorials to our children in masks, our elders dying alone, our healthcare workers and military summarily terminated, our businesses commandeered to enforce an evidence-free apartheid?

Where the acknowledgment of sovereignty never surrendered? Where the apology for unceded bodily autonomy? Where the punishments and reparations for the lives cut short or irreparably diminished by force of policy? And by what authority is such policy declared and implemented?

Lacking such genuine authority, the ruling elite manufacture it and mass produce it through the media channels they own. The liturgy is then delivered from on high, meant to be digested like the sacramental body and blood of the god of love they killed in our name. “They” are the high priests of what former mainstream journalist Matt Taibbi calls The Cult of the Vaccine: “The only way to avoid the certain evil of audiences engaging in unsupervised pondering over information was to eliminate all possibility of subtext, through a new communication style that was 100% literal and didactic. Everyone would get the same news and also be instructed, often mid-sentence, on how to respond.”

When the cult is instructed to “Follow the Science,” it is code for the new fundamentalist religion.

Follow the Science of… God?

‘“There’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” Gov. Hochul added that the vaccine “is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God,” and said to her “smart” vaccinated supporters: “I need you to be my apostles.”’ —New York Governor Kathy Hochul



‘None of this makes any sense except as a means for control and cultural dominance.… What conceivable argument can be mounted to justify this mass firing of public health care workers in the name of protecting the public health? If you had to seek medical care at a hospital and are fully vaccinated — and thus, according to President Biden, face a “very low risk” of serious illness from COVID — would you rather be cared for by unvaccinated doctors and nurses who have worked in that facility for years, or National Guard officers or recently graduated students or retired people with “lapsed” medical licenses who, in a slapdash and manic way, have been tossed into the hospital to satisfy Gov. Hochul’s desire to punish the disobedient? Again, if you are vaccinated, why would you regard unvaccinated doctors and nurses as a risk to you? —Glenn Greenwald, An NBA Star and New York’s Governor Show That Liberal COVID Discourse is Devoid of Science

See also: One-World Scientism and its “Trust the Science” Refrain

The Silent Forty Percent

Both Clif High and Mattias Desmet speak of that middle section of the population, around forty percent, with the remaining sixty percent split into those whose minds are made up, either under the spell of the mass hypnosis or irrevocably awake to the gigantic con.  So far the “silent majority” in the middle are swayed by coercion, mass media, and peer pressure to remain silent while appearing to go along with the ruling agenda. Their loyalty is fickle, though; if presented with enough reality checks, their weight can shift rapidly into resistance.

How to leverage that shift, against the weight and force of Big Tech-Media-Pharma-Government? Mattias sketches a path forward blazed by Solzhenitsyn, urging our commitment to speak out while we still can. That courage helps to break the spell of the fake consensus; to share a counternarrative; and to inspire others to stand up for themselves too.

The overall field of battle (or divine play, as Krishna might put it) might be seen in a progression or sequence covering the following four critical areas. We start with a shared sentiment of common ground, empathy with all our fellow humans. They will start to take notice as more and more are betrayed in their formerly blind trust in authority—as lies surface, fraud is exposed, conspiracy proved.

Then the common fear of the virus is likely to shift to a new, more worthy object of anxiety: another increasingly visible enemy, those who engineered this planned exercise—an excuse for, and distraction from, the real agenda. The centrist population needs to realize it’s the rulers who fear their weight of numbers, as the ranks swell to damn the great reset to the techno-dystopian hell it was hatched from. Instead we set a renewed path to a natural future, a greater reset to core human ethics.

In the last few days I have noticed a number of formerly progressive, mainstream, or middle-of-the-roaders, with large platforms, reputations and followings, suddenly speaking out in clear and ringing truth about the unholy deception that has captured our world. These include former Guardian and Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald, former Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi, former Occupy voice Charles Eisenstein, and former democratic Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, joining ranks of already outspoken experts and whistleblowers in all fields.

Charles Eisenstein in particular has leaped several mountain ranges over from his previous carefully guarded prevarications to appease his fan base and stick to his classical liberal, aesthetic–spiritual stance. In the last few months he has moved to confront issues of intolerance in speech, and misrepresentation of science. With his most recent post, “The Rehearsal is Over,” the gauntlet is thrown down. No more mister nice guy, this is Arjuna after his chariot chat with his blue god Krishna, riding into virtuous battle, not for victory but for justice: “God says, ‘Show me that you want a more beautiful world enough to actually risk something with no guarantee. Then you will see results beyond all reckoning.”

More timely and eloquent inspiration follows:

‘We are fighting for the end of the time of dictating each other’s choices, thinking I know better than you what you should be doing.

‘Bravery is not a personal achievement; it is a community function. It is a contagion. It is a mutual awakening.

‘It is the moment of truth over consequences.

‘If I am not brave, what reason have I to hope others will be? Courage and cowardice both are contagious. My choice establishes a principle of human nature. It declares not only who I am, but what a human being is. and what the world shall be. Each choice is therefore a prayer. Our choices scaffold divine creation.

‘That is why synchronicity so often congeals around bravery. Synchronicity is the snapping of the laws of probability as reality shifts to align with brave choices.’

Accountability: Who Will Enforce Justice?

In the TV series Pillars of the Earth, based on the historical novel by Ken Follett, the long-disputed title of Earl of Shiring is finally awarded to its rightful heir. But there’s a condition: the Crown will not enforce the transition from the current usurper. The rightful new earl will have to raise his own army to take what is his.

As it happens, the abused young wife of the false earl orders Shiring’s guard to stand down, and a one-on-one duel to the death settles the matter in favor of the righteous. But what about now? With lawless decrees ruling our lives, what recourse do we have to a return of power to the people?

Political insider Maria Zack discusses the situation—“the shadow government is being taken down”—with Canadian natural law proponent Christopher James (A Warrior Calls), outlining alternative means including military tribunals and local courthouse actions under common law. Supporting evidence is provided in data reveals such as the Pandora Papers and forensic audits of the US election.

According to Zack, the pyramid of power that needs to be called to account is headed by thirty-eight big cheeses calling the shots, including the usual suspects: Soros, the Pope, the Queen, the Rothschilds, Gates, Buffett, Fink, Bezos, Bloomberg, and Munger, to name a few. Not coincidentally, they have profited most from the reset they have orchestrated:  “The world’s billionaires gained $3.9 trillion while working people lost $3.7 trillion in 2020”(Colin Todhunter, The Fear Pandemic and the Crisis of Capitalism).

Below them, also operating in the shadows to carry out their agenda, are the agencies and operatives of the Deep State. Below them the bag carriers—politicians and NGOs—deliver these orders to the compliant masses.

While such an overview paints a large target easy to call “conspiracy theory,” the purveyors of the real-time conspiracy make no apology for their plan to save the planet… from us. “The World Economic Forum… far from being “shadowy” publish all of their plans on a glossy website and upload talks and panel discussions from their glitzy annual meetings at Davos” (Ian Jenkins). More detailed expositions of the intended global makeover are readily available in such critiques as 2030 Unmasked and The Viral Panopticon: Public Health’s Prison Planet.

As of this writing, the long overdue arrests and negotiations, plea bargaining and reparations, are yet to be forthcoming. In the meantime, Zack has simple but powerful advice: “Remove fear; remove the mask; go out and live your life.”

The Antidote

Metaphysical practitioner Rachel Elnaugh provides a truly zoomed out focus with her esoteric understanding of the Dark Forces playing out the end game on planet Earth, by whatever names we choose to call them: evil, satanic, ahrimanic (Steiner), reptilian (Icke), archontic (Gnostic), or wetiko (Paul Levy). I will summarize her presentation here.

The door (or floor) of human experience that offers protection from these lower-dimension, parasitic, nonhuman energies/entities is made porous with cracks and leaks from trauma, especially in childhood.

How is trauma induced? The primal emotions when under threat, motivating the fight or flight response, are anger and fear, respectively. When parents and schools prevent either response, the emotional energy is trapped, frozen, and becomes toxic. Stress without outlet or expression becomes chronic; meanwhile emotions are shut down. The individual learns not to feel, and thus to become immune to empathy or compassion. Those most lacking in these attributes excel in politics or the military, banking or business, rising to the top, where they can exercise control over others without conscience.



Unresolved trauma creates vulnerability to triggering, and to traumatizing others (“Hurt people hurt people”). One type of response is to be “stuck on,” and to release the energy aggressively on others: the Persecutor. The other response is “stuck off”—depressive, anxious, fearful: the emotions of the Victim.

The antidote to this codependent trap is to recognize and transmute our unresolved trauma. Until then, as Jung so well expressed (“When a situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate”), life will keep throwing at us reiterations of childhood trauma so we can learn to heal.

A third, and most dangerous role in the psychodrama, is the Rescuer, who can play both the other roles and has to confront their own trauma history that has auditioned them into the drama. Nevertheless, myth paints the rescuer as the hero defending a people suffering from an enemy. Government deliberately has seized this role, with the script, “To save humans at risk from the invisible virus, I will keep you safe!”


The mass of us, already full of unresolved trauma ratcheted a hundredfold since March 2020, have responded with fear and fled the realm of common sense, giving the so-called rescuer our absolute trust.  The script and roles were well rehearsed already, since the Covid drama is a play within a larger play. The Climate Change Agenda premises a global threat to humanity, with the WEF and its Green New Deal as savior. An even longer-running hit play using the same three-character script stars a cast of Sinners, an angry and vengeful God, and a Messiah.

Unfortunately, the hero/rescuer—whether our governments, the globalists, or the Christian Church—by playing the game of masks instead of unveiling the dark forces of trauma, only perpetrates more of it, up to and including genocide.

Gabor Maté advises changing the script to healing by taking focus off the trigger, and turning it to the “unexploded bomb” of trauma held inside. Doing so widens our “window of tolerance” to influences of the outside world without getting triggered into fear or anger.

Instead, to heal our own trauma, we can pause to choose our response instead of unconsciously reacting to potential triggers. The antidote is stillness, meditation, spaciousness, slowing down. Music, harmony, dancing and singing all help to lift energies into harmonic resonance with nature. A healthy diet, pure water and fresh air (unmasked) likewise lift our vibration to a state of balance. Smiling, laughter, and humor also contribute to healing.

Wise words from the ages, to keep us zoomed out to our full potential, and zoomed in to what is holding us back within our own psyche. Tessa Lena adds another voice to summarize the challenge and opportunity before us:

The broken individual feels the need to develop “rules” for others to establish “predictability” and keep things under control. It’s all neurotic — but then, if he manages to interest others in this curious experiment or succeeds at scaring them, we end up with a world in which Eric Schmidt of Google and Klaus Schwab of the WEF decide what’s “good for us,” as we comply. We end up with a dictatorship of the people who forgot how to dance.
‘I believe that in some existential way, what’s happening right now is a result of that one day in the old village when that one guy succeeded at tricking or scaring everybody else out of their innate sense of self-love and self-trust. It’s that one day, many centuries later. And I feel that perhaps, we can revisit that choice, knowing what we know today.
‘We can decide, today, to trust ourselves and the universe and to stand by our instincts. We can make the move and forgive the confusions of the past and leave them behind. We can reach out to the universe, ask for help and guidance, and pray for healing and love from the heart. We can pray as free participants of the dance, not as scared servants.’


further research: Quarantine Reading List

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