An Unauthentic Life



by Elva Thompson





“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star – Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar; Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home.”


We are born into this world with a clean slate, a blank computer programme, and it is upon this interface that the foundation of our lives is built. Having just arrived in this reality, our awareness still has a strong connection to spiritual reality and the Oneness Field of Source Energy. We are in a state of innocence.


Programmed to cry


Our instinctual programming is very important in our early life. When we are hungry or uncomfortable, survival mechanism steps in and we cry until our demands are satisfied. This behaviour is entirely unconscious and is built into the human genome.


Totally authentic


When we are young, we are totally authentic beings. We are spontaneous. Nothing is hidden.  Our emotions are instinctual and honest. We laugh, giggle, play in pure joy, we are excited, motivated, curious and creative. If we are hurt, we cry, scream, kick, feel betrayed, sad, scared, alone and helpless. We are open books, our life pages untainted by the horrors of life. We don’t hide behind a mask or fake smile. Our spiritual being is very much alive.


The fading of the dream


“Heaven lies about us in our infancy! Shades of the prison-house begin to close – Upon the growing boy, but he beholds the light and whence it flows. He sees it in his joy.”



As soon as we are taught about the world and our place in it, our spiritual realities, our faerie worlds are blotted out by ridicule and other people’s thinking. As a result, we become locked into the illusion of separation.


Thought… not spiritual understanding creates our world, our cities, establishments and culture.  But sadly, in the midst of materialism and the fight for survival, the magical dreams of childhood fade away.


“The Youth, who daily farther from the east must travel, still is Nature’s Priest, And by the vision splendid is on his way attended: at length the Man sees it die away, and fade into the light of common day.”  William Wordsworth.




As children, most of us have been abused or traumatised in some way by our parents, peers and contemporaries, either physically, sexually or mentally, and perhaps for some poor souls all three.


It is a fact of life. It is generational!


In order to survive in negatively charged environments, we soon find that lying is the best strategy. It becomes a survival mechanism which leads to a society where lying, cheating, blatant dishonesty, fakeness, inauthenticity is normal, and in today’s materialistic cult-ure all of the super ego traits above are rampant.




When we view modern day society, we see that the majority of people, especially those in the public eye are as inauthentic as they come. They are all about power over others, possessions and appearances, worried about their reputations and what people think of them. They constantly fabricate lies and half-truths. We could say that indoctrinating us with religious, racial and political dogma built on division and hate… is abuse. In that case every one of us have been abused.


The seduction of the super ego


According to Sigmund Freud, human personalities have three aspects. The id, the super ego and the ego. The id is made up of man’s primal urges and instincts – the human blueprint or programme. The super-ego, the ‘me’ with its status quo standards, -and the ego that mediates between the demands of reality, the biological urges of the id, and the often insanity of the super ego. It seems to me that the id is the species programme. Just like cats do their thing, chickens do their thing, we also have subconscious programming for our species.


Thought and thinking


“Thought is so cunning, so clever, that it distorts everything for its own convenience. The me is the mischief in the world.”  Krishnamurti


Research shows that our ego comes online around the age of two. It is not until the word ‘mine’ and the feeling associated with it is discovered that the ego develops. The ego is necessary for survival in this reality. It is the organiser. It gives confidence and stability to the individual. However, the balanced ego is often overtaken by the thinking mind, the super ego.



Edging out God


This takeover by the super ego, the ‘foreign installation’ as Don Juan calls it, often manifests as arrogance, pride, vanity, envy, judgement, prejudice, the need to control, lust for power, fanaticism, and an obsession with getting for self at all costs. The driving force of the super ego is fear, desire and pleasure. And, if we allow it to take root in our consciousness, it will install fear in every aspect of our lives. An out of balance super ego blots out spiritual reality. It edges out God.


Forever ego


As long as we live in a physical body, we will have an ego. When we die to this life, and are drawn back into another round of incarnation, a new ego will be born and will develop a new personality for that lifetime called ‘me’.


Do you see this?


Doing it now


Life eternal is not a state we go to after death, but it is an inner condition of consciousness to be attained now while we live. Then we can consciously die.


It’s time to be an authentic being….


As Radhakrishnan wrote: “The oldest wisdom in the world tells us we can consciously unite with the divine while in this body; for this man is really born. If he misses his destiny, Nature is not in a hurry; she will catch him up someday and compel him to fulfil her secret purpose.”


Until next time, stay in love with your life.


About the Author


Written by ethompson

Elva Thompson was born in England in 1947 and moved to Rosebud Lakota reservation in 1987. She is the author of the Heartstar Series; Book One: The Key made of Air, Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia, and Book Three: Walking In Three Worlds. Her other interests include organic gardening, ancient phonetic languages, sonic sound and their application in the healing arts. She is also a medical intuitive and teaches sonic re-patterning using sound, colour, and essential oils. Elva Thompson is on Amazon Author Central @ amazon.com/author/heartstar




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