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Once, long ago, waves of light built empires of beauty’s might.


Ends had no meaning for nothing began in memory but was always there.


Notes of attention were musical and all nourishment came through laughter’s flow.


We begin without, here in this life from within, leaving the fullness of awareness behind to grow again from the golden truths of love.


From a soothsayer’s clacking bones rose the dust of potential’s sight. Sunlight broke into the room through cracks in high coloured window panes.


The pains of temporary balms slipped through our fingers, lost in memories whole, never to be felt again.


Clack, clack, clack we can only look back with meat resting uneasy on bones. Muscles unused, sight confused, distortion’s mind screams of illusory pains. I’s clouded over.


Too many fools have showed up for this dance, stepping on each other’s toes, unmindful of the bloody puddles gathering slippery beneath slippered feet.


Told what to say, do and think, a slave’s mind is a weak sieve of old stale dreams. Insects make webs and deceive, as we believe in time not from the heart but of another place.


Trapped in Shadow’s sticky realm, webbed through death’s rictus grin, blowing chills to those of us who still remain in heart’s warm embrace.


And so, from here we can see a special need for a new story. I hate having been deceived. I detest even more coming to my own conclusions of self-deception; gross in my underwhelming efforts to date to change and rearrange my fate.


Our Happy Destiny is Unavoidable, if and when, we say through power’s actions that this is sow.  (sow: 1 : to plant seed for growth especially by scattering 2 : to set something in motion : begin an enterprise.)


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