How’s your mask? 


We are all wearing a mask. Yes even you, in fact the voice saying ‘I don’t have a mask’ is one of your masks. Masks are constructed in the subconscious so we don’t always see them. 
To start to recognize your masks take time to notice how you change around different people and groups. What parts of you do you suppress, mask, to appease others? Do you talk differently, not put your ideas forward. Do you dress and act differently so as not to offend?  


Do you go out and be less of you to make others feel like more of them? 


This is obviously a big topic so if you would like to explore your masks and start to take them off click the link below. Lorenzo and I have created a nine step video series to walk you through recognizing the masks we wear, understanding where they came from and why we built them. Then we will help you start to peel them back to reveal the real you.  

We all deserve to see the real you and so do you. 




Quote of the Week – 

Behind every mask is a face, and behind that a story.” 

Marty Rubin






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