Beyond Being Fooled with Tony Sayers (New Age Whistleblower) and Lorenzo






Tony Sayers is a self-proclaimed new age whistleblower looking behind the promises of that easy road to salvation.

Today we discussed the potential of falling victim to the many ‘so-called’ healers out there who promise to do the hard work for you.

If you follow another you must trust that they have your best interest at heart. Perhaps, some even believe they do. However, seems obvious to me that no one can know you as well as you do. And thus, no one can fully understand what you need to heal yourself.

Pain, stress, duress, sadness and the like, all demand that we look into that which ails us. I know it is in those ‘healings’ that we find our true ‘measure’, our honest source of life’s pure love. Without completely understanding of how we got wounded in the first place, there can be no permanent healing.

Sure, at times others can sooth and help us through challenging moments. Allowing us to see those wounds, physical, emotional and such, that we may be missing or avoiding. It could even be seen as a kindness to compare our shared wisdom of healings from one to another.

Doesn’t change that fact, that if we wish to be full, healthy and complete, it is something we must accomplish with ‘our own two hands’.

A trainer may suggest exercises to help me build muscle and such, but without picking up those weights myself and climbing that mountain any new stamina and strength I wish for will remain just that, a wish that has not been fulfilled.




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