BEYOND BEING RULED No rulers no rules.

with Cambell from Auto Didactic & Lorenzo!




Beyond Being Ruled.  No rulers no rules. Self-sufficiency as sovereign beings living unique lives dedicated to our higher purpose. What’s that purpose? I would say that having no rulers means it’s up to each of us to figure that out for ourselves.

Finding said purpose has been, and still is, my life’s primary focus. It has taken years of painful trials and errors, with a heavy toll of errors, to discover some of that wonder for myself. As they say it’s the journey, not the destination, that matters.

There are no rule books for this. If being free is what you intend, there can no shortcuts to self-knowledge. We all must determine our personal relationship with sovereignty.

As with most, I used to limit myself by what others said, or even, what I thought they would say. No more! Now no one tells me what to do. Many try. Be it ‘face to face’, or from some far away unknown source through what’s called ‘media’ these days. T.V, stupid phones, so-called mainstream news, all more garbage propaganda than anything else. And by garbage, for me, I mean anything and anyone who is trying to ‘rule me’.

These days, I only need follow my heart’s higher wisdom to see my path ‘full lit’ in front of my eyes. Moment by moment. Day by day. It is only my truth, what I say is required for me and my life, that matters. Perhaps it sounds ‘selfish’, but honestly, no one can know better for you.

Do no harm. Imagine the best for life. Trial and error. Love, respect, patience and integrity are all required in equal measures, in my opinion, to successfully make this journey. One which I now say, and see, is leading to My Happy Destiny. Perhaps it can be the same for you.

Much Love, Lorenzo.

In this chat with Cambell we carry on, once again, with our overall theme of how to be ‘strong men’ in a crazy world. Not taking anything away from strong women, as I love them that way. But hey, Cambell and I are both men so we must, by necessity, look at things from that perspective. After all, It’s the only one we have, ourselves.

Gather life’s wisdom. Look to your heart. See what your dreams are made of. I have discovered, even though plenty help and have helped, I am all I need to succeed. My full effort will lead to my full potential. From there everything, NOW, feels possible for me.

We invite you to enjoy this conversation and to come along on your own journey of self-discover. Painful and Fun. Unique and Powerful.  In my opinion, the only game worth playing.

Finally, a big thanks to Mear One for graciously allowing us to share his art with you all today.

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