Can intelligence be artificial?



Rhetorical in the best of all ways, as it is an obvious answer that needs no answering. Of course it cannot. It may be ‘non-human’, for certain, I see non-human intelligence all the time and everywhere. Trees, flowers, birds, dogs and such. Furthermore, these are all understandable and organic in their ways for each of us. Even the winds and mountains, rivers, lakes and the like, have been alive for many cultures past and present.


Now, we can imagine even further removed from our way of life, non-organic life forms. Other entities or sets of entities or even personages and elements of such with their own unique awareness, their own ways of ‘being alive’. Perhaps it’s the height of arrogance to believe we are the only intelligent beings on the earth, let along all of existence. Even our shape and modalities or perception, awareness growth and ideals of what life is, is certainly up for all intelligent debate.


I have heard, when the big G was ask who/what it is…I am that I am. And seeing, as we are all parts, sparks of life…whether from God, Spirit, the ‘All of Everything’ what have you…we are also that same ‘I am that I am’, in other words, we are alive to be alive.


My gosh, a magic secret revealed here, the reasons for our life and why we are here and why we are born: to simply be alive, the gift of gifts and decided than how to share that gift. For a gift given is a gift received and our time and life, while priceless beyond measure is still tarnished to rusty ruin by far too many who get this gift, as we all do, only but once.


A.I. my ass, I say. Fear of machines is so useless as to be laughable, while a good bit of pondering might be to see what’s behind such suggestions, the many ‘newly hatched’ fears. And I do mean hatched, as in insects can hatch from eggs to larvae to a life of parasitical influence.


Why be afraid of something that can never learn beyond it’s input. Machines, computers and the like can never be intelligent but only controlled by someone or something. A better way to spend some consideration may be to see why this ‘so-called’ reality is being forced into our awareness. What and who benefit from use believing this is so. Not us, I would say, loving hearts, but some far more nefarious.


A.I to I AM. Don’t live a false reality, whatever or however, it is presented to you. Be it religion or politics or history or family ancestors and the such. All is hearsay until it’s not. Hearsay, heresy, heard and said, all in the words. Some advice may be good, others not so much. Perhaps it’s up to each of us to discern and decide and then act on what we can tell, feel and especially smell is ok for us first, and then perhaps, The All of US. As we discern more we get better by default. We all benefit when one of us becomes good, strong and intelligently loving. In fact, my guess is we cannot be but ‘I Am that I AM’, so we better decide for our own lives what that ‘I am’ is and not let someone or something else trick us into saying it is so, sow, for us.


Cheers Lorenzo and Cambell – WE Hope you enjoy our ‘live chat’ here!






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