Can You Please Point Me to the Door Out of Here?



by MofWooFoo



Imagine that there is an entity, God. Wait, this is not going to be religious at all. I only say to imagine God only for the sake of this discussion, its not important here whether there is one or not, that would be outside of this discussion. Then assuming this, what is God’s intention for creating us and the universe? lets narrow the question down to his intention for us? We drop into this life only to discover it piece by piece over time, to follow its clues to our rightful path, towards aligning ourself with all that is, flowing, harmonizing, connecting, being super spontaneous, always in the moment, balanced, grounded, humble, grateful, and funny, but not attached to any of it, nor to the drama, or the pleasure and the pain. God placed you here, you were born into it. Now it seems to want figuring it out. Like rats in a matrix we search for the door into freedom and fulfillment. It seems possible that no one has ever found it, but for those we call saints, gurus, or whatever, whom we imagine have found their way out and have lived on a higher plane, so to speak. They give us hope that it is possible.


Is it possible to waste this life, to not derive any or many of the positive aspects that this life offers, just from making wrong decisions, being in difficult circumstances, or living from fear. To waste something so infinitely precious, can hurt a lot. I am sure that we all want to live without regrets. The older one gets, the faster life seems to be going by, and one can’t help but think that its now or never, some call it “midlife crisis”.


When I am flossing and brushing my teeth, I often think, it seems that I just did this, now I am doing it again, every night I’m back here again, its always the same, each beautiful day, no matter how spectacular, ends in this mundane manner, for the rest of my life. It is a discipline, that most all of us do, privately, to save our precious teeth, and have a nice taste in one’s mouth, two big motivators. I know that it might seem prosaic of me to speak of such personal, mundane matters, but even the prosaic can be profound. And I am not just saying it for the sake of all those who may be leading a “pragmatic” existence, or for the sake of saying that even the ordinary can be extraordinary, which almost defeats the purpose of making the distinction between ordinary and extraordinary, it may as well be just one word, like “traordinary”, which is a combination of the 2 words. If you are in the process of creating a dictionary of new, original words, you can take this for a small royalty on every dictionary you sell, just one cent, that is all I am asking..


Thinking about ways of how to make some money, its almost the same of having to always brush one’s teeth, before going to bed. For many people, the mind keeps coming back to the same thing. Its like being chained to a wall. The mind should be free to wander and to be amazed, and not to keep stepping in the same holes, blind allies, and getting caught by all the delusions that hang like cobwebs in one’s mind.


The mind and the universe both seem infinite in different ways. The mind may be limited to the skull but seems unlimited in its capacity to store information, or it has no dimensions, being immaterial and is thus seemingly limitless as well. While they say the universe is forever expanding, meaning, i presume, that the “objects” in the universe are all traveling outward, away from each other at great speeds while the nothingness that has no end, more or less stays still in a somewhat static kind of backdrop. It could be the black curtain that comes down at the end, after all the lights are out, though I would prefer to think that the nothingness that exists after this life is beyond anything that we could imagine, and is neither dark or boring. It is impossible for our minds to conceive of the beginning of existence, since it is impossible to conceive of anything “always existing”, like our friend, god. we are always stuck with the question, then where did god come from? Maybe when we die, it all becomes clear and makes sense. And the distinction between ordinary and extraordinary is both for the sake of contrast, to remember to stay open to both the great and the small, as all is sacred and has value, and to send our love to every aspect of creation in an equanimical fashion.


Now if one could figure out “God’s intention”, one might be able to live in alignment and in harmony. Imagine that existence is a multi-leveled construction, analogous in some ways to a large cloud or a building, and the “matrix” is in the “basement” of existence, where there is no freedom, but rather only 2 types of slavery, chainless slavery with the illusion of freedom, and naked slavery which comes with chains and bars.


In the meantime, we are all looking for a way out of the “matrix”, to freedom, to alignment, to fulfillment. Maybe there is only one door… death. Or maybe there is an escalator to a higher level of existence, just one floor up, so to speak, a world where everything makes sense and we can feel “home”.







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