‘Communicate Your Freedom’


-Find Life’s Lost Purpose-


with Iam Saums, Cambell(Autodidactic) and Lorenzo(The New Now)







Join us today and Cambell (Autodidactic) and Lorenzo (The New Now) discuss ‘Freedom and how to best Communicate Yours’,

with the ever interesting Iam Saums.


Communication is key to everything in life, I would say. Especially the communications we have with ourselves. It does one no good to lie to themselves about anything for any reason. Unless or course your intent is to live in delusion, in which case, by all means, you should continue to exist in a fug of lies.

Going within, though, to discover what Freedom means for you would be essential to finding your ‘Life’s Lost Purpose’.

As, on of my favorites, Vernon Howard put it:

“First of all, remind yourself that your adventure is an inward one. Do not try to change the external world. Change your own attitudes and viewpoints. When you change yourself, you change the world as far as you are concerned – for – you- are – your own world. The interior and exterior are the same. Make this exciting discovery, for then you will see how it is perfectly possible to live in a confused society while remaining untouched by its chaos.” –Vernon Howard.

Join us today as we take on the huge topic of Freedom and how to Communicate Yours Clearly.



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