Critical Awareness with Kingsley L. Dennis


Interview by Lorenzo


critical- : inclined to criticize severely and unfavorably, consisting of or involving criticism, , exercising or involving careful judgment or judicious evaluation, including variant readings and scholarly emendations, ,of, relating to, or being a turning point or specially important juncture a critical phase, indispensable, vital, ,being in or approaching a state of crisis ,of sufficient size to sustain a chain reaction.


awareness – the quality or state of being aware : knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists, promoting a heightened awareness of the problem, seemed to have only a slight awareness of what was going on, an acute awareness of subtle differences.


Quite the potential of understanding and explorations which may come of combining these two words, two ideas, two points of perspective liberally spiced with intuitive understanding all the while open to new interpretations of what’s possible for us as humans. Even to explore what that means and where we can go with said ‘potential’.


We, Kingsley and myself, hope you enjoy this first of what may be many such chats on where we are as a species, where we may be going, and again, what that even means, in that, where is there to go and how, what would be this means of ‘travel’?


Is it physical or more energetic, both, something other?


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Terraforming, A.I., Original Energy, East meets West Awareness, Frequency Fields and a deep study of Human Nature. My first chat with Kingsley L. Dennis takes in all of these interesting topics and much more besides.


We’ve shared, thanks to his kindness and generosity, many of his articles and essays over the years, with many more, as possible, to come.


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