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Your Money Is Their Money (Part 2)


Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.

— Henry Kissinger
Nobel Peace Prize-winning War Criminal


In case you missed it: Your Money Is Their Money (Part 1)


Act Three


We are fast approaching the climax of the final act of the U.S. Empire’s global monetary monopoly. The system established at Bretton Woods in 1945 is quickly dissipating and the only people incapable of seeing the obvious trainwreck ahead are the indoctrinated masses of financially illiterate half-wits, and the people in the District of Corruption who those half-wits vote for.


Saudi Arabia is blushing at romantic overtures from the dragon while ignoring Israel and U.S. demands to keep hating Iran. Turkey is dancing with Russia, China, and the Global South while being a thorn in NATO’s southern flank. The largest market by population, India is buying Russian commodities and energy in Rubles.


The Dragon is in the Bear’s den for a visit.


Nobody is answering Dementia Joe’s phone calls.


Every attempt to tear down Russia with over 11,000 trade and economic sanctions has boomeranged back into the faces of the criminals in Brussels, London, and D.C.


There is no banking crisis in Russia. There are no liquidity issues with the Ruble and they are not hyperinflating their currency into the toilet. Russia is also developing a CBDC, so they get no prize for dodging western bullets as just another actor in our global stage play.


The Fed released its second Sunday night press release in a row. The last time they did a Sunday night performance was in March of 2020 as the markets were in freefall over a phony virus planned for a hoax pandemic.


Central Banks of Canada, England, Switzerland, Japan, Europastan, and The Empire of Lies have launched daily dollar swap lines to keep liquidity flowing, and to keep their Ponzi scheme operational a little longer until they pull the final rug to try and transition their debt slaves to their new system.


The Empire is on a ventilator, and soon will be given Remdesivir. First, the looters need to loot the last of the phony currency.


The people who have been mocked as “preppers” and “survivalists” are finally going to get to eat their self-prepared cake as they relax on the porches of their ten-acre homesteads with chickens, gardens, sheep, gold, silver, guns, and freshwater sources.


Everyone else will be standing directly in front of those GloboPsycho fans as their steady stream of s**t hits it.



Imagine the 64% of Americans now living paycheck to paycheck.


Imagine you’re one of them, even if you’re not.


Your bank account balance is 0.00.


You get paid 4000 every pay term in FedCoin.


Payday arrives and it’s directly deposited in your JPMorgan Chase account by their FedNow settlement system because JPMorgan Chase owns and profits off your debt.


JPMorgan Chase is the largest of only five banks left. They hold your mortgage note and immediately deduct your monthly mortgage payment from your pay. They also hold your auto loan and student loans. They immediately deduct FedCoin for both. The auto insurance company has connections to JPMorgan Chase and wants their money right away.


They take it.


Amazon notices you bought some things six months ago in installments and still owe two more months of payments.


Amazon takes its monthly share. Deducted immediately from your FedNow wallet.


You’re left with 1000 until the next payday.


Your fridge is empty and your kids are hungry.


FedCoin is programmed so you can only spend it at certain grocery stores.


You buy food and some other essentials, paying with the FedNow Wallet on your phone that has your Social Security number and all your information.


It tracks where you are at all times based on the geolocation positioning of your pocket computer.


Border crossers are handed free phones with FedNow wallets already loaded with FedCoin. They don’t need a social security number because the people who gave them the FedCoin know there will be no social security by the end of the decade.


The deductions continue.


FedAgents (Formerly FBI) working at Facebook reported a post the week prior that you made criticizing Pfizer and the CDC.


Your FedCoin balance is deducted 50 tokens for “spreading misinformation about the government.”


This is your second strike for having wrong thoughts online. If you get a third strike they will deduct 500 tokens. Even if you don’t have it in your account, it will be deducted from your next payday.


You can see where all this is going.


That boot on a human face forever.


And we’re pretty much already there…


Twitter avatar for @FiatFood

Fiat Food @FiatFood

A billion Chinese are living some variation of this with a few billion surveillance cameras also following their every move, every day of their lives, tracking what they buy, who they talk to, and what they say.


And yes, this is already happening in the U.S., there are no penalties yet for wrong-think, but that’s why they’re moving at hyperspeed toward CBDCs.


The ONLY WAY to launch a successful CBDC that isn’t immediately ignored for alternatives is to first destroy crypto.


If they do they’ll control money forever.


If they control your money. They control you.


With fiat, your money is their money.


With CBDCs, your life is their money.





As if any of this needs restating for Good Citizens.


  • Buy Gold
  • Buy Silver
  • Buy Property (where the state won’t seize it if SHTF)
  • Sell Crypto before they blow it up
  • Have an Emergency Food Supply (90 days minimum)
  • Fresh water supply (many U.S. states still poison tap water with fluoride)
  • Stock up on batteries, fuel reserves, first aid kits, prescription drugs that you can’t wean off on your own (China controls 80% of the U.S. market), medical tech, and every other useful piece of kit you might need when the financial system collapses and supply chains with it
  • Get the hell out of cities



Everything went wrong for humanity when people were herded by the state and its barons of industry into urban areas and disconnected from the true sources of health, wealth, and nourishment—all abundant in nature for prosperity, independence, and self-reliance.


The last place anyone will want to be when they collapse their old system is in an urban environment filled with government-dependent mobs. When the fans start churning those streams of s**t in front of the unprepared, the greater the concentration of people, the greater the likelihood of looting, crime, riots, and all the hell we watched that was permitted and even financially endorsed by corporate state fascists in the summer of 2020.


The artificially inflated capitalizations of western social media companies can’t heat their homes.

— Vladimir Putin


Tether and the CIA are setting a trap for Bitcoin and crypto.

The Tether Trap


When fiat collapses (soon, and by design) it will bring down the whole crypto market that was supposed to be a viable alternative.


Stablecoins like USDC and USDT are supposed to be pegged to the dollar. One dollar for one tether token. However, Tether does not have $76 billion in reserves for the $76 billion in tether tokens in circulation. This is simply fractional reserve token creation that artificially pumps the crypto markets.


Tether is a scam in the same way fiat and fractional reserve banking are scams.


After years of people decrying this obvious scam, last month Tether announced new monthly “audits” using a for-profit company called BDO-Italia. BDO is a global accounting firm with a Dutch name. So why go to the Italian branch specifically in Milan for monthly “audits”?


Imagine being a small-time accounting arm of a global firm and getting the fourth largest cryptocurrency to pay you monthly to tell the world that their books are in tip-top shape.


Might as well change their company name to Arturo Andersoni.


Binance, one of the biggest grifters in the crypto space with hundreds of lawsuits being organized in nations across the west for outright theft of customer money on their exchanges, also has a worthless stablecoin BUSD.


It’s not just the Fed that can grift the dopey masses.


Why not invent a stablecoin and say it’s equal to one dollar if people are going to send you their Bitcoin, Ethereum, and actual dollars for your phony coin?


Except the Fed has the power of the SEC and Intel pigs on their side.


There are now “stablecoin wars” where exchanges incentivize customers to ditch trading in other stablecoins for their own exclusive stablecoin. In other words, trade their shit for our shit so you can trade it against a whole bunch of other worthless shit.


Last month the stablecoin war targeted Binance, who created BUSD. Binance is a Chinese company with offshore shell companies and with no physical address. They fell afoul of the empire cartel and their preferred laundering tools in USDC and USDT.



Circle (USDC) is their second preferred stablecoin. This scam nearly collapsed last week with Silicon Valley Bank, but a dubious financial institution most people have never heard of called Crossriver Bank became the preferred bank of Circle’s deposits of $3 Billion.


Crossriver Bank appears to be some kind of Israeli-US front company for the coming engineered crypto collapse. You can read all about that in this interesting thread:


If Circle was revealed to have $3 Billion in deposits, now safely with Crossriver Bank, where is the other $32 Billion in USDC-backed dollars they should have? Hopefully, it’s not invested in short-term bonds.


$113 Billion will be vaporized overnight. There will be no bailouts.

Stablecoins are trying to perform the role of fiat currencies in equities markets but in crypto markets.


It’s all garbage, behind garbage, behind 99.999% of total filth.


USD (fiat) > USDT (stablecoin) > CumRocket (shitcoin)


Tether’s co-founder is Brock Pierce, the former child actor who refused to testify against his bosses running a Hollywood pedophile ring out of the home he lived in.


Pierce ran for President in 2020 and claims to have had no involvement with Tether since 2015. He thinks his invention is the greatest thing since the advent of fiat money. Seriously.


“I think Tether is one of the most important innovations in the world, certainly. It’s probably the most important innovation in currency since the advent of fiat money.”


Absolute genius.


My invention of digital garbage is the most important innovation since the advent of cotton garbage used by empires to terrorize the world and keep their citizens in shackles as overtaxed debt slaves.



The CIA is using Tether to funnel money to all its overseas illegal operations where it gets washed on crypto exchanges and withdrawn by their criminal partners into fiat.


At first, the SEC and CIA probably didn’t know what to do with Tether and other stablecoin companies. They didn’t regulate it. They didn’t audit them. They have fined them for “securities violations” but only to keep up appearances of regulation.


It’s clear they have taken control of the largest two stablecoin companies in USDT and USDC. Which means they control the crypto market.


Here’s Brock Pierce, co-founder of Tether three days ago in the poison dwarf’s den in Ukraine with their card-carrying frequent finance members:


Twitter avatar for @RabbiUkraine

Chief Rabbi Of Ukraine Moshe Azman @RabbiUkraine
Delegation with @brockpierce visited met with @FedorovMykhailo Such meetings help strengthen ties between countries and the hands investment potential and promote free market and technological advancements. @Yaakov_Flitch thanks for organizing the delegation.


FTX and their investment arm laundering arm Alameda research were dumping Tether in the crypto markets to inflate the last “bull market” bubble.


FTX was also a money-laundering operation for the deep state. They stole people’s money and gave it to the Democrat party ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections because they needed all the help they could get in making elections across the country look fair and believable as they were rigged to help Democrats keep the Senate and border states like Arizona.


All “bull markets” since Tether emerged in 2014 have been completely rigged with dollar liquidity from Fed printing which is used to print more USDT coins which drive the price of Bitcoin up and pumps the total market capitalization of the entire crypto sphere.


Tether The CIA printed another $9 billion USDT over the past few weeks which is entirely responsible for the price of bitcoin going from $22k to $28k, and has nothing to do with the banking crisis and people fleeing to Bitcoin.


It appears now that they will inflate one last crypto bubble to lure suckers in for one last wipeout before they pull the rug on the competition to usher in their CBDC tyranny.


It’s called “Operation Chokepoint 2.0” and it’s happening now and probably involves Crossriver Bank.



The kids speculating have no idea what’s coming. Most of them learned nothing from losing their shirts in the FTX wipeout.


They have their eyes on the digits in their crypto wallets and on the towering red or green candles that move their worth in wild speculative swings all based on the amount of U.S. dollars printed, and scam stablecoins flushed into the market.


Their reckoning is coming when the CIA launches that torpedo.


The clock is ticking. There won’t be much time to see the torpedo and get off that boat.


When the dollar bomb explodes and the transition to CBDCs requires a shock approach, they will need to pull the rug from under the crypto markets to blame the collapse of fiat and hyperinflation on CBDCs’ only legitimate competitors.


Hundreds of billions will be wiped off the crypto market overnight.


There will be no bailouts.





Cypto Reset

At some point, there is going to be a transition period.


The government will need to ban crypto. Again, this is the only way their CBDCs have a chance of mass adoption and total control over the population.


They will first need a reason to ban it. This is where the above stablecoin demolition comes in, to pin the blame on any financial “crisis” on crypto.


Since the government is not very fast, smart, effective, efficient, competent… ah hell I could go on all day—there will be a window of opportunity to buy collapsed crypto at bargain basement prices once the stablecoins are vaporized.


It might require using metals and buying in person. This is why holding gold and silver will be advantageous. Many gold bugs are probably laughing at the idea of buying crypto with their precious metal. But in order to transact in a national, regional, or global economy, in the digital sphere, metals in hand are worthless.



If it’s possible to make person-to-person CBDC transfers then citizens can use that to buy crypto while concealing it as a private transaction. The government will know which citizen bought something from another citizen and for what amount, but they won’t know what. The IRS will immediately record it on both citizen ledgers for tax day.


There will probably be a “purchase transaction item” line in the FedNow application where the government can know what’s being purchased. And crypto buyers could write whatever they want.


Used books.

A red, white, and blue dildo.

More ammo.


At this point, after a collapse, it’s possible that Bitcoin and crypto are trading at a 90% discount. There could be no market stabilization mechanism, and prices could fluctuate on any foreign exchanges that still exist, leaving western buyers to name their prices.


A single 1oz gold coin could fetch five bitcoin, which today would cost 71 1oz gold coins. Since there would be a rush on precious metals after a monetary system collapse, it would make silver and gold worth even more. A holder of a silver piece could name their price on crypto if there are no more crypto markets or prices are in such free fall with the government on the verge of outlawing it that all those laser-eyed zealots are shitting themselves and dumping their digital wallets for whatever they can get.


The inverse could also happen and all cryptos are hyperinflated like all assets to crazy levels only seen in Venezuela and Zimbabwe and the price of Bitcoin hits $1,000,000. Unfortunately, the price of a loaf of bread will be .00001 bitcoin so it doesn’t matter if all assets hyperinflate with a hyperinflated dollar.



Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on public blockchain technologies cannot be controlled by governments. They are decentralized technologies that are built upon open and transparent digital ledgers that automatically keep track of every token in circulation and every transaction that occurs on the blockchain.


There are a finite amount of tokens that will ever be in circulation, so it is deflationary by design and scarce so that value increases with demand.


It is the ultimate financial liberation technology for society to embrace that will be the cause of endless headaches for governments with CBDCs.



Eventually, the free market will do what it always does and engage in price discovery to find out what the new value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are based on life in a post-CBDC, post-dollar, and post-stablecoin world. Whether the price is recalibrated in any remaining foreign exchanges or new Defi exchanges, it will eventually stabilize after the smoke clears, and its new value will be known in good time.


It might very well be that a new global reserve currency is the tool for price discovery, or any remaining fiat currencies, Yuan or Ruble for example, now have repriced the marketplace where dollars no longer exist. It’s even probable that new stablecoins pretending to be backed by those other currencies take over the crypto market and the whole scam starts anew with another worthless fiat, backing worthless stablecoins, creating delusions of bull market madness and “mooning.”


The only way to destroy these tokens is to turn the entire western world into North Korea—as in having no Internet or network technologies at all, which goes against the WTF! Great Resent agenda of an Internet of things and Internet of bodies controlled by a panoply of 5G and later 6G satellites and towers.


While Bitcoin and many cryptocurrencies can be tracked and traced by governments, they do not have the resources to go after everyone and have only gone after “big fish.” Bitcoin and the top cryptocurrencies built upon solid technologies will survive government laws or prohibitions.


There are thousands of cryptocurrencies and while 99.99% are garbage there are many purpose-driven cryptocurrencies, and the most useful in the future will be privacy coins.


Privacy coins are untraceable.


They are digital cash.


Instant payments from anywhere in the world, anonymously.


There are hundreds of privacy tokens.


The top three by market cap that might survive a collapse and find purpose in combatting financial tyranny on the dark side of the CBDC rollout.


Monero is the most popular with speculators. It uses ring signatures and stealth addresses to hide transaction sources.


Zcash (ZEC) recently upgraded their zk-SNARKs protocol to something called Halo:


Zcash was the first widespread application of zk-SNARKs, a novel form of zero-knowledge cryptography. The strong privacy guarantee of Zcash is derived from the fact that shielded transactions in Zcash can be fully encrypted on the blockchain, yet still be verified as valid under the network’s consensus rules by using zk-SNARK proofs.

The acronym zk-SNARK stands for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge,” and refers to a proof construction where one can prove possession of certain information, e.g. a secret key, without revealing that information, and without any interaction between the prover and verifier. In May 2022, Zcash began the process of upgrading its underlying cryptography and moving to a new proof composition called Halo.


Both tokens would feature prominently in liberating humanity from centralized financial tyranny in a post-CBDC world.


They would be tested as adoption grew and would need to accommodate thousands of transactions per second which they presently cannot do. Transaction times would lag, but waiting a few minutes to purchase something to opt out of total government surveillance would exceed anything we might consider “inconvenient” at the moment.


When they blow up the crypto market with Stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, privacy coins, and many of the top projects will survive and come out scathed but ready to liberate the masses from the chains of CBDCs.


At first, it might require a return to what always arises when the government interferes in markets.


Black Markets


If they preempt their CBDC launch with a prohibition of decentralized digital currencies—as described in the above scenario as the only feasible way CBDCs will have a chance of succeeding—at first the price of DeFi tokens will tank, but not for very long. As happened in the 1920s with the prohibition of alcohol, black market innovation will rise and underground sites/Dapps will still exist that trade decentralized digital tokens and they will no longer be priced or pegged to useless fiat. It will need a new pricing mechanism and the market should return to having all coins pegged to Bitcoin instead of fiat to avoid the same disaster.


Destroying small businesses during the plandemic lockdowns was part of setting the stage for herding everyone into Planet Amazon. The fewer options to transact in the marketplace, the fewer options for goods and services, and the less success black markets will have when they unleash their CBDC tyranny. Small and medium-sized businesses would have been more likely to accept non-government-issued digital currencies. Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Aldi, Tesco, Carrefour, and all the big box retailers across the west are servants of government power. They will not offer alternatives to government tyranny.


While local communities will resort to accepting silver coins of various weights to pay for goods and services, this is not a viable option to transact in the regional or global marketplace. A gold or silver-denominated cryptocurrency is often described as a solution to this problem, with a fully transparent board of a non-profit foundation that permits third-party audits of its physical gold and silver holdings, but if any prohibition laws arise, this too will be impossible.


The government enforcement agencies will be playing whack-a-mole as they usually do to try and keep up with black markets and digital currencies that undermine their authority. They simply won’t have the resources to manage this game.


There is currently $650 Billion in “illicit trade” conducted in the U.S. each year using cash. Drugs, guns, boosted cars, humans. Almost anything that can be smuggled and trafficked is.


When cash disappears, none of this will stop. They will all switch to crypto.


There will be markets.


Governments will further demonize crypto and those who use it by calling them criminals. Pot meet kettle.


But when enough people realize the CBDC ball and chain around their necks, it could spell the beginning of the end of their Ponzi voodoo finance operations.


  • People will need to request employers pay in decentralized digital currency and refuse to participate in CBDCs and even be prepared to walk away from their jobs if they don’t. In the same way that many courageous souls did by refusing mandated toxic injections.
  • They will need to request every vendor they shop with to pay in silver if local, but Bitcoin, Stellar, Monero, Dash, or Zcash if regional or global.
  • States and localities will need to pass laws making gold and silver legal tender. And many of them in the U.S. are already doing this. People need to request these states and localities do it for crypto too so digital markets can still thrive.
  • Businesses will need to ignore any government regulations or prohibitions on digital currencies not controlled by the Fed.


Marketplaces will expand. People will instinctively migrate to the choices that restore their sovereignty and liberty.


There’s no reason in the twenty-first century why this cannot be the default position from where all decisions regarding the future of humanity are germinated before conception.


But there’s a Great Resent agenda in progress, and it needs to be creatively destroyed first.


Every choice individuals make now and in the future can be a bullet in the eye of this agenda.


We can do this.


No pressure.


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