Death, Life and Transformation

with Neil Hague and Lorenzo



No bigger topic, I would say! Covers it all from first breath to last. A full rendering of what’s possible in our life’s story. And yet, how do we see and make up the stories we all live.

What sort of definitions can we give to the very real ‘highs and lows’ of a life well-lived?

Today Neil and I chatted about life from an artist’s perspective. No one better than a man like Neil, who has lived his time as an artist, author, explorer of the unknown, philosopher, dreamer and above all, in my opinion, ‘A Loving Man of Imagination’, to share both his opinions and experiences on our topic today: Life, Death and Transformation.

Join us, as we do our best in a limited amount of time to explore the ‘cradle to beyond the grave’ potential any may claim as their ‘birthright of imagination’.

Cheers Lorenzo



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Main Image, Visionary by Neil Hague


And a heart-felt thanks to David Dees wherever his spirit may be roaming for all of the lovely art he has shared with and through us over the years.

Additional Sharing. Scary, Jab, Snake image by the late-great David Dees. As Mentioned in the Video.


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