By Lorenzo


“The act or process of keen insight or good judgment.’’

Ahh, Discernment! Sounds like an intelligent action, procedure, tactic, technique to apply to any and all aspects of life, especially to those which have anything to do with health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Living in today’s world of information overload, it is, in my opinion, more important than ever, to discern if the information is coming from a reliable source before accepting any ‘fact’ as real.

I don’t trust any ‘second hand’ information without first giving it some serious considerations.

Honestly, why would you take as fact anything that impacts your heath without first vetting the information?   Many bad times in my life have come from ignoring this small bit of wisdom.

Only a fool would go over an obviously rickety and sketchy bridge in a fully loaded truck without checking the supports. Of course, if rushed by fear, alarm or hysteria, often times intelligence and discernment along with it go by the wayside, critical thinking becoming a casualty of foolishness and emotional reaction.

Is it a wonder then that so many go over these ‘bridges’ of information, heavily laden with not only their life’s accumulated possessions, perhaps their entire family and fortune packed in along for the ride, their consciousness’ too, only to succumb to MSM’s fear mongering and its purposefully induced short sightedness?  Bridges specifically built to direct and corral the modern-day domesticated human, a doomed lemming by any other name.

Without fully checking the ‘structural’ integrity of what supports you, what underpins your reality you could be in for a long fall.

We all hear all kinds of things. We all get advice, wanted, asked for or not, from so many different directions and sources. So much, you could literally drown in other people’s ideas of how you could and should live these days.

So, how to decide what to listen to and what to discard?

As the definition of ‘discernment’ states we need to develop both ‘keen insight and good judgement’.  The ability to ‘judge well’ is another definition of discernment. No wonder social programming has gone overboard with making that a bad practice.

Organized religion, for me is an example of where I earned some of my earliest ‘chops’ in the discernment game of life.  I was around ten years old when I first, without knowing the definition of the word, began trying to work through, peel back and dig into (i.e. discerning) the information I was receiving (i.e. being force-fed) at the time from this source.

Professing love while sharing fears and stress. Talking of peace while pushing conflict. Sharing ideals of caring and sharing all the while acting greedy. Something seemed off about it all.

This essay it not about religion. But, to put it bluntly, I saw they were ‘full of it’. And with that, I decided that all and any advice coming from that source was suspect. At the very least hypocritical, and certainly nothing to base all my important life choices upon.

In other words, I discerned it had little value to me.

If the source doesn’t love you and care for you, and above all, know you personally, how can they have anything helpful to share with you? Another huge rhetorical question here. Well, long story short: they can’t really.

At best, small things like the proper way to bake bread, or how to get stains out of a white shirt can come from ‘far away’ impersonal sources.

Without having all the pertinent information, it is by definition, difficult if not impossible to make good choices, determinations, or even accurate assumptions on any topic, let alone those of great importance such as your health, your morals, ethics, etc…

News too, falls into this category for me, for everyone really.

Words from far away are just sounds that ‘float’ my way.

If I wasn’t there to have the experience, I can only say, perhaps what they are saying is ‘true’, perhaps not. I don’t honestly know.

You can take someone’s word for it, if you like, but I wouldn’t. Especially not for important matters.  Certainly, a person sharing their story has weight, great weight even, and, regardless of the prevalence of actors and their overinflated incomes and egos, when someone shares their true story that stuff is powerful, you feel it in your core.

Back to faceless and suspect groups with agendas: take Government for example. Once you stop laughing, well anyone with even ‘half a whiff’ of working wisdom could look at their track record and see for themselves how their ‘advice’, suggestions, mandates, rules, laws, taxes, management and control and such have worked out for the ‘common man’ over a lifetime.  Biggest murderers on this Earth are governments. Biggest reason this world and everyone in it is neck deep in shite too.

Safe for me to say it’s been like staring into a long used, and barely ever cleaned, public toilet, except with rotting bodies all around, and so on. Well, you get the picture.

Big corporations, large media and entertainment companies, organizations with agendas and such, all have different ‘stalls’ in that same said ‘toilet’, as far as I’m concerned.

Experts. Well perhaps we can all agree that we are the only true ‘experts’ for and of our own lives.

No one but you knows all that you do, about you. Only babies need help to survive.

Eventually, every adult should, again in my opinion, must even be ready to take full responsibility for themselves, or they remain children, and not in a good way.

So, discernment. To be clear. Investigate the source. Study the agendas, yours and theirs. Become adept in choosing a loving path for yourself. Know what you honestly wish from life.

If you’re lazy and just want comfort and ease, well, you will be easy to fool and control.

But if you’re ready to stand up and grow up, then be ready to challenge yourselves with the practice and the requirements of discernment for any and all information that comes your way.

Lastly, I would say, if given the chance: look into their eyes. Words can be spun and spelled to share any perspective the ‘caster’ wishes to use to catch you in a ‘net of understanding’. But the eyes always shine, I have seen, with the light, or lack thereof, of honesty, truth and one’s intentions.

With Much Love, Lorenzo

Thanks for taking to the time to read my opinions here, and also, watch the video I had the pleasure of making with Cambell, from Auto Didactic on Discernment.  It was fun, and through its creation, I have seen many more of the places I still need to work on, to help my own personal discernment skills, get both sharper and more effective. Writing these articles being a prime one. Not easy and edited, rewritten many times. But with some discernment, well, I hope I can say it now makes as much sense to you and it does for me.






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