Ego Eclipse




and the healing of the Self



By Lindastrologer



Another astrological ‘Christian’ festival is in the rear-view mirror; Mercury turns retrograde today (April 1 or 2 depending on where you are) and the eclipse-everyone-is-talking-about is looming. A lot is happening. The Kosmic medicine suggestion for now, or one of them, is: slow down and reflect, go over and be prepared to re-do stuff. Take your time in other words. When Mercury goes backward communication is likely to be confused and mistakes can be made through misunderstandings.  Mercury is in Aries, always impulsive in speech. Note to self – this is a good time to think before speaking.  We have a bunch of planets in Pisces and another bunch in Aries. Endings and beginnings. Confusion and action. Transcendence and practicality.  The universal one and the individual self…….all are vying for a claim on our souls.


We will have to decide where to put our focus.  The New Moon and Sun eclipse next week (8th or 9th) is in Aries and finds the Sun and Moon joined by wounded healer Chiron – suggesting an activation of our wounds around the Self.  The ego self that is. Aries is the primal sign of the Self. Chiron in Aries denotes issues around lack or loss of self-worth; feeling undeserving, unwanted, not needed. This leads to feelings of insignificance; there is a void or confusion around our identity and our purpose. We can find ourselves vulnerable to sacrificing or sabotaging the self.  Ultimately and ideally the healing path of Chiron in Aries leads to a deeper awareness and appreciation of our uniqueness and a clear sense of purpose in bringing our unique gifts to the world – and in this way validating ourselves. The path is about to open to us with the eclipse. With this configuration in the heavens, as distinct from a natal chart configuration we are all vulnerable to this particular form of wounding and this time is bringing it up to our attention.  When we observe the happenings in our world, the staggering level of propaganda and censorship we are subjected to every day, the dismantling of our fundamental support systems (food, money, belief systems to name a few) and the ongoing de-sensitization to human suffering coming through the airwaves… is no wonder we don’t know which way is up anymore. It’s no wonder we have lost our Selves. It is time to find them.


Meanwhile, Saturn and Mars are together in Pisces.  This is a bit like driving with the hand-brake on.  Or taking one step forward then having to take one back.  Progress is difficult. And so patience is nevermore a virtue than in April.   On top of that Pisces is confused at the best of times, so when Saturn, lord of the physical domain is cruising through the sign of the fishes we have a feeling of structures dissolving, of old ways crumbling. This is very destabilizing and now Mars has joined Saturn in Pisces actions we take in the world are subject to this confused, unstable energy as well. If you feel like chucking it all in and going off to live as a hermit in the hills, or joining a religious order – who could blame you. It would be a good time to do that.


…… Pisces is the sign of spiritual retreat. Mars is what we do.  If we can resist the urge to run away from home, we might use the energy by turning inward, ‘doing’ our own private spiritual retreat.  We need to realize that the intent of Chiron is to bring our issues to our awareness in order to heal them.  To me, Chiron in Aries is suggesting we all need to get over ourselves. That is, to realize that it is not all about us, our egos, our lives.  We are part of a collective here. It seems the reason we have got into this mess could be because ego has dominated our awareness for too long.  I know it is far more complex than that but on a basic level it is not hard to see the obsession people have these days with themselves.  Note, most social media posts. As King Soloman said, All is vanity.  This obsession commands a high price and the price is the slow deletion of our compassion for others. The number one characteristic of the psychopath is deletion of empathy and compassion. It is all about me-first and the fight to get to the top of the heap. Social media was designed to do precisely what it is doing – one, create addiction to the ‘smart’ world (which is a vital step to techno-totalitarianism) and two, create a world of self-obsessed people who pay no mind to the suffering of others. And even, to the incremental deletion of their own freedoms.


“First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”  

                                                                                                        (Pastor Martin Niemoller)


This period is paradoxical in that the ‘wound around the self’ is juxtaposed with a powerful energy of self-less-ness.  Pisces is compassion because it sees no barriers. It sees rather the Oneness of life behind form. Our self-worth is collectively wounded because we have been conditioned through generations to feel fearful and insecure. Competition replaced co-operation a long time ago.  Life in the physical domain has been, for eons, a fight to survive. Aries is about this survival instinct. And Chiron in Aries now is reminding us of this existential wound we all carry; of the price we have paid for our devotion to our own interests. The impulse is, through awareness, to heal this imbalance.  And lo, the cosmos, along with highlighting the wound (by way of its exact conjunction to the eclipse), has delivered a powerful energy to help. There is a feeling of something profound ending and a new way of life beginning.  Mars in Pisces – along with Saturn and Neptune – is urging us to join in the fight for the collective; to wake up from a long obsession with self and connect – materially, emotionally, spiritually, with each other.   The North Node (the way forward, for us all) is also in Aries at this eclipse – pointing to the fact we are all in the newborn stage now. We are all on a new trajectory of survival on planet Earth and we are all in it together.


And so the question then is, can we heal a wounded self-worth through focusing, not on ourselves, but on others? It seems counter-intuitive perhaps – but we cannot bypass the vibrations coming in at this time, so let’s use them.  My sense is there is a profound healing under way; it is a new way of being and it revolves around validation of our selves through (a paradoxical) letting go of our selves.  Our self-worth was wounded by design. The controllers knew keeping us in a perpetual state of fear and insecurity – not least through the economic system but of course also through on-going wars, famines, genocides – would sever our connection to our spiritual power. They hijacked the education system, re-wrote history, took control of religious institutions. Result: we don’t know who we are and we don’t know our own power.  THIS time is about healing all of that. The eclipse sets in motion a new course – one that will be in effect for a year or two.  We are in a process of healing our survival fears through co-operation and compassion.  This is the paradoxical nature of this Aries/Pisces bloom of energy.  It is less contradictory than it may first appear. Every ending contains a new beginning and New Moons are new beginnings, eclipses more so, in Aries more so again.  Saturn in Pisces is also suggesting the establishment of structures that will support the spiritual life and the care and compassion of others. Mars is saying go to it!   And so we can learn to validate ourselves. We don’t need X number of ‘likes’ on our posts. Life is not a popularity contest after all.  We validate ourselves by finding our true north star. That is, the reason or reasons we took incarnation.  And that reason was not to live for ourselves alone.  Never under-estimate the power of your time and your attentive sympathy towards your fellow planet dwellers.

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”     (Thich Nhat Hanh)


We can heal our wounds of feeling not wanted, not needed, in precisely this way.  We are needed and wanted. This is our purpose, or one of them: to keep the juices of love flowing in our world. We can eclipse our egos and contribute to the groundswell that is taking us to our new world…….and next week’s eclipse is the time to begin!



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