by Vernon Howard


Escape from Inner Isolation



“Don’t you sense, deep down inside, that just maybe, now come on, just maybe up to this point in your life you have missed something. Look around at your friends, look around at your relatives, look inside your own life and maybe you’ll begin to sense that indeed something is absent and you don’t know how to fill that emptiness. We’re going to find out, in just the next few minutes.


And when you take this with you, as I said before, you won’t have to think about it as you usually do. All you have to do, listen to this truly magic word, all you have to do is WELCOME what you’re going to hear. Welcome it in spite of all opposition from your own mind, which doesn’t want to be displaced as the king of your life. Welcome it in spite of all the opposition of your habits, of your preferred ways. You do that and you will indeed know what true spiritual inner magic is. And you’ll possess it yourself.


Let’s start off by thinking about the word ‘doubt.’ Wouldn’t you say this is a world in which everyone is swirling around with great self-doubts, and even when they think they’ve found something solid and certain, it doesn’t take very long for the whole thing to collapse, to fall right before them. How many hopes and plans and exciting ideas have you had for your life? Remember what it was? What was it? Marriage, a career, some exciting place you were going to go to, something you were going to do?


Well, what is your situation right now as you are listening to me? Whatever happened to all those dreams that you had about being happy, about being fulfilled? You know at the time, every one of the thousand hopes that you had looked like they were pretty solid – every one of them gone.


I’m going to tell you something very serious. I want to tell you that if you continue to try to find yourself on solid ground with the old methods you have used, you will merely have to repeat in the future what you had in the past. And I’ll let you identify and clearly tell me what your present condition is, based on your attempts to find something solid which have failed.


Doubts. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if there was a way, which there is, for you to get rid of every single doubt you have about yourself, of which you have hundreds and you know it? Wouldn’t it be marvelous to find a way to clear out every uncertainty that you have in your life, so you’ll know what you’re doing here on earth?


You’ll know why you go here and why you go there because you’ll be doing it consciously instead of in a state of psychic sleep, which you are now doing.”


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