Healing Hidden Trauma

with Aria Persei & Lorenzo!



Aria Persei

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Gaslighting, Gang-stalking and ‘Other-Worldly’ Hunters.

It does little good to take the wrong precautions for an unknown enemy.

Without the root cause of any ailment full healing is impossible, I would say. It can take a level of uncomfortable intimacy with your pains and disease to fully realize the required ‘medicine’ much beyond illusion’s comfort.

I have found for myself, a complete detox process must include a deep level of honesty.

Without knowing the how’s and why’s as to what made us sick in the first place, we can never fully recover from whatever is causing the many pains we can all experience in life.

Some say we are all, already complete with everything necessary for a great life. It is only by allowing those distortions into our individual and collective realities, be they physical or energetic, that we get diseased to begin with. Thus the process of full healing must include a ‘stiff dose’ of truth.

Please join Aria Persei and myself for this interesting chat, going much beyond what is normally considered the path to health, healing and happiness.

Cheers Lorenzo



Ariane grew up in Belgium and has been keeping on opening her eyes about the level of control and engineering in her life up to her friendships, romantical involvements and her travels and the way her energy has been used in covert projects (daytime and nighttime). Gradually, the level of strangeness in her life increased with experiences related to mind control in the yoga, festival and healing scene. She researches and teaches about the depth of the programming and nets we are going through here in the game and inner settings of programmed personalities that are leading to much distraction.

Encountering health issues, Ariane has experienced a dozen of long liquid fasts to heal her body and has learned the principles of the mucus-free and mucuslean ways of eating. She keeps on reconnecting with her clairsentience and clairknowing abilities and is assisting others on their deprogramming journeys. She is teaching how to reclaim health with an alkaline way of eating and many practical tools, how to break free from the handling energies all around us and how to keep on freeing ourselves from mind control in courses and one-on-ones.

Ariane works with the Energy ReMastered app which helps to bring the shadow work up to the forefront and the visible. She shares content on her YouTube channel and on her website ariapersei.com in both English and French.




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