How to Explain the World Economic Forum’s


Agenda to Idiots.



A Brief, Straightforward Guide for Those


Who Still Refuse to Understand.



By A Lily Bit



The so-called “Great Reset” championed by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum is a nefarious scheme cloaked in the rhetoric of environmentalism and social justice. Don’t be fooled by the benign façade – this is an audacious power grab by global elites to reshape the world in their technocratic vision.

The useful idiots among liberal intelligentsia may buy Schwab’s humanitarian posturing, but rational thinkers see him for the megalomaniacal villain that he is. Backed by institutions like the IMF – itself a tool of Western imperialist plunder – the WEF advocates a reinvention of capitalism where you’ll own nothing and be happy…under their totalitarian control.


Schwab cynically warns of pandemics and cyber threats, fearmongering to justify draconian policies. But he’s not Nostradamus – he’s in cahoots with the very entities manufacturing these crises! His “predictions” are thinly-veiled threats from a terrorist holding the world hostage to a demented utopian experiment.


The “green” veneer of Schwab’s agenda is transparently farcical given the WEF’s service to rapacious corporations and Western hegemony. Useful idiots from environmental groups to social democratic parties are embracing this Trojan horse, deluded that it channels progressive ideals rather than a regressive neo-feudal nightmare.


The World Economic Forum’s rebranding of “shareholder capitalism” to “stakeholder capitalism” is a duplicitous ploy to mask their nefarious agenda of technocratic enslavement. These globalist vipers are peddling “corporate social responsibility” as the progressive panacea, but it’s a regressive descent into neo-feudal serfdom.


The notion of benevolent “stakeholder” capitalism is just reheated ideology recycled from the fascist corporatist dreams of a century ago. Don’t be fooled by the new branding – it’s the same old con of convincing you that ceding power to private capital is in society’s interests. Henry Ford’s “shared prosperity” myth was a premature trial run for this beguiling lie.


Then the Reagan-Thatcher neoliberal pirates dispensed with the charade, nakedly pursuing profits over people under Friedman’s cancerous “shareholder primacy” doctrine. Now the WEF transnational oligarchy simply pivots back to the original party line about corporations uplifting the masses as they cement global hegemony.


But the brutal reality is this “capitalism 2.0” rhetoric simply cloaks an acceleration towards postmodern feudalism. The great unwashed masses will be rendered a surplus underclass, serfs to a technological elite practicing runaway rentier corporatism and population control.


These malicious social engineers aren’t genuinely evolving towards a “stakeholder society” – that’s Newspeak camouflaging their stalking horse for totalitarian technocracy. Useful idiot academia may embrace this Trojan horse, deluded that it empowers labor, but organized workers will be mercilessly crushed like all hindrances to elite supremacy.


Don’t be gaslit into celebrating your own disenfranchisement! This “Great Reset” isn’t a velvet revolution, but a brutal corporate counter-revolution to pre-emptively liquidate what remains of democracy, self-determination and human dignity before the slumbering masses awaken. Lord Acton warned that power corrupts, and the WEF crew aren’t progressive prophets but voracious predators drunk on megalomania.


Shake off the soporific propaganda and stridently resist this Great Deception by any means necessary! Your children’s futures depend on defying the WEF’s Orwellian “sustainable” dystopia and reclaiming true economic and political emancipation from these parasitic social alchemists. It’s a life-or-death struggle between freedom and an updated strain of eco-fascist feudalism – which path will you choose?


The duplicity of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum knows no bounds. Behind the saccharine rhetoric about fighting poverty lies the true malicious agenda – entrenching an upwards redistribution of wealth to the globalist oligarchy and their capitalist overlords.


Don’t be duped by the WEF’s Orwellian doublespeak rebranding exploitation as “inclusion” and mass privatization as “economic growth.” Their summits on global poverty alleviation are mere pageantry providing progressive cover for the IMF’s austerity diktats that immiserate the developing world.


Each country straying from the neoliberal diktats and daring to prioritize its people over predatory financiers is denounced as “corrupt” and targeted for destabilization.


The WEF’s siren song of “transparency” is code for stripping nations of sovereignty to facilitate capitalist looting of resources and labor by the transnational oligopoly.


In their cynical cosplay of concerned humanitarianism, these vipers even reference dystopian fictions like “The Handmaid’s Tale” – not as a dire warning, but a beta test run for the nightmarish future they are constructing! The “solution” trapped within Schwab’s ponderous tome is a hideous augur of the transhumanist Great Reset technocracy.


The path of “stakeholder capitalism” and “inclusivity” they tout is a primrose route to mass disposability and automation of the surplus underclass.


While professing to “rebuild” from COVID, they drool over subjugating humanity as carbon-codes in a neo-feudal scientist’s trick to determine who shall be spared their eco-fascist cullings.

Enough of the WEF’s dizzying lies and rebranded tyrannies! We glimpse the true face of stakeholder capitalism in China’s AI-powered social credit system – a cutting-edge mechanism for high-tech bondage conceived by Schwab’s corporatist brain trust. Sustainable development is simply a euphemism for rationing and privation under dictatorial oversight.


It’s the final roadmap towards a biotechnological revitalization of despotism, where the masses exist as mere utilitarian inputs to be data-mined and optimized or disregarded as obsolete carbon waste. We must utterly reject and defame this misanthropic vision before our children are irrevocably barcoded as assets in the technocrats’ dehumanized balance sheets.


The true nature of Klaus Schwab is that of an ideological Dr. Mengele – a psychological engineer weaponizing trauma to reshape humanity’s perception of reality. Like the fictional Dr. Naehring in Shutter Island, Schwab is a master of using crisis and fear as “treatment” to gaslight the masses into accepting their own subjugation.


Under Schwab’s malign guidance, the World Economic Forum has inverted reality through an insidious program of gaslighting and deflection. The crimes and privations imposed on the people by the ruling classes are reframed as self-inflicted wounds that only more authoritarian “corrective measures” can heal. Resistance is recast as a societal dysfunction requiring punishment.


The WEF’s professional con-artists don’t need to genuinely address the public’s grievances – they rely on a court academia to synthesize an illusion of caring while perpetuating the oppressive paradigm. It’s pluralism theater, a dizzying danse of demagogic doublethink manufacturing the appearance of reform while turbocharging incrementally towards neo-feudal extremes.


This technocratic oligarchy borrows the aesthetics and sloganeering of social justice while its policies punch cruelly downward, perversely weaponizing equity as a bludgeon of compliance. Unlike the historicist fascists, these postmodern tyrants shun the nationalist right and instead leech upon the left’s politics of identity to divide and disarm opposition.


That explains the Great Reset’s subversion of Green parties and social democrats into serving as useful idiots implementing the regressive bio-security agenda. It’s predictable and rational – these political vogues retain just enough lingering street-cred to be deployed as prestiging cover for Schwab’s rising bio-revelutionary despotism.


Even some center-right parties dutifully align, having long abandoned populism to revel in corporatism’s spoils as part of the WEF’s public-private “synergy” – a reality indistinguishable from the corporate statism of 20th century fascisms. The only difference is the new totalitarians’ deceitful garb of humanitarian progressivism serving as rhetorical camouflage.


So we are confronted with two starkly bifurcated personae – the idyllic “Philosopher Klaus” peddling stakeholder platitudes to the intelligentsia, and the depraved “Architect Klaus” constructing a brutalist biometric prison under the pretense of inclusion. Unmask them both as two faces of the same would-be world-govering tyrant, or succumb to his gaslight game of divide and conquer.


Adding to the litany of deceptions, the social media Corporate Borg aligns in lockstep with Schwab’s agenda by cynically inflating the spectres of “far-right extremism” and “anti-vax misinformation” to justify civilizational-scale censorship and speech control rivaling Stalinist purges.


In his audacious doublethink manifesto, the arch-gaslighter Schwab engages in a carnival of faux self-critique – citing references oppositional to the WEF’s neo-Stasi paradigm, but only to bureaucratically absorb and subvert genuine dissent under the cloak of feigned pluralism. It’s a stage-managed, astroturf “criticism” controlled entirely by the system’s own archons.


This self-mythologizing charade of “recognizing flaws” is a core technique of the totalitarian IPU (Illusion of Potential Updateability) employed by all modern civilizational ideologies. The false rictus of reasoned introspection transparently masks an intransigent fanaticism hurtling towards ecodystopian oblivion.


For the masses permanently divorcing from the levers of political and economic power under Corporate Leviathan’s encroaching world-state, this bait-and-switch represents the ultimate gaslighting. Even as the ruling cult’s actions confirm our darkest fears over World Economic Imprisonment, they arrogantly celebrate this civilizational decadence as “inclusivity” and “sustainability.”


Every demoralizing abasement, every revocation of rights and autonomy, every kickdown the Jackboot Heel grinds into our faces – all is propagandized through a million Orwellian permutations of “Building Back Better.” For whom, you terrorists of the soul? For what conceivable apotheosis of plutocracy’s greed?


So let the mask finally drop, Great Reset vanguard! We see now the pompous, wizened visage of despotism you share – two Jekyll/Hyde personae of the SAME MALICIOUS IDEOLOGUE lecturing us in sanctimony while scheming total conformity to your myopic, anti-human culten. Enough of the lies and pseudo-erudition, Herr Schwab!



A Lily Bit

Former intelligence operative analyzing the “Great Reset,” the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” propaganda, totalitarianism, current narratives, psychology, and history. What matters now isn’t storytelling; what matters is telling a true story well.