I’ll tell you what is wrong with the world!


by Vision of the Nagual



It’s religion fundamentally that has gone astray; you can put the world’s catastrophe down to many things, but in the final analysis, the fault lies with religion, not politics or any other organisational structure.


The reason I say this is because I believe or I have retrieved through my manipulation of perception – that the world is lost primarily due to the body of religion having been separated from the head; the priesthood has been decapitated.


What I am talking about is the Old Religion – the one of SPIRIT and of TRUTH


These shamans of this old religion, have been abused. They are all locked up within themselves or locked up in mental hospitals – medicated, lobotomised, silenced and governed. So still we remain leaderless and without direction…


It takes a great deal of effort to break free from the programming enforced upon you from childhood. To be free of all this construct is to almost build an entirely new person. A reconstruction of yourself, from the broken pieces of your total SELF; a jigsaw to put back together; the ashes of the burnt phoenix…


However – it is not impossible!


There is a path directed before you – the path to conquering the self; silencing the mind, and closing the distraction of the internal dialogue. It is all these things. It is RECAPITULATION of past experience – and yet it can be none of them…


But, it is still, silently holding on to the faith that exists within yourself – the faith you have in yourself – in your own energy – your own experience your own birth and your own death!


Look up to what governs yourself in truth!





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