Imagine Freedom

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Imagine Freedom…

More than a happy place. A life lived outside of any bars that may cage you in. Where there are no rules and only intelligence reigns supreme.

Imagine if you can, what life without limitations could be for you. Or, if you have other ideas, dreams, notions, desires…why not ask what freedom is for you?

Do you even know? If not, how to get there?  I would say, for most of us, it’s somewhat simple to understand what freedom is not.  It is not being caged. It is not being forced. It is not being limited, belittled or ‘bewitched’ by lies.  I could write for days and days and not fill all the pages of ‘this world’ with all the words from all the things freedom ‘is not’.

A quick look around any social situation, especially these days, would be enough to confirm without any doubts left over what freedom is not. So, let’s say then, to imagine freedom, we look at the opposite of whatever is ‘holding us back.’

I am being, once again, a bit vague here on purpose, in that freedom is certainly not someone else telling you what freedom is. At its core freedom is, by its very definition, the choice to decide what freedom is ‘for you’.  And then to take it from there. Perhaps, more accurately, I should say to make it from there.

Find your core. Discover your heart. See where you are in relation to where you may wish to be. Dare to dream big. Most importantly, decide to act on these changes. There can be, in my opinion, no freedom without movement.

Naturally, if you a living somewhere ‘not free’,  or unfree, there is movement involved in going somewhere, where you are free.

It could be physical, but from my experiences, true freedom is not found by simple geographical maneuvers. Something deeper. Something inside must change for freedom to be realized. At least for me that was the case.

Of course, I have also moved physically many, many times. Often, where you are is a reflection of ‘who you are’. So, when one changes, the other must follow. If you follow what I’m saying?

In other words, get ready for everything to change if you’re asking for everything to change.

Ultimately, I had to take full responsibility for any lack of freedom in my life, and to see how I made that happen, and, from there, I found how I could un-make that. Un-make my slavery. And with my imagination, well, imagine differently.

Today, I chatted with Max Igan on what Imagining freedom is for him. I threw in an opinion or two. Better yet, I’ve left several links to some amazing videos on freedom, imagination and most importantly, a life where only you are the master of you.


Please forgive the ‘jumpy’ recording. Seems part of discovering what freedom is, is to learn how to decipher, decode and communicate through, at times, less than clear situations.  Don’t worry though, as with a journey to freedom, eventually things get clearer.


With much Love, Lorenzo!




Max Igan:



Chiron Last-No Master

Neville Goddard – How to Use Your Imagination –

Andy McKee-Drifting-

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