Let´s Not Be Naïve

by Tom (Mofwoofoo)



This interview is with a man who lives in my small village (Vilcabamba, Ecuador). I know him. I trust him. If it is true, the implications are immense.


To save you the time of watching the video, I will just tell you that Matt, an electrical engineer, was able to observe the vaccine under a microscope and discovered that something in it can be triggered by the electro-magnetic waves of a phone or 4 or 5G waves to self construct what looks like a circuit board in the blood.

Let’s not be naive, there is plenty to suggest that there are entities with a Nazi/eugenicist ideology that have, after more than a century, got all their ducks in a row, and are ready and capable of achieving their dream of capturing and controlling all of humanity forever a la “1984” modernized.

They have the finances, the media, the military, the science, the tech, the pharmaceuticals, the governments, politicians, institutions, the strategies. They have it all, and that is why they are going for it and it won’t be easy to stop them. They supported Hitler, but that failed. But they imported many Nazi spies and scientists to the US and put them in high positions. Why were they funding the Nazis in the Ukraine since the coup in 2014? Because the CIA and their supporters/controllers share this ideology.

Time after time they have subverted history through their clandestine machinations, intimidation, bribes, and even murder. This is how they have maintained control throughout the centuries. It is a case of the arrogant vs.the humble. “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” I hope.

H.G. Wells, Julian Huxley, and many other elites of the past were a part of the Eugenics Movement. All this can be googled, if you aren’t aware of this. Try googling who supported Hitler before and during WWII (http://rochester.indymedia.org/node/800).It it was the oligarchs of the West. After FDR died without an autopsy, history was again subverted, as was with JFK’s assassination. One can easily see a pattern that runs throughout history of socio-psychopaths controlling through their barbaric methods (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTdHDXJTvHU&t=1s).



This may be why humanity’s problems (poverty, war, inequality, etc.) have persisted and never have been resolved. One solution to the barbaric methods used to corrupt and control governments is restructuring all governments from vertical to horizontal, ending politicians, lobbyists, and the vectors for government corruption. It is a radical and feasible idea that most people have never considered. This 7 minute animation explains it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywMhg604W8).



The new constitution in the works for Chile will just be another scrap of paper like the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is ignored and not followed, if they don’t include the clause to restructure to horizontal governance. Because if not, there is nothing that will stop the subversion from happening again.

There is this tendency for activists to silo themselves and to forget about the big picture, the root of it all, the geopolitics. I believe this is a huge mistake, it keeps us from dealing with the root problem, and all of our separate, important projects will be soon forgotten if they succeed in inescapably capturing all of humanity. The destiny of humanity depends on the geopolitics.

There is clearly much to doubt about the pandemic and the handling of it that points to the good possibility that it is a part of a strategy to capture once and for all of humanity. I don’t like to attach to beliefs. What I am presenting is why I believe as I do, but if anyone can disprove this, I would be happy. But if you agree with this, please spread widely.






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