Mysticism: Truth or Falsity
Bryan Magee on Schopenhauer
Sex, Ecology & Spirituality (Ken Wilber)
The Master & His Emissary (Iain McGilchrist)
Nature’s Mind (Michael S. Gazzaniga)
The Ancestral Mind (Gregg Jacobs)
The End of Materialism (Charles Tart)
The Illusion of Determinism (Edwin Locke)

Cosmos and Psyche (Richard Tarnas)
The Science Delusion (Richard Sheldrake)
Skeptical About Skeptics (Cathi Carol)
The Brain & Inner World (Mark Solms)
Designed to Evolve (Christopher Davis)
Biocentrism (Robert Lanza)
Beyond Physicalism (Edward Kelly)
The Irreducible Mind (Michael Grosso)
The Embodied Mind (Francesco Varela)
The Immortal Mind (Ervin Lazlo)
The Intelligence of the Cosmos (Ervin Lazlo)
Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman)
Art and Physics (Leonard Shlain)
Crimes of Reason (Stephen Braude)
The Alphabet Versus the Goddess (Leonard Shlain)
The Origin and Evolution of Consciousness (Erich Neumann)
The Origin of Consciousness/Bicameral Mind (Julian Jaynes)
Light and Consciousness (Sylvia Zietze)
The Secret of Light (Walter Russell)
Catching the Light (Arthur Zajonc)
Sun of God (Gregory Sams)
The Light of Civilization (Nicholas Haggar)
The Phenomenon of Man – (Teilhard de Chardin)
The Big Bang Never Happened (Eric Lerner)
Theory of Color (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
Phenomenology of Perception (Maurice Merleau-Ponty)
Phenomenology of Perception (Maurice Merleau-Ponty)
The Brain is not a Computer
What the Computer Still Can’t Do
Reign of the Phallus (Eva Keuls)
The Two Babylons (A. Hislop)
The Ghebers of Hebron (S. F. Dunlop)
Freemasonic Writings (Pike, Mackey, etc)
Book of the Words (Albert Pike)
Arthur Schopenhauer
Immanuel Kant
Primordial Mound (Benben)
Raising the Djed
The Lingam
The Herma Stone
The Omphalos
Evolution Hoax

The Senses
Unus Mundi
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