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Or, How to Not Get Devoured by Denizens of the Unseen Realms





In recent years, as our world has fallen apart into mass psychosis and tyranny, it’s become increasingly common for observers in the West to murmur that they’re starting to wonder if demons might be real. Sons of the Enlightenment that we are, steeped in the assumptions of materialism, such sentiments are always expressed tentatively. We dip our toes into the black and unfamiliar waters of an unseen world we suspect, but cannot quite bring ourselves to believe in, and hurriedly withdraw. 


does not share your Enlightenment priors. His treatment of the subject is not timid. He’s been developing a geopolitical demonology at The Fall of the West. Perhaps you might be interested to hear his perspective…


Scott Johnson (HT to Marc for identifying him in the comments).


We are under Attack!


The signs are undeniable. Hundreds of millions of the unborn are murdered each year with caprice; the ‘Elite’ harvest them for so-called ‘medical’ purposes. The Western nations have all but surrendered their sovereignty to nameless, faceless fools and puppets. Their people spit, mock, ridicule, and jeer at their forefathers without a care in the world.


Faith in God Almighty is viewed as a delusion, while the false deity of ‘the Science’ is exalted at the DIE-ing academies throughout the West. Today, these places are nothing more than sacrificial altars where the young are deracinated from their cultures and tossed into empty lives stripped bare of values, meaning, purpose, and significance. ‘The Science,’ as a false divinity, lusts for human blood sacrifices in said manner without end. History, culture, law, and legacy are mere constructs viewed as meagre vanities pursued by the illiterate and unjust. The ‘Elite’ dismantle, destroy, edit, and erase all these with impunity.


Self-hatred, the bane of civilized living, is commonplace. It manifests first as profound scorn for the White man, and is then transmogrified into whatever happens to be the ‘flavour of the day.’ Nobody and no group will ultimately escape the poison. Even in the Islamic world, there are signs of this vile tendency of self-hatred rearing its ugly head, especially among the secular, more liberally-minded youth.


The Western world and most other civilizations are in the preliminary stages of what Samuel Huntington dubbed ‘A Clash of Civilizations’ in his seminal work of the same name. World War is near! The Russian Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin has opined on these matters with his usual candour: ‘We must slay the dragon to free humanity from its villainous enchantments, and even the West itself, which is its first victim.’


The world we increasingly find ourselves in is one where material Evil manifests in its vile, demented forms. Explanations of such phenomena via strictly naturalistic forces fall flat. Even snippets by ‘intellectuals’ from a mere decade ago appear utterly naive.


As we get closer to an eschatological breaking point, blindspots manifest in the materialistic meta-narrative. We have met the enemy, we are told, and he is us. Is that the case? It feels rather convenient that man’s true enemy is somehow himself.


Pause here for a second. How on Earth can that be true? How can Mankind be its own worst enemy? Is our species truly suicidal? Or did someone somehow corrupt the meta-narrative?



Mankind is at war, yet he knows not against whom. ‘They’ will make you believe that the Bad Orange Man is responsible for all the world’s woes. It is him and his evil MAGA terrorists. President Obama told us uncultured plebians as much:


You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like many small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone for 25 years, and nothing’s replaced them. They fell through the Clinton and the Bush administrations, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities will regenerate, but they have not.

And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.


Obama, and those he represents would have you believe that the ‘bitter clingers’ are the very bane of civilization. They, the plebians, are to blame for all the world’s ills.


The absurd ‘blame game’ keeps going on without end. Mankind’s enemies, whether foreign or domestic, multiply and are seemingly everywhere. They come in every size, shape, colour, creed, language, and religion. The world itself appears to be nothing more than a battlefield. In this mire of confusion, reasoned debate and discourse get further lost. Man against man, neighbour against neighbour, brother against brother, father against son, warfare spreads without end to every facet of human life.


Western societies find themselves in perpetual conflict, from the ballot box to the jury box and, finally, inching ever closer to the dreaded ammo box. The non-Western world, meanwhile, finds itself either already at war outright with the West or drawn step by step into comprehensive conflict.  Full-scale hostilities in every area of human activity draw ever closer. The likely result will be hundreds of millions to billions of dead, dying, and shambling, irradiated zombies.


Who is to blame for this carnage? Theories abound of all shapes and sizes. ‘The Jews!’ yells one. ‘Capitalism!’ says another. ‘The Managerial Elite!’ proclaims a third. ‘Big Government!’ insists a fourth. ‘The Banksters!’ declares a fifth. Bedlam and confusion exist even on this topic. The foe himself cannot be identified accurately by Mankind, yet therein lies the answer. We simply ask, ‘Why can we not answer this question?’


The answer is dire: ‘Man’s adversaries intended it to be and worked towards it becoming so.’ Ladies and gentlemen, we have gotten duped!


The idea that pleasure, pain, and related materialistic measures can account for the sheer propensity of the Evil around us no longer appeals to the thinking man. Stragglers adhering to materialistic thinking remain, but their protestations get increasingly brushed aside.


The reason is that how they speak and think about the world has lost relevance. Narratively, such models are no longer helpful. Today, the ‘everyman’ cannot count on yesterday’s ‘scientific minutiae’ to speak candidly about the DOOM of his time. He may yet find some facts and figures conducive to thinking about other areas of life in materialistic science. But such models are today a spent force for matters concerning ultimate meaning, significance, and purpose. Especially with the reality of today’s ‘Problem of Evil.’


Occasionally, some manner of consequentialist morality still finds acceptance among the laity. But the scale and scope of calamities tear them away from such thinking daily with brutal efficiency. The sentiment of ‘I have seen evil, and so am no longer a materialist’ is rapidly becoming the norm. For those yet to be convinced, only further calamity from this point onward will suffice to ‘jolt them awake.’ Frankly, some of the stuff is so ‘in your face’ that for many people, argument is unnecessary. Instead, one needs to ‘show’ and not ‘tell:’



We come, then, to a fork in the road. We can either continue pursuing materialistic meta-narratives and plough ahead as before, eschewing the supernatural and thereby looking for strictly naturalistic motives for why it is the ‘Elite’ of the various organs of state and corporate power behave as they do. If so, we get to nonsense like Sam Harris pontificating about ‘pain & pleasure’ or Jordan Peterson talking about ‘lobsters & hierarchies.’ Such reductiones ad absurdum should show this fork’s tine as untenable.


The alternative is to acknowledge that supernatural forces are at play here, that actual Evil manifests in the world around us, and that without accounting for it, the motives of men to partake in it remain something unaccounted for whether one appeals to money, fame, power, influence, or any other merely human temptation. As we look out into the world and see child trafficking, demon t***nies, and actual sacrificial rituals done to commune with Demonkind, Man’s ancient adversaries rear their ugly heads once more. Thus, this fork of the argument cannot simply be chucked to the wayside, for the lived reality of such enormous evils (over and above typical evils of the day) indicates the existence of Supernatural hands at work in our realms.



They have always been here. Modern man, in his infantile arrogance, eschewed the supernatural long ago. Loftily, he adopted the tenets of science and reason, materialist dogmas which made no room for the supernatural. Yet, what is the modern world but living, breathing proof that all this is simply sheer nonsense?


Today, women regularly murder their offspring with sheer glee, thinking it to be the pinnacle of personal freedom. Many are entirely zombified, unable to engage in basic etiquette and conversation. Men are so deracinated that they willfully poison themselves with substances and poisons (be they p***, drugs, seed oils, or the vax). Far from being ‘protectors and providers,’ they only ever amount to being too weak, feckless, and docile to matter.


With the utter degradation of both sexes, the family unit is entirely moribund, and whole nations and peoples rapidly approach demographic implosion and collapse. Materialism is the go-to escape route in all its vapid expressions, further afflicting generations with more weaknesses. Usury and interest abound, with whole societies enslaved by its yoke.


Thus, when the Empire of Lies and its vassals engage in war, genocide, and ethnic cleansing, mere ‘lip service’ is given to protest the sheer carnage and wanton slaughter. There is simply no willpower left to object.


The German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk put it best: ‘Nobody has enough time for an entire generation anymore.’ This entails that, courtesy of this fast-paced impatience towards culture, Western man continues to pursue projects that dilute culture and civilization at all turns.


Thus, the chief exports of Western Civilization today are materialism, p***ography, debt, usury, and war. For those not yet wholly subsumed in the Western blob, there is nothing within it worthy of assimilating to!


On these matters, scholars have written many a voluminous tome. What passes today as ‘the West’ is a shadow of what it once was. Undoubtedly, Western civilization is collapsing at speed in real-time for all to see. However, here again, materialist narratives fail us. According to the materialist, what is the foundation for these ills, evils, and injustices permeating society? Is it all just matter in motion, manifest deterministically in Western man? If so, we can only feel pity for Western man. As mere matter in motion, not only does he lack agency and choice, but these trends are forever outside his control.


This defeatism is not worthy or palatable for Man, who is God Almighty’s best creation. This alone should be enough to chuck materialist dogma in the dustbin, but for those who persist with such a fatalistic, matter-in-motion worldview:


If the Truth of things is such that they make one pursue (in some manner) the Beautiful and the Good, then the matter becomes straightforward. Such illusion, tragedy, and wretchedness are repugnant to all three (i.e., the True, the Good, and the Beautiful).


Thus, our era’s ‘Problem of Evil’ must be seriously contended with, and the existence of Evil answered in the affirmative. Evil is real, and there are entities in our world willing, ready, and able to inflict it. To accept this is to acknowledge that Man can choose, and is not a mere automaton at the mercy of the so-called ‘god of Nature’ and its bouts of wanton caprice.


We must thus discard all reduction to material and natural phenomena. As has been hammered home by now, hopefully, such strategies will worsen the matter and rob Man of his fundamental faculty of choice. When we do this, what awaits is not ease but further hardship, one where we must face head-on grim realities.



Man, we realize, is being enslaved and devoured. Nobody, not even the most vapid materialist, can deny this. All ‘basic’ notions regarding incentive and motivation fail to account for everything we see. Underdetermination regarding the sheer volume of the attack can only point to malevolence, plain and simple.


No ‘Elite cadre’ of Humans, however organized, well-connected, and influential, can pull off all these great Evils. Human nature alone indicates that such a group would be stupid, arrogant, lazy, and insensitive (regardless of the boons mentioned earlier). The meticulousness, patience, and determination needed to inflict all these crimes cannot be from Mankind.


Such Evil can only be from the Unseen realms.


These beings must be venerable and ancient, entities animated by sheer purified malice, evil oriented towards destruction, capable of instantaneous transmission, and possessing attention spans ranging across centuries, even millennia. Only such creatures can maintain such malign continuity from ancient times to now, inflicting lunacy and rage on peoples separated by thousands of miles.


In the testimonies of the Ancients, these beings are also capable of telepathy, thus mesmerizing and captivating whole nations into collective madness. Many disparate peoples use hallucinogens to summon and commune with these Malevolents, who seek payment in the form of human sacrifice in exchange for ‘granting wishes’ for immortality, wealth, or influence. Possession, reality-warping, and magic are other vital traits attributed to them by various civilizations and cultures. Mythologies across the planet testify to their raw power and evil in near unison. They often engage in shapeshifting and teleportation to beguile their human adversaries. They capture whole villages, cities, and empires by intrigue. They possess their captured human pawns, then physically manifest in them Superhuman senses, strength, flight, and agility, ‘sledgehammers’ wielded to bring other puny humans to heel. Man’s oldest fables and folklore testify to these seamless transitions from the incorporeal to the material, from the unseen realms to the familiar world of size and shape.


By now, Dear Reader, you might be exasperated. Most likely, you came here for solid analysis and commentary on the DOOM of our time, yet what you get instead are rants and raves about supernatural beings. I assure you, dear readers, this is not a LARP:


Not only am I dead serious, but I am firm in my convictions that only with the recognition of these beings (thus affirming millennia of testimony from the Ancients) can we make headway on the pressing matters of the day.


Frankly, they care not if we acknowledge (or not) their existence, for they will continue with their subversive ways and will continue to be very real. But when Man goes back to the supernatural to try and explain the sundry evils of his time, he will find rapid concord in areas which hitherto have eluded him for many decades. Suddenly, it makes perfect sense why it is that ‘Davos Man’ and his sundry affiliates work with such vigour to depopulate the world and subjugate billions of souls. It is because of the marching orders assigned to them by their spiritual masters.


It is also far easier to digest why Clown World and its proponents, despite being mediocre and fake, can seemingly grasp the levers of power and influence so flawlessly. After all, it helps quite a bit if the Masters you have sworn complete fealty to are beings of such age, cunning, might, and dominion. Suppose this still exasperates you, Dear Reader. In that case, I ask you (in addition to everything else written earlier against materialistic thinking): what is the likelihood that the testimony of millennia from the Ancients (across civilizations, cultures, societies, and continents) is uniformly unsound? At the same time, is Modern Man (in the brief period he has been around) correct? He who cannot distinguish the genders, love his people, or show gratitude to God Almighty? What basis do we have left to trust him?



We can answer our era’s ‘Problem of Evil’ as follows: Demons (i.e., Djinn in the Islamic world) are real. They have always been real! All the testimony from the Ancients rings with truth as clearly in our troubled, dire times as in the past. Materialism and its delusions never made Djinnkind ‘less real.’ In his hubris and arrogance, Man felt that all those mere ‘fairy tales from the past’ could be chucked into the dustbin of history. Instead, he confronts a world where the Malevolents and their deeds are oozing out from every corner, and the attack is evident for all those with eyes to see. Man himself is about to be abolished entirely, with Davos Man going out of his way to herald the coming of his demon masters into the realms of Man.


But for those still not convinced by all this superstitious bumbling…


Dear reader, are you going to ‘wait and see’ before the obvious becomes apparent to you? What is needed to convince you? A vast nuclear bonfire, after which a giant portal from the unseen realms is forced open, with trillions of horrors invading the mundane world of Man? When amidst the smouldering ruins, entities emerge with malevolent forms silhouetted against the ashen sky, etching the blanched firmament with vile, ominous contours? That these Malevolents cast a shadow upon the residual essence of Man, its remnants darkened and forlorn? That they rip apart the fragile, delicate veil between realms and desolate our lands, in means elegant and sinister? That the ensuing post-apocalyptic despair, anguish, and otherworldly malevolence fuse into an unholy tapestry whereby all senses, reason, intuition, and feeling are lost, and all manner of speaking and description are rendered futile?


If that level of carnage and slaughter is needed to convince you, dear reader, of the reality of the Unseen, I pray that you never be convinced!


The DOOM cometh!


Time is of the essence! Our forefathers (for all their flaws) knew the true enemy of Man and put aside their differences (however pronounced) on matters of faith, blood, and custom. Even as they fought one another with vigour, a tacit agreement existed (across civilizations) to come to Mankind’s common defence in the event of our ancient foe invading our lands. They knew that ‘negotiations’ with these beings were mere appeasement. With much prayer, will, and conviction, they battled these horrors from the Unseen, often at significant cost to themselves, with many paying the ultimate price. One can find ample examples of their heroism in the oldest tales and fables of Mankind, and I hope you, dear reader, read them not as ‘mere fiction’ but rather as war diaries from henceforth.


Man will forever remain divided in some manner, be it due to religion, race, or ideology. However, one should not tolerate or allow to stand this ordinary matter of existential import: Demons and Djinn are not our masters. The Creator Most High is. The corrupt, decadent, Demon-loving ‘Elites’ would like to say otherwise. Do not fall for their foul, vile lies! Their masters wish to subjugate, enslave, and devour us all. Do not let them! The hour is late, but let it be known to these otherworldly scum that the sons of Adam shall not yield! A United Front is needed!


Slaying these vermin is of utmost importance, and this should be the commonality that ought to bind us together for our differences: Man’s realms are for Man alone. The Creator Most High has decreed that those in the Unseen Realms remain there.


All Mankind should meet any breach of the Divine Law with a righteous, unified response. I urge you, Dear reader, to do much prayer, preparation, and organizing for the time that has come to Make Demon Slaying Great Again!


To Arms, To Arms, To Arms, To Arms!!



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